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Nest building.docx

  1. 1. Nest Building
  2. 2. I will need my warm scarf and gloves”,He thought. “Now where did I have them last”?
  3. 3. He remembered wearing them when he was talking to his neighbor in the graden last week , so he want outside to look.
  4. 4. He found his scarf and one glove lying on top of the wheelbarrow where he must have put them down.One glove was missing.
  5. 5. He looked all around but could not find the second glove.He stood and watched to see what was happening.A few minutes later a small robin flew down from the top of his hedge and picked up his second glove.
  6. 6. Disappearing into a small hold in the hedge with it. Mr Hatch crept forward to see what the robin wanted with his gloves.He saw that the robin was using them to line its nest to help keep it warm during the winter.
  7. 7. Mr. Hatch needed his gloves just as much,so he wondered if he could find something else that would keep the robin just as warm as his gloves.
  8. 8. The Problem
  9. 9. Cotton wool (n) It is natural or raw state. Ex. I choose the cotton wool to keep the nest warm during the winter
  10. 10. Disappear (V.) to cease to be seen. Ex. The magician can make all of the white rabbits disappear.
  11. 11. Sometimes with irregular past tense verbs you have to change the vowel to make the verb past tense: become give drive forget became gave drove forgot
  12. 12. Simple form verbs: Past tense verbs: walk walked study studied cry cried live lived
  13. 13. Sarah …… me last night visited , visit I went to Jakarta yesterday go , went
  14. 14. 1
  15. 15. 2
  16. 16. 3
  17. 17. 4
  18. 18. 5
  19. 19. Question
  20. 20. Small jars of water represent ‘robin’. The jars will have to be the same shape and size, because it will make the test fair. 1. Make a group of 3 people. 2. Agree on the material that could be keep the warm for the robin (Small jars of water).
  21. 21. 3. Decide how to conduct the test. 4. Warp each robin in the nest and I will give you two minutes for this activity. 5. After that , the robin (jar of water) will check the temperature by thermometers. 6. If a group can keep the highest warm that group is the winner
  22. 22. +_+