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SDP Global Summit 2013 Summary


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Summary of the SDP Global Summit.

Published in: Technology, Business
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SDP Global Summit 2013 Summary

  1. 1. SDP Global Summit Highlights © 201e Alan Quayle Business and Service Development
  2. 2. Contents • David Moro, Telefonica, UNICA API Update • Andreas Boose, Telefonica, Re-using Existing Assets • Martin Prosek, Telefonica, Implementing APIs • Arnauld Blondet and Catalin Ciocoiu, Orange, SDP Implementation in AMEA (Africa, Middle East, and Asia) • Duygu Defne, Turkcell, APIs and the Enterprise • Grzegorz Sikora, T-Mobile, Focused Community and Tools • Manfred Bortenschlager, GSMA, Developer Engagement Model I review some of the best presentations from the SDP Global Summit 2013.
  3. 3. Focus of UNICA is both internal and external consumption of APIs, through BlueVia parts of the UNICA API is exposed to third parties.
  4. 4. UNICA remains one of the most successful group API implementations.
  5. 5. Focus is simplification - make operation of the SDP easier for service creation.
  6. 6. This is the basic API package – REST/JSON based to make it easy for internal developers
  7. 7. A question asked is should the APIs from the network be standardized as when TEF asked for UNICA to be implemented its expensive. Its unclear given the limited competition whether any cost saving can be achieved through standardization. All network equipment should have API interfaces that expose the richness of network platform, not just what can be agreed in a standards meeting.
  8. 8. As APIs become the dominant way systems interconnect within telcos, increased focus on performance.
  9. 9. The enhanced architecture as been implemented across LATAM in TEF.
  10. 10. This was stated in the opening panel.
  11. 11. Nicely summarizes the focus through 2014 and 2015 of many Telco API programs.
  12. 12. Great presentation on how to bring external services within the bundle.
  13. 13. Traditionally there is a tight coupling between services and BOSS, which limits the ability to bundle external services.
  14. 14. Traditionally there is a tight coupling between services and BOSS, which limits the ability to bundle external services.
  15. 15. Example of using a ‘Product Representation’ to bring third party or simply independent services within popular bundles. Here the example if Foreign Local Number, popular with businesses.
  16. 16. So TEF can innovate faster and have the services easily accessed through the existing systems.
  17. 17. Important step in both simplification, accelerating service innovation, and re-using all the existing systems..
  18. 18. Market gave a good review of the practical API implementation issues.
  19. 19. Self-care API was used as the case-study.
  20. 20. Good list of the implementation issues.
  21. 21. Martin provided the only presentation that went into specific details on the issues in implementing external APIs.
  22. 22. Orange SDP is based on Layer 7’s API Management Platform.
  23. 23. In 1 year deployed across 10 countries with OB integration being the largest headache.
  24. 24. Great example of the acceleration in service roll-out made possible through APIs.
  25. 25. Orange API platform now creates lots of opportunities for developers focused on emerging markets.
  26. 26. Aim is for services to run across all Orange properties with a common set of APIs.
  27. 27. Great example of focusing on enterprise with APIs.
  28. 28. Great example of how operators need API enabled services NOT APIs for their business customers.
  29. 29. Grzegorz shows its about focus NOT chasing the long-tail.
  30. 30. Great example of a focused developer program – NOT chasing the long tail.
  31. 31. Example of Telco taking control of its service innovation.
  32. 32. Focused group of developers.
  33. 33. Open source tools, defined process, efficient service creation at a fraction of the cost of using the NEPs – example of breaking free and taking control.
  34. 34. Manfred gave what for me is one of the best Developer Engagement models I’ve seen – he should be using this with an API developers want, not OneAPI
  35. 35. The is a great model, one of the best I’ve seen on developer engagement.