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If You Give a Cow Some Corn


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This is a fun story I created based off of the If You Give a Mouse... books. I created it for my Social Studies in the Elementary Classroom course at Bemidji State University, Spring, 2012. For further information related to The Omnivore's Dilemma, visit:

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If You Give a Cow Some Corn

  1. If  You  Give  a  Cow  Some  Corn   By   Renee  Gogolewski   Bemidji  State  University   Social  Studies   Spring  2012  
  2. If  you  give  a  cow  some  corn  You’re  going  to  have  to  relieve  his  upset  rumen.  
  3. If  the  cow  has  an  upset  rumen  You’re  going  to  have  to  give  him  an  anEbioEc  
  4. If  you  give  him  an  anEbioEc  You’re  going  to  have  to  shorten  his  life  
  5. If  you  shorten  his  life  You  are  going  to  have  to  faGen  him  up  quickly!  
  6. If  you  want  to  faGen  him  up  quickly  You’re  going  to  have  to  feed  him  corn  
  7. And  if  you  feed  a  cow  some  corn  You  are  going  to  have  to  produce  mass  quanEEes  of   corn  
  8. If  you  produce  mass  quanEEes  of  corn  You  are  going  to  have  to  pay  many  farmers  
  9. If  you  are  going  to  pay  many  farmers  You  are  going  to  have  to  find  money  to  pay  them  with  
  10. If  you  are  going  to  find  the  money  You  will  have  to  ask  the  federal  government  for  it  
  11. If  you  ask  the  federal  government  You  are  going  to  have  to  abide  by  their  rules  
  12. If  you  abide  by  the  government’s  rules  You  are  going  to  have  an  abundance  of  corn  
  13. If  you  have  an  abundance  of  corn  You  are  going  to  have  to  get  rid  of  it  
  14. If  you  get  rid  of  it  You  might  as  well  feed  it  to  a  cow  
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