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  1. 1. Jane CoxMs. TillerySenior ProjectApril 18th, 2012 Cake Decorating Think back to all of your past birthdays, your wedding, and many other occasions.What do they all have in common? Cake! Hi. My name is Jane Cox and I am going to betalking to you about my experience of learning how to decorate cakes. For my senior project, I created this two tiered cake. Growing up, Ive watchedmy mom make several cakes that have pleased people. I wanted to be like her and createan art that not only that you can appreciate, but an art that can satisfy the senses. With theaid of my research paper about the background of Wilton, a major producer of cakedecorating supplies, I was also able to find the classes I needed to take to succeed in myproject. I took a total of three courses, each involving four classes. The first one consistedof using the techniques in decorating using the original butter cream icing, while thesecond used the techniques in royal icing, and the third in fondant. I also was able tofinish my cake with the help of my project facilitator, Michelle Williams. She bakescakes on the side as a hobby and is even thinking about opening up her own store. Shehelped me with the construction of my cake and gave me pointers on how to improve. Istarted out baking my cakes, where I ended up using pound cakes because they hold upbetter in layered cakes. After I got the cakes baked and put together, I ended uptransporting the cake as a whole to my house from my project facilitators house toactually start the decorating of the cake. I first tried rolling out the fondant into one big
  2. 2. sheet to cover all of my layers, but we couldnt get it big enough and found it hard tomold to the cake in general. We finally learned to ice the cakes with butter cream icingbefore putting on the fondant and to do it layer my layer instead of the whole cake, puttogether. As you see, this is a two layered cake. Originally this was made out to be a threetiered cake. We still had some difficulty in getting the fondant to mold to the bottomlayer and still ended up failing after several tries. We ended up running out of fondantand decided to just do away with the bottom layer. We put the top two layers together andthen I started rolling out my ribbon. I took yellow fondant and kneaded a little but of reddye into it to give the ribbon a blended, peachy color to match the roses. I then formedthem to the cake and draped them down the side of the cake. Several days prior to all ofthis is when I made my roses, to give them time to harden to their shape, but even then Ihad a hard time in getting the petals to stay in place. I originally made the roses out ofyellow fondant and painted the tips of them with a mixture of red dye and gum paste andstuck them to the ends of my ribbon. Lastly, I rolled out a strand of fondant to go aroundthe edge of my cake and indented pearls into it as my border and then just pushed thepearls around the second layer of my cake as a less eye catching border. During this whole process, Ive definitely learned that cake decorating is not aseasy as you think it would be. You have to have a lot of patience, to be calm, and to workvery diligently. Things got hard for me when I was loosing patience and started to getfrustrated. I also learned that even if you make mistakes, theres always ways around it tofix them and in the end, things will turn out to be just right. What Id like to leave youwith is this: the next time you see a cake, think about all the time, effort, and talent it
  3. 3. takes to go into that cake. Thank you for your time for seeing my presentation and to seejudge my final product. I will now take any questions that you may have.