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  1. 1. You need to know where you’ve come from… ● 2012 sees the 100th anniversary of Harry McCann opening his first office on Broadway, NYC ● Harry had a remarkable rise from bellboy to global ad guru in less than 20 years ● By the late 20th Century, his company had become the largest agency in the world ● Along the way, McCann created some of the industry’s most memorable campaign lines for some of the world’s most famous brands… Put a tiger in your tank The real thing Because you’re worth it Priceless
  2. 2. Truth Well Told ● Harry McCann’s success was built on a clear creative philosophy… ● It was all about basing creativity on real information gathered through research ● It meant getting to the truth about a product - something consumers could believe in ● He summed the philosophy up in three succinct words: ● Trademarked in 1920, those three little words became the best-known agency tagline ever ● And they’re as relevant now as they were then