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Vendemore WorkShop - A more efficient content marketing 2014


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How to prepare for a more efficient content marketing 2014? Vendemore, the leader in targeted digital B2B marketing and Feverpitch, not an agency - but a lead factory. A pragmatic one stop-shop for content marketing, invited Vendemore customers to a workshop on Content Marketing. This is the presentation that kick-started the workshop.

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Vendemore WorkShop - A more efficient content marketing 2014

  1. 1. Succeeding with content marketing 2014?
  2. 2. Agenda: THE PLAYINGFIELD What is content marketing? Why is it happening? The basic 8 principles? THE CONTENT FACTORY What is ”good” content? Content without distribution? How organize to produce? My case! Group discussion
  4. 4. Björn Borg
  5. 5. Marketing and sales are starting to feel some serious pain. Let’s look at some symtoms…
  6. 6. ”Decision groups bigger!” ”Media landscape fragmenting!” ”Sales cycles longer!” ”Search-beforebuy has doubled!” ”Margins are pressured!” ”More search options!” ”We are not getting in early..!” ”Search declines as traffic driver!” ”We are not getting in. Period!” ”People don’t trust companies!” ”Awesome as a tactic is broken!” > CSO > CMO
  7. 7. 2013 Birth of the ’blind pipeline’
  8. 8. Blind pipeline THE BAD NEWS ”We are almost flying blind in the first 60 % - 70 % of the pipeline. And that’s the pipeline leading up what make up our revenue today!” 60 -70 % of buyers journey without contact     Unaware Problem noticed… MARKETiNG   Define problem…     Seek advice Define needs Identify providers Evaluate providers Nego&ate   deal   SALES   THE GOOD NEWS ”This is a tremendous opportunity to meet the buyers need for good content early. Everytime we provide good content we build trust and they are listening to us, not to our competitors...”
  9. 9. If content marketing is our bet…
  10. 10. …what basic principles will improve our game?
  11. 11. 8 basic principles of content marketing 1  Not reaching them early - will kill our business 2  Find ways to earn their trust – in an era where trust is scarce 3  Top of mind – marketing by ”awesome and interuption” is expensive (if not using targeting) and at the same time fails as a trustbuilder (if traditional image advertising) 4  Helping out by truly useful content works. It positions us as a social and competent helper early in the process. Customer empathy – the keyword to remember. 5  Content as branding. If a brand is a promise – then content is a way to deliver before the promise is even made 6  We need to have a powerful distribution tactic. We have to maximise the reach of our content. Via outbound, pipeline marketing, searchability, social, social selling 7  One key victory is the ”waterhole–victory”. They see us as an important information resource and return to drink… 8  Do not drown in beautiful concepts and systems – build ’1-2-3s loops’ that are repeatable
  12. 12. What door leads to good content marketing? ☐ Marketing automation? ♥ Social business? ♠ Black-hat practices?
  13. 13. KPI:s. Key performance indicators. What makes sense to measure? 1.  Consumtion – Why? - The more time they spend with us they spend on us… 2.  Advocacy & Sharing – Why? - This is a quality and reach metric… 3.  Leadgeneration – Why? - Indicates marketings ability to fulfil mission to generate leads 4.  Sales – Why? - Since it focuses of the ”end-game”of the process 5.  Content production cadence – Why? – There is a niche opportunity out there…
  14. 14. 3 keys Three keys to success – all equally important 1.Strategy 2. Content 3.Distribution
  16. 16. The important HOW’s of content marketing
  17. 17. Resultat
  18. 18. Case – hur? Wenell •  Video •  Short situational how-to’s from Wenell’s experts •  Customer Interviews •  Event interviews with thoughtleaders •  Soundcloud (audio + podcasts) •  Blogposts (2 per week at minimum) •  Self-assesment test (exempel på pdf) •  Infographics •  Linkedin company page + groups •  Guides •  (Facebook page) •  (Twitter) •  (g+) •  Updating images •  Mobile site
  19. 19. Exempel
  20. 20. Exempel
  21. 21. Who are they Questions: 1  Defining the decision table 2  Business Modell Canvas – What do they - Think/Feel + See + Hear + Say/Do 3  Business pains & Personal pains 4  Focus for our company short term and long term? The imperfect first iteration made in 40 minutes on a white board, always beats the perfect exercise that  is  not  completed…
  22. 22. Empathy 1  What is empathy? The intent to really understand another human and then let that understanding guide our actions… 2  What bearing does empathy have on our content marketing? It helps us choose what to produce, in what formats… We humans feel when someone shows us empathy. Content is an action where we disclose that intent early. Should we – or can we even - fake it?
  23. 23. Question list First iteration 1  10-20 key questions 2  Verify against – hypothesis of who they are and what drives them A list accessible to the both sales & marketing with the key questions from customers – then we simply need to answer…
  24. 24. Formats Decide on 1-3 main formats. Think of them as “buckets”. Pour your answers into these “buckets”… •  Video •  Podcast •  White-paper or guides •  Infographic •  Instructographics •  Blogposts •  Client cases •  eBook pdf:s
  25. 25. Distribution Have a robust distribution strategy in place •  Think “buckets” again – this time for distribution •  The “search bucket”. Optimize for search (e.g. video title matches google search term, have transcripts under video to catch traffic) •  The “pipeline marketing bucket” – targeting selected companies with your content on hundred thousands websites with Vendemore; video ads, article ads, survey ads •  The “social sharing bucket” – share on multiple social networks via tools such as buffer™. Then have a process for “de luxe posts” on your 1-2 main networks •  The “marketing automation bucket” - have a landing page/form on webpage logic set up to distribute content to identified leads •  The “website bucket” – a good website that makes finding your content easy is critical
  26. 26. Distribution
  27. 27. Distribution Inbound/Web - Content Podcast Twitter Pipeline Marketing Slideshare Marketing automation S E A R C H LinkedIn Without a the right tools for distribution all investments are wasted
  28. 28. Publishing Your company’s experts and their knowledge are the new rockstars. Not the advertising agency. Fast cadence publishing. Reusable formats. Evergreen content. Always on. Not campaigns once in a while. Much like a newsdesk, but other content… Helping out - making sense of the stuff – educating - inspiring…
  29. 29. Versioning A video interview can be versioned and re-used as a: •  podcast (sound) •  transcript (unedited text from video for reading and SEO) •  shorter versions of longer interview (for convenience and more social posts) •  Used as editorial piece (edited text for pdf) •  checklist with tips (text on website or pdf)
  30. 30. Hej! Add me on Linkedin or simply email me:
  31. 31. Curation “Online curating is very much like the curating done in a museum, etc. The curator picks and chooses what he/she thinks would be best for the website and its audience. More specifically, choosing content for your visitors.” - Faisal Khan, Payments Ninja! On Quora Your content 30 % Others content Your total content offer 70 % 100 %
  32. 32. Measuring The purpose of measuring is verify why things work and eliminate waste Think LEAN start-up, LEAN manufacturing… This requires simple short experiments that deliver outcomes. This is what we call 1-2-3’s Simple tools like Google Analytics, Linkedin Pages Analytics, YouTube Analytics…And as you proceed stats from your marketing automation provider, email-provider, landing page provider…
  33. 33. definition Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. This information can be presented in a variety of formats, including news, video, white papers, e-books, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, etc. Content marketing is focused not on selling, but on simply communicating with customers and prospects. The idea is to inspire business and loyalty from buyers by delivering "consistent, ongoing valuable information” Source - Wikipedia
  34. 34. Words to watch Formats Quality/Value Useful vs. Awesome Distribution Pipeline Marketing Outbound/Inbound Viral vs. Targeting Channels Inbound marketing solutions Social Search vs. Search vs. Search vs. Social…and Search vs. Content…aawwghhh… Frame of mind/Friend of Mine/Top of Mind Big Data Mobile Device behavior & content consumption