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Product work log

  1. 1. Product Work LogNameAlexandra Holt DateMarch 9, 2012Product Cupcake and cake decorating .Date/Time: Activity: Made Super Mario Cart Comment/Suggestions: cupcakes for neighbor‟s 4th birthdaySeptember 2 party. Water is great for holding the fondant3.5 hours pieces together.5:30-8:30 Hurts my back from doing all the little detail. Commentary:Baked the cake and frosting all from scratch. Used a Check that it‟s flour traditional chocolate and white cake you‟re using and not cupcakes, both had plain vanilla icing confectioner‟s sugar. but was dyed bright blue. Took the first batch of chocolate cupcakes out Wash your hands only to find that it was completely immediately after melted due to the fact that I had mixed touching any sort of up the flour and powder sugar bright food dye it stains containers. First time I had ever your hands and last for working with fondant; cut everything days. out by hand. Used an Exacto knife to do everything, and worked off a picture. Made the characters that were requested by my neighbor. I had no black fondant for any of the characters eyes so I used chocolate syrup to draw the eyes on with a paint brush.
  2. 2. Date/Time: Activity: Made spaghetti and meatball Comment/Suggestions: cupcakes for a friendsSeptember 15 By far my favorite cupcakes to date.3 Very, very rich. Have yet to see someone eat a whole cupcake. Commentary: I first baked the white cake, and then the recipe had called Changed the original for vanilla frosting dyed light brown frosting that was in the to look like spaghetti. Since the sauce recipe from vanilla to was a strawberry jelly I thought peanut butter. This peanut butter would taste better with changed it to a PB&J the other ingredients, plus it is a cupcake making it natural color that looks like spaghetti. sound more appealing. I took a plastic sealable bag, cut a small hole at the corner and filled with Everyone loved them, frosting. I then started to swirl it the cakes came out very around to look like a pile of spaghetti. moist from than After that, I took a Ferrero Rocher and compared to previous rolled it in the jelly. Took a scoop of batch. the jelly and the Rocher and placed it on top of the cupcakes. Finally I took a Did not use any square of white chocolate and with a fondant. cheese grater I covered it in the white chocolate shavings to look like parmesan cheese.
  3. 3. Date/Time: Activity: Made Halloween cupcakes. Comment/Suggestions:October 22-23 Looked too cartoony and goofy.4.55-9:30 Commentary: I began by making red Definitely hated these velvet cupcakes, and cream cheese cupcakes. frosting. I had dyed the cream cheese frosting a bright orange color. I had Forgot to refrigerate the left the frosting out forgetting to put it frosting so it was a little in the refrigerator. I started to make runny. my characters such as: a bat, spider, ghost, tombstone, and pumpkins. I Fondant was gooey. was modeling them after a picture a friend of mine sent to me. I used a They all started to fall doughnut to give them the shapes and apart after I had covered it with fondant. I began to finished. realize that I need a whole array of colors to continue. I called my Cake part was facilitator and asked what I should do. delicious. She told me to put a small amount of alcohol (the fondant will not absorb Not my best work. any of the alcohol, it evaporates within hours leaving no alcohol content) into a small cup with the food dye and to take a paint brush and individually paint them. I began to get frustrated with it but kept going. The next morning I didn‟t mixed the dye enough so it was thick on the fondant leaving it to be gooey and sticky.
  4. 4. Date/Time: Activity: Made turkey cupcakes for Comment/Suggestions: ThanksgivingDay One: 2 Don‟t make the PecanDay Two: 3.5 Praline frosting. Had to make a new Commentary: I had decided that for frosting after the first these ones I would make a pecan one melted. praline pie flavored cupcakes, since the stuffing for the turkeys was pecans Longest cupcakes to I wanted to incorporate and pull the ever make. flavors together. The cake part itself was just a yellow cake and the frosting Extremely cute but originally was going to be a praline very detailed. frosting. I had made it and took it off the stove, it was suppose to have Was hard to make the thickened but it ended up just being turkeys look “full” runny. So, I had to make a new frosting, I ended up making a caramel The „lettuce leaves‟ flavored frosting since the body of the kept breaking off every turkeys was rolled out caramel time I tried to put them squares. I microwave the caramel on. squares and rolled them out into a thin sheet. I then cut it out into a circle Microwave the caramel like shape but had a small crescent cut squares, it‟s easier. out in it. Laid it onto the top of the cupcake and rounded it out by beating it with the back of the spoon. I then took halved pretzel pieces and rolled left over caramel into the drumstick part. I used a small dab of water to fuse the drumsticks to the bodies; I then took the crushed pecans and placed it into the opening of the cupcake to look like stuffing.
  5. 5. Date/Time: Activity: Made two different Comment/Suggestions: Valentines Day cakes.February 12-13 Do not enjoy making cakes.Cake One: 2.5 One of the cakes fellCake Two: 1.5 apart. Commentary: Both cakes were a Another one didn‟t strawberry flavor with vanilla bake all the way and in frosting. The first cake I spent more caved. time on. I took a large round cake and lined them up on top of each other The pearls got all over and carefully cut out the heart shape. the place. Turned out to be a bad idea, since little crumbs got all in the cake. Frosting Hard to get evenness this was difficult and got all over the on cakes if you don‟t place. Cakes are hard to frost than have a cake stand that cupcakes. I hadhand cut all the hearts doesn‟t spin. and covered the sides of the cake with pearl sprinkles one by one. I then took Cutting out the cakes the big heart and the center and put into a heart shape was small water droplets to places the messy and cake pearls on. The second cake a friend crumbles got into the wanted me to make for her boyfriend frosting. for Valentines Day. She just wanted it simple and to look like she was the one who did it. So I just took a star tip and did little dollops on the outline and took some sparkled pink sprinkles and covered the top part of it.