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reading skill


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reading skill

  1. 1. Christ of the Abyss (Italian: “Il Cristo degli Abissi”) is a submerged bronze statue of Jesus, of which the original is located in the Mediterranean Sea off San Fruttuoso between Camogli and Portofino on the Italian Riviera. It was placed in the water on 22 August 1954 at approximately 17 metres depth, and stands c. 2.5 metres tall. Various other casts of the statue are located in other places worldwide, both underwater and in churches and museums. The sculpture was created by Guido Galletti after an idea of Italian diver Duilio Marcante. The statue was placed near the spot where Dario Gonzatti died in 1947. He was the first Italian to use SCUBA gear. It depicts Christ in a pose offering a blessing of peace. His hands and head are raised toward the surface (or the sky, when positioned
  2. 2. The abandoned Wonderland Amusement Park outside Beijing, China Wonderland is an abandoned amusement park construction project located in Chenzhuang Village, Nankou Town, Changping District, People’s Republic of China, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) outside of Beijing. Originally proposed by the Thailand based property developer Reignwood Group, and designed to be the largest amusement park in Asia (to have covered 120 acres (49 ha), construction stopped in 1998 following financial problems with local officials, while a 2008 attempt to start construction again also failed. The site, which features a number of abandoned buildings, is being reclaimed by local farmers.
  3. 3. Pripyat, Ukraine Pripyat (Ukrainian) is a ghost town near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, part of Kiev Oblast (province) of northern Ukraine, near the border with Belarus. Pripyat, is an abandoned city in the zone of alienation in northern Ukraine, Kiev Oblast, near the border with Belarus. It was home to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant workers. The city was abandoned in 1986 following Chernobyl disaster. Its population had been around 50,000 prior to the accident. The Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear reactor accident in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Soviet Union. It is considered to be the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history and the only level 7 instance on the International Nuclear Event Scale. It resulted in a severe release of radioactivity into the environment following a massive power excursion which destroyed the reactor. Two people died in the initial steam explosion, but most deaths from the accident were attributed to radiation.
  4. 4. Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert Kolmanskop is a ghost town in the Namib desert in southern Namibia, a few kilometres inland from the port town of Lüderitz. It was named after a transport driver named Johnny Coleman who, during a sand storm, abandoned his ox wagon on a small incline opposite the settlement.Once a small but very rich mining village, it is now a popular tourist destination run by the joint firm NamDeb (Namibia-De Beers). Once driven by the enormous wealth of the first diamond miners, the residents built the village in the architectural style of a German town, with amenities and institutions including a hospital, ballroom, power station, school, skittle-alley, theater and sport-hall, casino, ice factory and the first x-ray-station in the southern hemisphere, as well as the first tram in Africa.
  5. 5. Look for the puzzle 1. Make a group of 4 people. 2. Read the passage that you get form teacher carefully. 3. Look for the puzzle for answer the questions that show in power point.
  6. 6. 1. Which place that you got? 2. Where is it located? 3. How is it important? 4. Can you give another information
  7. 7. Look for the puzzle 1. a group a people 1. MakeMakeof 3 group of 4 people. 2. Search in the internet about your favorite place. 2. Read the passage that you 3. Writeget form teacher in your own word. 4. carefully. 3. Look for the puzzle for Make 3 questions about the place. answer the 5. Then post on facebook. questions that show in power point. 6. I will open the passage that you write and you have to read and answer the questions together.