Webquest Sample - Cupcake


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by Asliaty Atim, Safynaz Kazem & Siti Jamilah.

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Webquest Sample - Cupcake

  1. 1. Let’s make not war !! by asliaty.jamilah.kazem
  2. 2. There’s a school jumbo sale day coming up! All students are invited to sell food so that we can collect money for the people of Haiti. I have a brilliant and easy to do idea! Why don’t we bake cupcakes for that jumbo sale? Okay let’s get started!! ^_^ o v e r v i e w h o m e
  3. 3. All cupcakes, all the time, all the way! This website provides you with everything you ever wanted to know about cupcakes. Once drawn into this deliciously tasty website, you will be instantly tempted by an array of yummy recipes of cupcakes – ‘Naughty and Nice’, ‘Sweet Seventeen’, ‘Softy Dreamy’, ‘Polka Polki’ and many more! You’ll also get to explore the world of cupcakes by creating your own recipe to bake your uniquely dream cupcakes. Enjoy yourself because – Gobbling up gluttony isn’t a sin! i n t r o d u c t i o n h o m e
  4. 4. t a s k Get creative and create your very own cupcake recipe inspired by the many recipes out there and present your instructions using video/still pictures. How? Need ideas? Click here! h o m e
  5. 5. How to bake cupcakes 101
  6. 6. p r o c e s s #1 #4 #2 #3 Need ideas? h o m e First, you will be assigned to a team of 3 students. After that, write down the instructions using modal verbs and sequence connectors . Then, create a unique cupcake recipe and you can use the resources provided. Finally, make a video or using still pictures to present your Recipe.
  7. 7. p r o c e s s Set induction Teacher shows a video of a cooking show which includes the use of modal verbs to students.   Presentation Modal verbs – must, could, should Students are provided with pictures of cooking steps Teachers provides examples of sentences from the cooking show to teach modal verbs   Activities In pairs, students brainstorm and discuss to produce their own recipes using modal verbs Students exchange their recipes with friends through their blogs A Lesson Plan (for teachers) h o m e
  8. 8. p r o c e s s How do I write my recipe so that people can use it? First , you should put in . . . Secondly , you could add . . . Then , you would need to . . . After that , you should stir . . . Next , you could take . . . h o m e
  9. 9. r e s o u r c e s If you need inspiration for your cupcake intervention then don’t be shy to ask the experts ! We have a range of people that can help you, from Martha Stewart to the Food Network. There are pictures and videos too! Just a click a way. h o m e more help here!
  10. 10. r e s o u r c e s h o m e
  11. 11. e v a l u a t i o n delicious yummy tempting okay tasteless Highly pleasing. Couldn´t wait to sink our teeth into it. It really has beautiful look and makes a really nice presentation. You just might die of ecstasy. It can't get much better than this. Excellent. Just the right amount of sweetness, and perfect consistency. Very pleasing and very attractive. Delectable, but not quite up to perfection. A mighty fine cupcake. Pretty and adorable. Fluffy and soft. Tastes great. Just satisfactory. Does not appreciate the art of cupcake eating. We might ask for our money back. Nothing to rave about. Save your appetite and eat something else. Hmmm, it's really hard to say. Very average, nothing special. Lacking in flavor. Not attractive. A shame to cupcake eating society You call this a cupcake? Eww, spit it out! You might just die. Awful. Attractive. Fine, we may eat it again, but not if we’re in the mood for greatness. Good enough to enjoy. Mediocre. Unimpressive.  They look better than they taste. Would not take another one. Like the decoration but that's about it on the plus side. h o m e
  12. 12. c o n c l u s i o n Now that you’ve mastered the art of baking, why not dive into the decorating phenomenon! Check out these cupcake art sites for you to be awed by their creativity in expressing art on their cupcakes! Enjoy ^_* h o m e