Telecom API Event (11-13 Nov London) Summary


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Some of the highlights from the Telecom API event in London, 11-13 Nov.

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Telecom API Event (11-13 Nov London) Summary

  1. 1. Telecom APIs Highlights We’ve got to keep looking at other industries to see API success and translate that into Telecoms
  2. 2. Structure • Telefonica case study on using product representations to manage the balance between reuse and agility • Telecom Italia on their API growth, from 1B to 1.5B tx per month (note this does not include cloud service API transactions some telcos use to bump their numbers) • • iDirect (Satellite Comms) shows API are relevant in their business Great case study from Thomson Reuters that makes every Telco’s API platform look several orders of magnitude slower and smaller. Highlight the growing issue of API complexity (as discussed in the Teefonica and Telecom Italia case studies) • Zain Kuwait shows important of BSS APIs in helping partners sell more of your services • Excellent review from BlueVia on what is takes to build mobile payment service success • 2 Tripadvisor show the model telcos must adopt in embedding their service everywhere © 2010 Alan Quayle Business and Service Development
  3. 3. Andreas gave a great presentation on ‘product representations’ to allow fast service innovation on top of existing telco services / assets / platforms
  4. 4. The ‘product representations’ deals with the challenge of where to manage the user data for a service – in the service or in the network. Andreas proposes a balance between the two (reuse and flexibility).
  5. 5. The last point is the key, the role of architects in the API-defined telco is becoming critical to finding the balance between re-use and agility. The answers are not obvious, hence the need for a unit like Telecom Italia’s ‘NetAPI’ group to get right balance of reuse and agility without creating a complex mess – as we’ll see later in the Thomson Reuters case study.
  6. 6. Telecom Italia is one of the leading API deployments (Telefonica being another) they have focused on using APIs internally and with existing partners.
  7. 7. The big news was their API traffic has grown from 1B transactions per month to 1.5B.
  8. 8. API Management is replacing the SDP within Telcos.
  9. 9. Role of APIs in the Satellite communications industry
  10. 10. Great example of the importance of APIs even in something as ‘old-school’ as satellite communications
  11. 11. This reminded me of the role APIs play between Telecom Italia and its xVNOs
  12. 12. Great case study on API success
  13. 13. API transactions are measured in Billions a day not per year
  14. 14. More Telcos need to see how financial services view latency and reliability!
  15. 15. They over their platform costs with a membership fee (liimited competition so can get away with that while difficult for telcos to do) and the platform is used to drive sales
  16. 16. Solid advice on managing the complexity we see in Telefonica and Telecom Italia as their API programs grow. Bottom line – ‘eat your own dog food FIRST’
  17. 17. Many operators are finding exposing APIs from their BSS help their partners sell more of their services.
  18. 18. Great, frank presentation on building payment service success
  19. 19. Focus on being a payment service provider NOT the long-tail
  20. 20. Focus on being a payment service provider across a range of media and access. BUT to be competitive in the long term they will need to become a true payment service provider across physical good and services, else they will be squeezed out of their digital niche by existing payment networks.
  21. 21. Mobile conversations do work – especially in some segments!
  22. 22. Great example of the power of APIs in building a business
  23. 23. I think the telecom industry gets it finally – its more than public APIs
  24. 24. Its about embedding tripadvisor everywhere – just like a telco needs to embed their communications everywhere
  25. 25. Telcos need to look at their APIs in delivering similar scale of embedding communications everywhere
  26. 26. Again telcos are missing opportunities to sell their services through tripadvisor.
  27. 27. Tripadvisor is a great example of how to use APIs to embed their service everywhere.