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Listing presentation generic

  1. 1. Professional Representation Hatch Homes Group John & Melody Hatch
  2. 2. Professional Real Estate Services from John & Melody Hatch Top Market Value for your Home Hatch Homes Group
  3. 3. Marketing your listing…Getting your home the attention it deserves! •Photos •RMLS •Listing Flyers •Web-Based Advertising •Nationally recognized Yard •Just Listed/Open Houses Signs •Marketing to other agents •Sphere of Influence •Direct Marketing •Reverse prospecting •Virtual Tours •Special agent marketing •Movies •Email newsletter promotion •Showing feedback system •Personalized web site •Effective media ads •Marketing material inside the home Hatch Homes Group
  4. 4. Quality Photographs…………Great Impressions!• Your photographs may be the most important part of your marketing. It takes a person only 4-6 seconds to gain an impression of a home. You want it to be the right one!• Well lit pictures. Good Photo• Staging• Clear the clutter.• Wide angle lens.• Professional.• The 1st photo is very important! Must stand out. Hatch Homes Group
  5. 5. Listing FlyersThis is an important representation of your property – we use:• Quality pictures.• Good & Accurate Descriptions.• Both sides of the flyer. Hatch Homes Group
  6. 6. RMLS (Regional Multiple Listing System) A Realtors source for informationIt’s hard to make your home stand out among the thousands of homes listed on the RMLS, but here are some things that we do to guarantee your home gets noticed.• Use the best possible photos.• Make your main photo eye catching - (we often use an oval)• Use as many photos as possible.• Attach a virtual tour.• Have the most detailed information.• Attach disclosures, floor plans, list of upgrades, etc. Hatch Homes Group
  7. 7. A bad example on RMLS… This home was on the market for 488 days and eventually sold for $250,000. Also, the agent has left out important details about the home, the pictures are terrible, there are spelling mistakes. Advertising was completely neglected for this home.Hatch Homes Group
  8. 8. Web-based AdvertisingWe advertise on many websites:•• Our personal website•• Craigslist &•• World Properties• Trulia.comAll of our online marketing sites are linked with several other sites that also advertise your home. Together we have created an intricate network of online advertising that maximizes the exposure of your home. Hatch Homes Group
  9. 9. Just Listed Just listed cards get your home a lot of attention and can be sent out several ways… • Postcards sent to homes surrounding your listing. • Brochure that displays even more information. • Tri-fold that compares your listing to the neighbors homes. • Send to surrounding homes or specific demographicsHatch Homes Group
  10. 10. Virtual ToursWe use RealEstateShows because it allows us to add our virtual tour link into every web-based marketing piece we do.• It ensures you have quality photos; panoramic, movies, and stills that move.• We spend a lot of time looking at the camera movement, titles, and background music.• The link will always update as we make changes. Hatch Homes Group
  11. 11. Web-based Direct Marketing• “Reverse Prospect”• New listings email to all KW Agents• Special agents• Million $ Club• eFlyers to agents• Newsletter to our large data base. Hatch Homes Group
  12. 12. Personal Web Site Hatch Homes Group
  13. 13. Inside the Home• Homebooks• RMLS printouts• Other comparable homes in your area• List of amenities• Signs pointing to important features• CD’s with virtual tours Hatch Homes Group
  14. 14. Moving Up/Down CampaignSend mailer or Just Listed to target demographics supplied by the title company. Sphere of InfluenceContact our sphere of influence and ask them if they know anyone who is looking for a home like yours. Hatch Homes Group
  15. 15. Special AgentsThese are agents who have sold homes that are similar or in the same neighborhood as your new listing.• Send them an e-flyer.• CD virtual tour• Video email Hatch Homes Group
  16. 16. Reverse Prospect• Pull up agents who have entered search criteria matching your listing for the last month in the RMLS.• Send personal emails or mailer.• CD with virtual tour and special message.• Phone Call. Hatch Homes Group
  17. 17. Open Houses• Search out prospects.• Seek out help to market through neighbors.• Promote online, through direct mailing, signs, etc.• Creating special events like wine tasting, holiday events to draw people to your home. Hatch Homes Group
  18. 18. Progressive Opens • Progressive Opens are when several agents in the same neighborhood get together and promote their open houses at the same time! • Use incentives – Win Cash, trip, TV, spa day – Bottle of wine, gift cards, etc. • Direct mailingHatch Homes Group
  19. 19. Weekly UpdatesYou get an update on your homes showing activity, the marketing we have accomplished, and news about the weekly market.• Absorption Rates• Internet Hits – who has opened the virtual tour/youtube?• Showings• Number of times virtual tour was opened• Home feedback responses – immediate showing response! Hatch Homes Group
  20. 20. About Keller Williams• “Most Innovative Real Estate Company” - Inman News.• 3rd largest independent real estatefranchise.• 82,000+ real estate consultants.• 658+ offices in the U.S. and Canada.• 50 Major Markets.• Excellence in real estate consultationtraining. Hatch Homes Group
  21. 21. REASONS WHY You should use theThe Hatch Homes Group… Hatch Homes Group
  22. 22. REASONS WHY The Hatch Homes Group…• Core Values • 16+ years of Experience•• CreatingThe Get By Giving Philosophy. Live By marketability • Team•• Generating inquiries1 Goal Our # 1• Education CRS,GRI,ABR,CIPS,ePRO Make our Clients # Goal.•• Live Up To Our Standards Despite• Knowledge to the area Separating lookers from buyers Temptations of Lower Them.•• Be Willing the sale • Persistence Negotiating To Work Towards a Common Good.•• Do What We Say We’ll Do. • Good Communicators Coordinating the financing, Sometimes More. Just Never Less. timing and closing • You want someone who cares don’t you? Hatch Homes Group
  23. 23.“16 Years experience in Making Real Estate Transactions a Breeze.” John & Melody Hatch 503.748.8310 direct
  24. 24. Core Values• Live By The Get By Giving Philosophy.• Make our Clients # 1 Goal Our # 1 Goal.• Live Up To Our Standards Despite Temptations to Lower Them.• Be Willing To Work Towards a Common Good.• Do What We Say We’ll Do. Sometimes More. Just Never Less.
  25. 25. 2500 Rates might go up 4000 New home may cost more 2000 Your home worth less 4000 Lose speculation time Vacant monthly maintenance 3600 Double House payment 3600 Discount points might go up 1000 Tax advantages Unk Lost in the shuffle 3000 Repair and lose money 2400TOTAL SCORE TOTAL POTENTIAL LOSS 26,100
  26. 26. 90 110 130 180 11% 14% 17% 21%Add Category New Title New TitleAdd Category New TitleAdd Category New TitleAdd Category New TitleAdd Category New TitleAdd Category