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The future


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student presentations about life in the future

Published in: Lifestyle
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The future

  1. 1. THE FUTURE
  2. 2. My name is Ivan. HELLO! 
  3. 3. I live in Hložany.Hložany is a small town.
  4. 4. But I have got live in Paris. 
  5. 5. Paris is the capital and most populous city of France. 
  6. 6. My house in Paris has ten floors and hundred rooms. In my room I have got a very big TV and big bed.
  7. 7. In my garden I have got a big pool.
  8. 8. I also have a small garden of flowers.
  9. 9. In my free time I listen to music and play football.
  10. 10. In Paris I have got wichader Karim Benzema.
  11. 11. And it would be very nice my future . 