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  1. 1. 1Letter TappitTutorialISSUE4OCTOBER2012BAKING ~ DECORATING ~ SHARINGCakes Aroundthe WorldFeatureIs your cake inour OctoberHall of Fame?NikiTomkinsonthe bakerwith a heartof goldAutumnCompetitionWinners
  2. 2. 2ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012BAKING ~ DECORATING ~ SHARINGHello everyone, welcome to ourOctober newsletter!It has been a really busy month with so much going on!Firstly, I am loving the front cover of this issue! I havedecided that going forwards, I will be featuring your amazingcakes on the cover of our magazines, so please continue toshare your creations on our Cake Masters facebook wall.We have a special feature telling you all about ourcompetition winner Becky Brine from Bubba’s Bakery whichwas part of her overall prize.We have a a Halloween theme throughout this issue withsome awesome tutorials; some great skull cakes, and afantastic article from Posey Furnish telling us all about thecelebration that is Halloween.One of the best bits of this issue has to be the “CakesAround the World” feature. We had so much funresearching this, and looked high and low for the best of thebest. I hope you like this feature as we very much enjoyedputting it together for you.As we have mentioned before, this magazine with act as a bit of a round up, incase you might has missedsomething on facebook. As always am in awe of all the caking and baking skill out there and I will do mybest to “shout out” all the amazingly talented cakers by featuring you in my magazine.Looking forward to November already! Are you going to Cake International? We will be there, filming ashort video - SO EXCITED!Please do let us know about your thoughts, we love to hear your feedback on what you liked, what could bebetter, and what else you would like to see!Enjoy!Rosie xFRONT COVER: Becky Brine ~ Bubba’s Bakery - Cake Masters Competition Winner
  3. 3. 3ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Cakes aroundthe world39AutumnCompetitionWinners35CONTENTSWelcome from Rosie ~ Page 2Birthday Cake Competition Winner ~ Page 4Skull Inspiration ~ Page 11The Big Deal About Halloween ~ Page 16Halloween Tutorials ~ Page 18Vintage Competition Winners and our favourite entires ~ Page 21Running Competitions on Facebook ~ Page 29Tappit Tutorial from The Chocolate Strawberry ~ 30Autumn Competition Winners ~ Page 35The Baker with a Heart of Gold ~ Page 36Border Moulds Feature ~ Page 38Cakes Around the World Feature ~ Page 39Cake International Memories from 2011 ~ Page 51Most Desired ~ Page 52Off Shopping ~ Page 54Chocolate Cake Recipes ~ Page 55Hall of Fame ~ Page 56In this issue...HalloweenTutorials19TappitTutorial
  5. 5. 5ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012WINNERBeckyfromBubba’s Bakery
  6. 6. 6ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012TalentedBAKER & Cake Artist... and ONLY 20 years oldCongratulations Becky ~ CakeMasters Winner of the BirthdayCake inspired competition.There is nothing we love more, thanfinding out more about you- the talentbehind the cakes. We caught up withBecky to find out more.Q:  Tell  us  a  bit  about  you  and  your  family  “I  grew  up  in  Yeovil  and  had  a  very  arty  childhood.  I  used  to  spend  every  weekend  with  my  Nan  and  Granddad  pain<ng,  drawing  and  baking  cakes.  We’ve  always  been  a  close  family,  and  I’ve  been  brought  up  to  appreciate  everything  I  have.  As  a  kid  I’d  always  prefer  to  play  football  in  the  park  with  my  dad  than  going  shopping  like  all  the  other  girls  were!”    Q:  What  is  your  earliest  memory  of  baking  “My  first  memory  is  making  fairy  cakes  with  my  mum  on  a  Friday,  and  then  going  to  my  Nan’s  house  the  next  day  to  do  the  same  thing!  I’d  make  sultana  and  cherry  cakes  with  my  mum,  and  cakes  with  icing  and  plenty  of  sweets  with  my  Nan!Q:  What  is  your  baking  story?“In  my  second  year  at  college  I  met  my  partner,  and  at  only  17  made  a  massive  choice  to  move  in  with  him...  200  miles  away  to  Southend  on  Sea  where  he  lives!  I  s<ll  con<nued  my  college  course  but  also  found  another  hobby  to  occupy  my  <me…  baking.  I  started  making  cute  cupcakes  for  him  to  take  to  work,  and  then  someone  asked  me  to  make  them  a  cake...  and  my  cake  obsession  began!  I  ended  up  passing  my  course  by  adding  cake  decora<ng  into  my  final  major  project.  APer  my  course  ended  I  started  job  hun<ng,  but  in  the  mean  <me  my  days  were  filled  with  designing  cakes  and  cupcakes  and  adding  more  and  more  cake  equipment  to  my  collec<on.  As  a  joke  my  partner  said  I  should  set  up  a  Facebook  page  called  ‘Bubba’s  Bakery’  because  that’s  my  nickname  from  him  and  everyone  he  works  with  thought  I  worked  at  a  bakery  because  they  got  so  many  cupcakes!  I  set  up  my  page,  and  my  <ny  liTle  cake  page  soon  grew,  and  has  now  reached  over  1400  fans.”                                                                                          Con<nued  >>
  7. 7. 7ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Q:  What  have  you  learned  about  yourself?  “I’ve  learnt  that  being  your  own  worst  cri<c  can  some<mes  take  its  toll.  I’ve  had  many  sleepless  nights  worrying  about  what  the  customer  will  think,  and  some<mes  mid  cake  I’ll  break  down  worrying  it  won’t  be  good  enough.  I  think  it’s  nice  to  know  I  care  so  much,  and  want  the  cake  to  be  special  but  over  <me  I’ve  started  developing  more  confidence  and  learning  what  my  limits  are.  Of  course  there  will  always  be  an  order  that  makes  me  want  to  give  up  cake  decora<ng  all  together…  but  then  I  have  a  cup  of  tea,  watch  some  goofy  Youtube  video  and  get  back  to  work  because  it’s  always  worth  it  in  the  end.Q:  Where  do  you  get  your  baking  inspira;ons?  A  lot  of  my  inspira<on  comes  from  online.  It’s  an  amazing  place  filled  with  astounding  cakes,  tutorials,  helpful  forums  etc.  I  also  fill  up  my  sky  box  with  cake  programme  aPer  programme.  Ace  of  Cakes  has  always  been  my  favourite.  I  know  they  aren’t  the  neatest  decorators  and  they  cause  a  lot  of  controversy,  but  I  love  how  they  push  boundaries  and  make  things  with  cake  that  you  just  don’t  think  possible.  Q:  Who  is  your  role  model  “Ahh  this  is  a  tough  one…  There  are  so  many  decorators  out  there  I  could  only  dream  of  being  as  good  as.  But  I  can  narrow  it  down  to  two.  Duff  Goldman  and  my  Nan.  Duff,  because  he  pushes  cake  to  its  limits  and  reminds  me  (aPer  a  stressful  day)  that  cake  decora<ng  is  fun!  And  my  Nan,  because  I  always  want  to  make  her  proud.  She  was  the  sweetest  person  I’ve  ever  known,  and  I  know  she’d  want  me  to  be  successful  in  this.  So  I  push  myself  for  her.”      
  8. 8. 8ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Q:  What  has  been  your  biggest  challenge?Myself.  I’ve  never  been  someone  with  a  lot  of  self  confidence  and  belief,  so  to  work  for  myself  has  been  a  struggle.  It  doesn’t  maTer  how  many  people  tell  me  how  good  a  cake  is,  all  I  can  see  are  the  flaws.  It’s  something  I’m  definitely  trying  to  work  on  though,  and  aPer  a  year  I’ve  no<ced  a  massive  difference.  The  more  confidence  I  have,  the  more  willing  I’ll  be  to  try  new  things  and  the  more  I’ll  grow  as  a  cake  decorator.Q:  Tell  us  an  interes;ng  fact  about  yourself  I  once  performed  on  stage  at  Disney  land  Paris.  It  was  for  my  school  choir,  and  despite  not  being  able  to  sing  and  being  absolutely  petrified  I  stood  on  stage,  and  sang  my  heart  out  to  a  load  of  French  people  that  couldn’t  understand  a  word  we  sang!  Give  us  3  top  baking  ;ps:  • Glove  up!  For  the  first  year  of  baking  I  used  to  colour  fondant  with  bare  hands  and  it  definitely  showed  aPerwards.  Rubber  gloves  have  saved  me  from  any  more  ‘What  happened  to  your  hands?”  conversa<ons!• If  you  want  to  add  edible  pearls  to  your  cake  but  don’t  want  to  pay  for  a  certain  colour  that  you  don’t  need  many  of  then  just  buy  white  pearls  and  colour  them  yourself!  Just  get  a  liTle  plas<c  bag  (a  sandwich  bag  will  do)  and  then  add  a  liTle  powdered  colouring  to  the  pearls  and  shake  it  un<l  the  colour  has  coated  them  equally.• Stock  up!  It  seems  obvious  but  if  there’s  a  good  offer  on  fondant,  icing  sugar  etc.  then  fill  up  your  trolly!  It  might  seem  expensive  at  the  <me  but  prices  are  only  going  up  and  I’ve  no<ced  that  baking  items  don’t  seem  
  9. 9. 9ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Becky in her dressingroomBecky in the localpressBecky posing with herentryQ:  What  has  been  your  proudest  moment?  I  think  it’s  safe  to  say  taking  part  in  an  ‘amateur  cake  compe<<on’  filmed  live  on  Channel  4’s  Fern  Show.  I  was  scouted  through  Facebook  and  asked  to  submit  a  design  based  on  the  royal  wedding.  I  was  short  listed  and  then  finally  chosen  to  take  part.  For  the  first  round  I  made  my  first  ever  three  <er  cake,  with  a  champagne  boTle  carved  from  rice  crispy  treats  on  the  top.  I  made  it  to  the  final  and  decided  to  make  my  biggest  cake  yet.  It  was  3P  by  2P  wide  and  took  up  the  en<re  back  seat  of  the  car!  Unfortunately  I  didn’t  win,  but  I  got  to  meet  some  amazing  people,  three  incredible  cake  decorators  (we’ve  all  stayed  in  contact)  and  the  cake  legend  herself…  Jane  Asher!
  10. 10. 10ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Becky with the cakesshe made for anevent at BulbarrowFarm which was thefirst big event shecatered for >>>>Below are some ofBecky’s otherawesome cakes
  11. 11. 11ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Are you ready forHALLOWEEN...Horse County Cakes...feast your eyes on someawesome skulls!
  12. 12. 12ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Rock Cakes
  13. 13. 13ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Pauls Creative CakesWaterlooville Cake Company
  14. 14. 14ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Candy Cakeroy
  15. 15. 15Two Little Cats BakeryISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012
  16. 16. 16ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Posey from Cake Tails tellsus why the Americans go allout during Halloween..."Cupcakeologist" Posey Furnish is American by birth but, as she says, "British by choice."Posey grew up in the States amidst her mothers bespoke wedding and party cake businesswhich - quite literally - whetted her appetite about the importance of flavour. She moved toLondon in 1997 to follower her heart and pursue a lifelong dream of living in England, and inso doing embraced British culture, including the cuisine, before settled in Wimbledon Chasein London. Over the years she has worked in range of fields in the UK including schools, libraries,event management and communications but never lost sight of her passion for making food- particularly baked goods - taste as good as they look. When the American cupcake crazehit London, Posey was initially delighted but gradually became more and more disappointedand disillusioned as the interpretation of how a cupcake should taste was cheapened andweakened.Poseys baking was always sought after by office colleagues and friends but it was onlywhen she took the leap and began applying the principles of mixology and cocktail-makingto her cupcakes that a business idea grew - CakeTails by Posey - in 2011. Her cakes werefeatured in a Daily Mail article in August and from there shes gained fans and praise for herbaking from fans in Spain, Denmark, France and Australia.Something else Posey is passionate about is raising her young son with an awareness ofAmerican culture, and in particular, American holidays and traditions. She shares her viewof Halloween with us, to show the "real" side of this holiday, because its one of herfavourites (its also her birthday!).
  17. 17. 17ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Recently  a  friend  and  I  were  in  a  shop  which  had  a  few  Halloween  items  on  display.  This  friend  is,  like  me,  a  fun-­‐loving  mum  who  enjoys  celebra<ons  of  any  kind,  par<es,  kitschy  things,  retro  sweets  and  baking.  But  unlike  me,  she  is  not  American.  So  in  response  to  my  obvious  delight  about  haunted  house  cake  stands  and  graveyard  napkins,  she  said,  in  a  bemused  way,  “tell  me  again  why  Halloween  is  such  a  big  deal?  I  just  don’t  get  it.”She  is  not  alone.  Many  –  okay,  most  –  of  my  friends  simply  do  not  “get”  Halloween  or  why  it  is  such  an  enjoyable  –  and  important,  holiday  in  the  States.  And  sadly,  as  is  the  case  with  so  many  American  customs  and  tradi<on,  the  elements  that  have  been  adopted  by  the  UK  in  recent  years  are  the  most  commercial  and  least  important  to  making  Halloween  so  much  fun.  Now,  of  course  trick-­‐or-­‐trea<ng  –  one  of  the  few  elements  that  has  taken  off  over  here  –  is  one  part  of  celebra<ng  Halloween.  But  most  of  the  really  enjoyable  celebratory  aspects  are  being  missed  out  on  by  folks  who  choose  to  celebrate  Halloween.  Growing  up  in  a  small  New  England  town,  Halloween  was  one  of  the  major  community  events  for  the  en<re  year.  The  party  held  in  the  centre  of  town  –  either  in  the  church  hall  or  community  centre  –  was  looked  forward  to  by  neighbours  and  residents  of  all  ages.  For  me  as  a  child,  Halloween  prep  began  in  early  October  through  heated  playground  discussions  about  what  costume  our  mums  would  make  (we  weren’t  limited  to  being  a  witch/devil/vampire/ghost  like  children  are  here  in  the  UK  –  I  personally  was  a  ballerina,  a  nurse,  Queen  Guinevere,  a  cat  and  a  “velvet  witch”,  to  name  a  few).  But  it  wasn’t  just  the  kids  who  looked  forward  to  Halloween  or  got  dressed  up.  Our  mums  –  and  in  some  cases,  dads  –  saw  it  as  a  chance  to  decorate  our  yards  and  houses,  make  amazing  costumes  for  themselves  as  well  as  for  children  and  best  of  all  –  to  bake  special  treats.    As  one  of  my  fellow  ex-­‐pats  told  me,  “My  mom  was  big  into  Halloween.  Shed  start  making  cookies  and  pumpkin  bread  weeks  in  advance.”  And  it’s  true.  Halloween  is  a  crea<ve’s  dream  come  true  –  and  in  par<cular  –  a  baker  &  cake  decorator’s  dream  come  true!  Obviously  pumpkins  feature  heavily,  both  in  flavour  and  design  ideas.  But  it  doesn’t  stop  there.  Into  royal  icing?  Think  elaborately  iced  cookies  shaped  like  brooms<cks,  witches  hats  and  ghosts.  Like  miniature  cakes?  How  about  bat-­‐shaped  mini  cakes  drizzled  with  a  black  maple  icing.  More  of  a  pie/tart  baker?  Try  pumpkin  &  chocolate  pies  with  a  swirled  paTern  to  look  like  spider  webs.  Or  if  you  enjoy  a  challenge,  do  a  search  for  “shortbread  haunted  houses”  and  you  will  see  work  to  rival  any  winter<me  gingerbread  house  fantasy.  And  of  course,  there  are  the  cupcakes  –  quite  literally,  millions  of  them  (my  search  for  “Halloween  cupcakes”  returned  15.4m  op<ons)  to  accommodate  your  personal  preferences  and  styles.Halloween  baking  –  in  kind  with  autumnal  baking  in  general  –  is  also  an  opportunity  to  work  with  seasonal  ingredients:  fresh  pumpkins,  just-­‐picked  apples  and  root  vegetables  like  carrots  and  beetroot  all  feature  heavily  in  popular  recipes.  Or,  as  another  ex-­‐pat  friend  men<oned,  “aPer  Halloween,  my  mother  a  few  days  later  would  take  the  pumpkins  from  the  stoop,  carve  them,  and  boil  them  down...Shed  freeze  the  pies  she  made  for  Thanksgiving.”  These  types  of  vegetables  make  for  the  most  incredibly  moist  and  flavourful  cakes  –  something  we  Yanks  are  always  striving  to  achieve.On  the  day  itself,  the  aforemen<oned  trick-­‐or-­‐trea<ng  (which  actually  happens  a  lot  less  now  than  it  did  20-­‐30  years  ago)  is  so  much  more  entertaining  than  the  UK’s  approach  of  cheap  rubber  masks  and  capes  bought  has<ly  as  an  aPerthought  by  many  parents.  Care  and  aTen<on  is  given  to  what  you  dress  up  as  -­‐  “the  best  part  of  Halloween  was  deciding  what  we  wanted  to  be  and  the  lengths  and  crea<vity  my  mom  went  to,  to  make  our  costumes”  and  it  is  truly  anything  goes  because  we  don’t  limit  ourselves  to  just  monsters  and  witches!  In  addi<on,  many  households  par<cipate  in  the  experience  itself:  “One  year  my  dad  put  out  a  scarecrow-­‐type  man  on  the  front  porch  in  a  chair  at  the  beginning  of  the  month,  including  a  mask  and  hat.  On  Halloween  he  put  a  bowl  (of  candy)  with  a  sign  saying,  "please  only  take  one”  and  removed  the  dummy,  put  on  the  ousit  himself  and  sat  with  the  bowl  in  his  lap.  Whenever  a  greedy  kid  came  up  he  would  grab  their  hand  and  say,  "Sign  says  TAKE  ONE!"  You  can  bet  he  gave  a  few  teens  a  big  fright!”  
  18. 18. 18ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Reflec<ng  back  on  the  origins  of  Halloween,  it  is  s<ll  an  opportunity  to  remind  ourselves  that  death  is  the  other  side  of  life.  Many  churches  in  America  –  certainly  all  of  them  in  my  small  hometown  –  embrace  the  holiday,  choosing  to  see  it  not  as  a  celebra<on  of  evil  but  a  reminder  that  there  are  two  sides  of  the  proverbial  “coin”.  Poking  fun  at  the  modern  iconography  of  devils,  witches  and  ghosts  can  be  affirming  and  a  way  of  presen<ng  a  definite  non-­‐western  approach  to  death  –  not  that  it  is  to  be  feared,  but  that  it  is  simply  a  part  of  life.But  beyond  all  of  the  delicious  and  fun  aspects,  Halloween  is  a  community  event.  As  a  mum  myself  now,  I  can  see  how  it  was  an  opportunity  for  all  of  the  parents  and  families  to  come  together  and  share  their  crea<vity  and  baking  in  a  collec<ve  way.  Sure,  there  was  and  always  will  be  a  sense  of  wan<ng  to  slightly  outdo  each  other,  but  in  America  we  call  that  kind  of  compe<<on  “healthy”  and  it  always  seemed  to  mo<vate  the  mothers  (and  a  few  dads)  to  want  to  make  something  delicious  and  lovely  to  look  at  (if  eyeball  cupcakes  count  as  “lovely”)  to  share  with  our  friends  and  neighbours.  And  for  the  non-­‐professional  baking  community  in  the  UK,  shouldn’t  that  be  worth  something  to  us,  in  our  streets  and  towns?This  year  –  for  the  third  year  running  –  I  am  organising  a  Halloween  party  with  some  of  the  parents  I’ve  met  through  my  son’s  school.  We  will  hire  a  hall,  organise  some  spooky/silly  games  and  there  will  be  cakes,  decorated  by  parents  and  kids  alike.  We  won’t  be  winning  any  prizes  but  we  will  all  be  having  fun  together,  and  that  is  what  Halloween  in  America  really  is  all  about.Okay,  so  maybe  it’s  a  li>le  bit  about  the  candy,  too...either  way,  Happy  Halloween!...on the subject of halloween...WE LOVE THESE, and so easy to make!Tutorialfrom GloriousTreats >>
  19. 19. 19ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Halloween TutorialsTutorialfrom Best Friendsof Frosting >>TutorialfromSweetAmbs >>
  20. 20. 20ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Halloween TutorialsTutorialfrom CalliciousCakesTutorialfromThe ChocolateStrawberry
  21. 21. 21ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Vinta! CompetitionWe ran a vintage cupcake competition a few months back.Here are the winners again and few of our favourite entires!Sweet’s Treats
  22. 22. 22ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Fleur Bites CupcakeryMay Bakes Cakes Hilary Rose Cupcakes
  23. 23. 23ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Gills Cupcake CornerCupcakes PlusSweet Dimples CakesCreations By Becky
  24. 24. 24ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Jemlewkas CupcakesCupcakes by AmandaNeets TreatsDarcys Cupcake Creations
  25. 25. 25ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012The Cake CupperyIrelandCake FolliesVickis Cuppa CupcakesMon Cottage Cupcakes
  26. 26. 26ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Vinta! Competition
  27. 27. 27ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012
  28. 28. 28ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Maria Meah Bishop FrancisMichelle HeadAnnette Clapham
  29. 29. 29ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012RUNNING COMPETITIONSONStop wasting your time and money running randomgiveaways and make your fans promote yourbusiness!Try Top Tab - a voting competition platform forFacebook Pages. Take advantage of our FREEpreview mode and amazing customisation options!Fan Pages devoted to charity may use our platformcompletely free of charge.TOP TABYou commonly see Businesses running competitions that are against Facebook’s Guidelines:• Running competitions directly on their Facebook Page.You are required to use a competition application must not run a competition directly on your Wall.• Having users automatically enter by ‘Liking’ a Page.You may have them first ‘Like’ your Page but this must lead on to entering a properly set up competition.• Conditioning entry in the promotion upon a user providing content on Facebook, such as posting on aWall of a Page, uploading a photo, posting a status update (such as asking Friends to ‘Like’ the Page).Any interaction a user takes must be using the competition application and not directly on your Page.• Notifying winners on their Facebook Wall. Most people do not realise that Facebook requires that younotify the winner by email or other means, but not using Facebook in any way to do so.The above was taken from a reallyinteresting article where it goes on totalk about the Facebook page thatwas owned by a French retailer calledKiabi being deleted by Facebook forviolating promotion rules.Read the full article fromSearchEngineJournal here >>The safest way to run acompetition is byinstalling an applicationlike Top Tab>>
  30. 30. 30ThechocolatestrawberryGetting perfect lettering is not always easy and there are lots of different toolsand bits of equipment you can buy, tappits being one of them.Most people find tappits the hardest to use to we wanted to bring you a tutorial.Sarah from The Chocolate Strawberry has a unique signature style with hercakes, were she combines the use of words on her cakes and cupcakes. We atCake Masters are a fan of her designs and perfect finishes - it was only fitting toask Sarah to put together a tutorial of us.Tuto"al >>
  31. 31. 31ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012ThechocolatestrawberryTuto"alStep 1Roll out a little flower paste until itsso thin that you can see some of thecornflour through it. Use the cutterprovided with the tappits to cut a strip.Leave it to dry a little for a fewminutes.What you need:- Flower paste- Cornflour for dusting theboard- Non-stick acrylic rolling pin- Tappit cutters- Greaseproof/baking paper- Edible glue- Small paintbrushThe Chocolate Strawberry
  32. 32. 32ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012ThechocolatestrawberryStep 2Press your cutter in to the icing andwiggle it back and forth GENTLYto get a clean cut.The cutters do get blunt after a whileand will need replacing if youuse them a lot.The Chocolate StrawberryStep 3Tap your letter out on to the paper todry completely.
  33. 33. 33ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012ThechocolatestrawberryStep 4The upper case letters are easier to cutthan lower case if you are justbeginning.I find the letter r in this font is notvery good, so I cut an nwith a scalpel to create a better shape.The Chocolate StrawberryTIP:The flower paste can be coloured asusual with gels or bits ofcoloured fondant. You can also leavethem to dry completely and usemetallic sprays on them.As you get better, youll be able to cutthicker letters.
  34. 34. 34ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012ThechocolatestrawberryThe Chocolate StrawberryStep 5Place the dried letters on to the fondantto space, then push them in slightly tomark their position.Apply a few dots of edible glue to ensurethey are stuck down. Using a tinypaintbrush really helps you get a cleanfinish.If you use too much glue the letter willbecome transparent.SIMPLES!
  35. 35. 35WinnersAutumn CompetitionISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Cake-y-licious Sarah PierceRosy LaiViolet BeetonZoe Moss
  36. 36. 36ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Dozens of brides had theirwedding dreams shattered afterthe “Brides of Portsmouth” shop inElm Grove Southsea suddenlyclosed up shop earlier this year.The company said that they wereunfairly implicated in a show onChannel 5,“Cowboy Traders” inrelation to a previous owner of theshop.Niki Tomkinson from SweetCreations went out of her way tomake the cakes for the brides whohad been let down and has beenleft out of pocket. We wanted tofind out more about this lovely ladywho saved the day for so manybrides.Q: Tell us a bit about you andyour family“ My names Niki & I am 33years old. I live with myhusband Stuart and we havebeen married for 10 years, wehave 2 sons , Jack 9 years oldand Alfie 5 years old.”Tell us a bit about yourbackground:I started cake making 4 years agofrom my kitchen, just making theodd cake for family and friends.Word got around and I was askedto make more… so my businessnaturally grew. It simply grew toobig for my kitchen so I took thenext step and got a littleworkshop.”Tell us a bit about yourbusiness:“We opened our doors on the 7thAugust 2011, just carrying onmaking cakes and cupcakes. Wewere approached in March 2012by the bridal shop “Brides ofPortsmouth” to take on weddingcake orders, and in May 2012 weagreed to help with their weddingpackages.”What happened with thecompany going bust?“I was notified by my friend whowent to get her wedding dress andthe shop was closed. I thencontacted my contact in thecompany of which whom I thoughtwas the manager who informed methey hadn’t been paid for monthsand had left their jobs. Asubsequent note was left on therewebsite saying they would resumebusiness on the following Tuesday.However, on when Tuesday came,a note was placed on the shopwindow saying that the shop hadgone in to liquidation andcustomers should contact theliquidators. I then phoned SharonKeates who worked for thecompany and asked what washappening. She told me that dueto the Channel 5 program “CowboyTraders”, they had suffered loss ofbusiness and could no longertrade.”What was thereaction ofbrides to theawful news?“Panic,devastation,sense of worryand disbelief.”saved by a lady with aheart of gold...Wed#ng Dreams
  37. 37. 37ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Why did you take itupon yourself to help?“I had been in touchwith some of the bridesvia the social medianetwork and I wasmade aware that someof them had alreadypaid substantialamounts of money.I didn’t want to be thereason they didn’t havea cake on therewedding day.”How much out ofpocket are you?“Roughly a fewthousand pounds.”How much time did ittake?“I’ve cleared the bulk ofthe orders now but stillhave a few remaining.”What was thefeedback from thebrides when theyheard you were goingto do the cake?“Very Happy that theydidn’t have to spend outany more money thenthey already had.”What is the feedbackfrom the brides whenthey picked up theircakes?“We delivered the cakesto the venues, and allthe brides have beenhappy with what theyhad received.”How do you feel aboutwhat you did?Im just glad I could helpthem out , andappreciate all thethanks I have beengiven .Thanks for sharingyour story with us!Niki,That’s us back from honeymoon andwanted to leave you some feedback foryour website as promised. We would liketo say thanks very much for helping uswith advice on the cake and what you areable to provide, and for the actual cakewhen it was made. The cake lookedfantastic and was exactly what we had inmind, we would have no hesitationrecommending you to anyone else.Thanks again,Gaz & Lorna Glenister
  38. 38. 38ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Border moulds feature!I  tried  border  moulds  from  Marvelous  Molds  this  month.  The  unity  and  preTy  in  pleats  moulds  are  my  favourites!Our  video  tutorial  can  be  viewed  here!Have  a  look  at  the  collec<on  at  The  Cake  Decora<ng  Company.Border  Moulds  CollecEon
  39. 39. 39ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012CAKESar$nd %WORLDAs the temperature drops and the coats come outthe cupboard, summer holidays are a very distantmemory!I went to Marrakech for a long weekend and it wasjust lovely! I wanted to dedicate the next couple ofpages to cake based on certain countries aroundthe globe!First up, is this lovely suitcase cake and fancy globefrom Amy Scott CakesLove the land on the globe, just fantastic!EnjoyRosie x
  40. 40. 40ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012FRANCEBeautiful Parisian cookies fromIcing BlissStunning black royal icing Eiffel Tower fromblogger “Me and Mine”.GO TO TUTORIAL >>>Do you fancy having a go atmaking your own royal icingEiffel Tower?Check out this awesometutorial from Sugar Duchess!
  41. 41. 41ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Italy...Awesome work fromThe Cake Diosa.This cake took over60 hours of labourand was sold for $120(only!?) and achieve a$10 tip! WOW is all Iam going to say!!!pisa
  42. 42. 42ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Santo"niLove these cupcakes representing Santorini.Lovely finish from Sweet Dimple Cakes
  43. 43. 43ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012EgyptThe best Tutankhamum cakeon the planet!Fantastic work fromExtreme Bakeover
  44. 44. 44ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012MoroccoThis Moroccan lantern cake fromHeather Barranco DREAM CAKESis absolutely stunning!The attention to detail is superb with every mosaic piece perfectly finished.I went to Marrakech earlier this year and is was just so beautiful ~ below are some of my holiday snaps!
  45. 45. 45ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012ChinaBeautiful hand painted kimonocookies from Sugar Envy.Visit their page to see absolutelystunning works of art!Mini dragon cookies fromWalking Down the Cookie Road.Really easy to make, visit their blogto see step by step instructions onhow to make these cute littledragon cookies.
  46. 46. 46ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012In#aI am such a fan of Michelle Sugar Art.Her cakes are amazing and she is way up there when it comes to cake talent.Michelle has some great videos where she shows how she makes cakes form start to finish - checkthe following videos out!PLAY PLAY
  47. 47. 47ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012USA ~New YorkStunning work of art fromFor the Love of Cake Custom Creationsin Toronto.The sugar pieces around this particularwedding cake are simply beautiful!VISIT THEIR PAGE FOR MORE STUNNING WORKS OFCAKE ART!
  48. 48. 48ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012The cake above depicts the AfricanSafari experience perfectly, fromthe textured patterns around thebottom of the cake to theperfectly perched hat. Awesomework from Key Art Studio CakesAf"caWe searched high and low for a cake that had the perfectAfrican sunset with animal silhouettes. I love the gorgeouscolouring and hand painted artwork. The giraffe on top isextra special!Fantastic work fromFrosted Memories by Emma
  49. 49. 49ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012UAE ~ DubaiThe iconic Burj Al Arab cake fromYeners Cakes.This cake has been engineered to sheer perfection
  50. 50. 50ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Au&raliaExcellent Sydney Opera HousefromYves Cakes
  51. 51. 51ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012BAKING ~ DECORATING ~ SHARINGCake InternationalMemories from 2011Are you going to Cake International at theBirmingham NEC this year? The show lastyear was simply brilliant, and a must go foranyone who sleeps, eats and bakes cake.We will be going up onthe Friday and will becreating a short video allabout the show! If yousee us filming say hello, aswe will want to takefootage of your opinionstoo!If you are a stall holderor someone entering acompetition and will bethere on Friday whowants to be part of thevideo please registerinterest by emailing us!DEMOtickets only£5 each!...hurry they fill up quickly!PHOTOS FROM LONDON CAKEINTERNATIONAL 2012PHOTOS FROM BIRMINGHAM CAKEINTERNATIONAL 2011
  52. 52. 52ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012MOST DESIREDTHE HOME MATSized for the HOME decorator. 22" X 22" Works perfect for HOME based cake artistwith more limited work-space - cover up to a 12" cake.THE ONLY FOOD SAFE VINYL FONDANT MAT AVAILABLE - This patent pending 2-mat system is a revolutionary way to roll out and cover cakes with fondant. Use thisFood Safe tool and our method to make a Fondant cake and get professional resultsinstantly!£27.99
  53. 53. 53ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012MOST DESIREDHalf Sphere MouldsSo the contestants on the GBBO really struggled withmaking tea cakes, but actually...I am not sure it is that hard (she says...!!)This mould is only £5.99 from Baked by Me and alsoincludes links to a really handy step by step tutorial,showing you how EASY making tea cakes are!£5.99
  54. 54. 54ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012OFF SHOPPING...Halloween spooky house toppersThese topper come in a range ofsizes and look brilliant on any cake.Sizes include 1.5 inch, 2inch, 7.5inchand 9.8inches.£4.5016 Piece Decorating Tip SetPetal Decorating Tips 61 and 97Writing Tips 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10Basket weave Tips 45 and 48Closed Star Tips 24 and 54Leaf Decorating Tips 74 and 69Open Star Tips 20 and 21.£11.99Double sided cutter setPlain on one side, fluted on the other and all keptneatly together in their own container.48 to 98mm Diameter. (1 7/8" up to 3 7/8"),Set of 6£3.49
  55. 55. 55ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012AMAZING CHOCOLATECAKE RECIPEIngredients• 50 gram(s) cocoa powder(sifted)• 100 gram(s) dark muscovadosugar• 250 ml water (boiling)• 125 gram(s) unsalted butter(soft - (plus some forgreasing))• 150 gram(s) caster sugar• 225 gram(s) plain flour• ½ teaspoon(s) baking powder• ½ teaspoon(s) bicarbonate ofsoda• 2 teaspoon(s) vanilla extract• 2 medium eggsWe asked you to share your bestchocolate cupcake recipes with us andwe tried the Devils Food Cake fromNigella. It worked an absolute treatfor the cupcakes we made so thanksfor letting us know about this recipe!See the full recipe here!Other recipes you told us about thatwe will try soon!Old fashioned chocolate cake from NigellaChocolate mud cake from TWIS WeddingsPrimrose Bakery chocolate cupcakesChocolate Cupcakes from GoodtoKnowChocolate Oreo cupcakes from AmyWritingBrown eyed baker dark chocolate cupcakes
  57. 57. 57ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Gruesome awesomeness from Gillian Bell fromDeadBright Design
  58. 58. 58ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012These comic book cupcakes are the BEST I have seen.Favourite has to be the superman logo, but love thecall out cupcakes too, had to include a close up of thecakes too!Sweetcheeks Cupcakes
  59. 59. 59ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Awesome cake from Het bonte taartje - theattention to detail is amazing!Beautiful hidden design cakes from the amazingCakes and Cookies Cupcake Wrappers
  60. 60. 60ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012This cake deserved its own page as it is soawesome! Wicked Goodies
  61. 61. 61ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012Gorgeous cupcakes with different textures andlots of different techniques used ~ BEAUTIFUL!Vicki’s Cuppa Cakes
  62. 62. 62ISSUE 4 OCTOBER 2012are you following our boards?Cake Masters Boards