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Apidaze Telecom API Presentation


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Presentation given by at the Telecom API Workshop - SDP Global Summit

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Apidaze Telecom API Presentation

  1. 1. simplicity   performance   ROI   pay  as  you  go   Rome,  September  20th   Telecom API workshop (SDP Forum)  
  2. 2. ! Cloud communications REST API for developers in the SMB and enterprise market. ! Voice, SMS & Video ! DIDs in 50 countries, 4000 cities
  3. 3. Telecom API workshop (SDP Forum) ! Facts & Figures ! APIDAZE REST API Developer Portal ! Customer Case: How a leading European affiliate network increased its revenue by 15% using our API ! APIDAZE & WebRTC ! Example of a simple integration using our developer API WebRTC SDK
  4. 4. APIDAZE: Facts & Figures Luis Quina COO Founder’s Team Philippe Sultan CTO Founded in March 2013, team working together since 2010 (500+ SMB customers) Richard Lalande CEO APIDAZE’s DNA: Telco, VOIP, SIP, Enterprise, WebRTC, CRM, Community Marketing Currently: private beta with developers, operations running in various verticals Developers : building the community focusing on France & Europe Yves Weber Sultan CMO
  5. 5. Developer Portal: How it works
  6. 6. Developer Portal: API Script Reference
  7. 7. Developer Portal: API Reference
  8. 8. 4.200 customers (leading advertisers) Number 1 Affiliate Network in Europe (web & mobile) 90 million transactions a year 5 billion € sales generated through its affiliate network A leading European affiliate network increased its revenue by 15% using our # developer API
  9. 9. 9   Durée   Date  &  Heure  Qualifica0on   APIDAZE integration with customer API  
  10. 10. 1-­‐  A  user  clicks  on  a   banner  or  an  e-­‐mail  sent   by  the  affiliate  network   2  –  When  the  user  arrives  on  the  landing  page,  the   APIDAZE  script  is  called,  a  unique  number  is  displayed   and  the  campaign  generated  dynamically.     User-side experience  
  11. 11. 11   Before     APIDAZE   With   APIDAZE   Products  &  services   E-­‐merchants     Channels   Media   Customer   Conversion   Leads,  Sales   &  Commissions   Display   Search   Email   Blog   Only  websIte  visit  +  Online     forms   Increase  of  average   purchase   Mobile   Print   TV   Radio   Leverage  MulM-­‐ Channel   Call  Center   Personalised   Contact   Leads,  Sales   &  Commissions   More  leads,  More   sales     Enhancing the Affiliate Network Business Model
  12. 12. Developer Portal: WebRTC SDK
  13. 13. a quick use case of the APIDAZE SDK
  14. 14.     94  Rue  Saint  Lazare   75009  Paris  -­‐  France     Have  a  project,  a  prototype  idea  ?  Please  send  a  message  to   Ask  for  a  free  beta  account:    Co-­‐organizer  of  the  WebRTC  Paris  Meetup­‐paris/          TADS  Sponsor,  Bangkok,  November  21-­‐22