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Unethical powerpoint


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unethical advertising

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Unethical powerpoint

  1. 1. Unethical Advertising Jack Walker
  2. 2. The Flaw in Cigarette Advertising • There product is an absolute health hazard which makes every advertisement for the product a flawed one • That leads to innumerable health issues such as • Cancers, Heart Issues Lung Issues, mood problems, and addiction to name a few
  3. 3. The Slogan “ I don’t let anything get in the way of my enjoyment” What is the company’s definition of enjoyment Enjoyment to most is engaging in a healthy fun activity, does something that gives you cancer give you enjoyment? Man Power!
  4. 4. Sex Sells • This advertisement clearly tries to persuade the reader with sex appeal • For the woman reader it appeals to them because the activity the attractive man is something that they would want to be apart of • For men it is appealing because they see this handsome masculine man ,who clearly seems to be enjoying himself, that is something they may aspire to be
  5. 5. Possible Other Appeals • Here in the picture the man is wearing a gold chain that is commonly worn on individuals that represent the Christian faith • This may set off a subsconious reaction in the christian readers head that has them relate to the advertisement • Also the green environment appeal