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  1. 1. NHS health campaign
  2. 2. Target audience • The primary target audience for this campaign is 16–20-year old's • 16–18-year-olds saw the biggest increase in social media use in the past year, with over 12 minutes more on average per day than the previous year. • We know young people are big users of social media - 97% in our recent survey use Facebook and 45% are on Twitter. • Social media and other media can influence the decisions that pre-teens and teenagers make about their health and lifestyle. For example, media messages and content can make it look ‘normal’, cool or grown-up to eat junk food, smoke, vape, drink alcohol and take other drugs. • Adults aged between 18 to 34 are most likely to follow a brand on social media, with 95% of them doing so.
  3. 3. Target audience self-collected research 15 responses 16: 40% 17: 26.7% 18: 26.7%
  4. 4. Analysis of results From the 15 responses 66.7% of people said they drank alcohol with most people saying they drank for fun suggesting that even though there are risks the temporary joy outweighs the risks for them therefore in my campaign advertisement it may be beneficial to highlight the risks of consuming alcohol when you are only a teenager. From the 15 responses 80% say that they either do live an active lifestyle or try to live an act lifestyle with a main reason as to why they don’t exercise due to lack of motivation therefore in my campaign I need to use motivational language and imagery similar to the This Girl Can campaign to effectively engage and entertain my target audience.
  5. 5. Audience profile Running 1.5m Cycling 979k Football 866k Swimming 583k Climbing 455k Badminton 235k Boxing 218k Tennis 205k Number of people participating in that sport
  6. 6. Psychographics Psychographics is the qualitative methodology of studying consumers based on psychological characteristics and traits such as values, desires, goals, interests, and lifestyle choices. Mainstreamers Potential target audience Seek security tend to be domestic conformist conventional sentimental –favor value for money family brands nearly always the largest group Aspirers Target audience Seek status materialistic acquisitive orientated to image and appearance persona and fashion attractive packaging more important contents typically younger people clerical and sales jobs. Succeeders Seek control strong goals confidence work ethic and organisation supports stability brand choice based on self-reward and quality typically higher management and professionals Resigned Seek survival rigid and authoritarian values interested in the past and tradition brand choice stresses safety familiarity and economy typically older people Explorers Target audience Seeks discovery energy and individualism and experience values difference and adventure brand choice highlights satisfaction and instant effect the first to try new brands younger demographic usually students. Strugglers Potential target audience Seeks escape alienated disorganised few resources beyond physical skills brand choice involves impact and sensation buys alcohol junk food lottery tickets Reformers Seeks enlightenment freedom of restrictions and personal growth social awareness and independent judgement anti-materialistic but aware of good taste has attended higher education and selects products for quality
  7. 7. Demographics My target audience is 16 –20-year old's meaning they are still in education or have recently left education in the brief there is no specific gender, socio economic status, religion, family life cycle or income requirements to target my product and content towards therefore it only must meet the audience profile and demographic of 16–20-year old's.
  8. 8. The NHS client research • The NHS stands for the National Health Service. It refers to the Government-funded medical and health care services that everyone living in the UK can use without being asked to pay the full cost of the service. These services include: • Visiting a doctor or a nurse at a doctor’s surgery • Getting help and treatment at a hospital if you are unwell or injured • Seeing a midwife if you are pregnant • Getting urgent help from healthcare professionals working in the ambulance services if you have serious or life-threatening injuries or health problems - this might include being transported to hospital
  9. 9. Client research-nhs From the website • Kickstart your health • Healthy changes start with little changes. Whether you want to lose weight, get active or quit smoking, Better Health is here with lots of free tools and support. You can also find simple ways to lift your mood with Every Mind Matters. • There has never been a better time to kickstart your health. Let's do this!
  10. 10. Promotional material Direct images from the website with the four different focus areas of the campaign Apps recommended by the nhs to support the target audience of their campaigns
  11. 11. Previous NHS or NHS supported campaigns
  12. 12. Previous NHS campaign • Act F.A.S.T campaign • The act fast campaign targets everyone to be able to recognize the signs of a stroke and call an ambulance when one or more of these signs are present • This campaign was carried out on all major platforms of media such as tv adverts radio advertisements and posters. • The information was presented in a short sharp direct way using an anagram to make it easier to remember and recognize for the public • This may be useful for my campaign to get the message across directly and for the target audience to remember it jogging their memory to stay on track.
  13. 13. Previous NHS campaign • Help us Help you campaign • This campaign was designed to keep accident and emergency departments quieter to allow real emergencies and major illness and injury be seen quicker advertising that people can go to a pharmacist before going to accident and emergency. • This campaign uses a dramatized old Hollywood horror genre style genre to reinforce their message • The reference to movies suggests that it is made up and the complaint they have is not urgent however is made to seem worse reinforced by the line ,"take the drama out of minor illness, see a pharmacist" • This campaign mainly used posters as its promotional material but also had some tv adverts in the same animated old Hollywood horror genre style. • This may be a strategy to use in my campaign to reinforce my message.
  14. 14. Quit smoking-from the NHS • Download the free NHS Quit Smoking app • Use the NHS Quit Smoking app to help you quit smoking and start breathing easier. • The app allows you to: • track your progress • see how much you're saving • get daily support • If you can make it to 28 days smoke-free, you're 5 times more likely to quit for good!
  15. 15. Smoking analysis for 16–20-year old's We can make smoking history by 2030 The clock is ticking – every day in England 280 children start smoking. That’s 343,109 since the UK Government announced its ambition for England to be smokefree by 2030. This statistic suggests that even though they know the dangers children are choosing to smoke therefore there are more people in the target age range more likely to be smoking if they have smoked from a young age however based on the OPN, 14.5% of people aged 16 years and over in Great Britain said they currently smoked in 2020, a decrease from 15.8% in 2019. Therefore, this may not be a target for my campaign as there are already decreases in the amount of people who smoke and many other campaigns such as Stoptober from Public Health England deal with the issue of people smoking and have helped over 2 million people attempt to quit.
  16. 16. Stop drinking-from the NHS • Drink less • Cutting back on the booze can be an effective way to improve your health, boost your energy, lose weight and save money. • Any reduction in the amount you drink every week will be beneficial – and with the right help, it's easier than you think. • We have some simple tips and tools to help you start cutting down today. Let's do this! • Download the Drink Free Days app • Feel healthier, lose weight and save money by picking your days to go drink-free. • One simple way to cut down is to have at least a few drink-free days every week, so choose yours and get practical support to stick with it. • With the app you can: • update and track your drink-free days • get simple and practical tips to help you control your drinking • receive reminders when you need it most • celebrate milestones
  17. 17. Alcohol analysis for 16-20-year old's Mean number of alcohol units consumed per week in England 2019 by gender and age According to these statistics from the age range of 16–24-year-old consume the least amount of alcohol apart from people 75+. The effect of alcohol for 16 – 24-year old's can have devastating consequences for example , 21% of deaths in males and 9% of deaths in females have been attributed to alcohol consumption. With 4% of 16 – 24-year-old men drinking more than 50 units a week and 3% of women aged 16 – 24 drinking more than 35 units a week putting themselves at risk of alcohol dependency, mental and behavioral problems and long- term health risks such as liver disease. This can affect them for the rest of their life therefore reducing alcohol consumption at a younger age can not only have short term benefits but long-term benefits lowering the risk of long-term damage to health such as cancer and liver disease. Therefore, I have selected this as one of my advertisement campaigns aimed at 16–24-year old's. Statistics taken from
  18. 18. Lose weight-from the NHS Download the free NHS Weight Loss Plan Download the free NHS Weight Loss Plan to help you start healthier eating habits, be more active, and start losing weight. The plan is broken down into 12 weeks so you can: set weight loss goals use the BMI calculator to customise your plan plan your meals make healthier food choices get more active and burn more calories record your activity and progress Don't worry, the app makes it easy for you – just take it one week at a time. Let's make "one day" today!
  19. 19. Weight analysis for 16–20-year old's • In the year to November 2019, 62.3% of adults (people aged 18 and over) were overweight or • According to this survey from the NHS around 37% of people aged 16-24 are overweight or obese however this is the smallest percentage of people who are therefore this may not be the target for my campaign as it is aimed at 16-20 year olds therefore it may not be as effective to choose tis for the target audience as there is already the existing advertisements for the most affected demographic of Percentage of people overweight and obese 16-24 :37% 25-34 :58% 35-44 :64% 45-54 :73% 55-64 :73% 65-74 :75% 75+ :71%
  20. 20. Get active-from the NHS • It's the perfect time to get active. No matter how much you do, physical activity is good for your body and mind. Adults should aim to be active every day. Some is good – more is better still. • A daily brisk walk can give your body a boost, lift your mood and make everyday activities easier. • Try these tools, tips and special offers to move more every day.
  21. 21. Get active Analysis for 16–20-year old's • From the 15 responses including 16,17 and 18 year olds 80% say that they either do live an active lifestyle or try to live an act lifestyle with a main reason as to why they don’t exercise due to lack of motivation therefore in my campaign I need to use motivational language and imagery like the This Girl Can campaign to effectively engage and entertain my target audience.
  22. 22. This Girl Can • This Girl Can-No one gets to choose how you exercise other than you. Your body, your call. And whatever that looks like, we think it’s worth celebrating. This Girl Can, funded by The National Lottery, believes that there’s no “right” way to get active. However, you jiggle, kick, lift, stretch, or sprint, it’s time to get moving how you damn please. • This girl can is an empowerment campaign • Its aim is to empower women to get back into sport and give them the confidence. • This girl can campaign was highly successful in its campaign using everyday people to promote their campaign with catchy and memorable slogans and catchphrases to back up their campaign.
  23. 23. Analysis of This Girl Can • The This Girl Can empowerment campaign is not only impactful but inspirational with an aim to get women back into sport • The campaign uses real life examples that defy stereotypes and beauty and societal standards of what a woman should be challenging the theories of Laura Mulvey and Liesbet Van Zoonen • The This Girl Can campaign uses a variety of real-life women of all ethnicity races size age and religion to show that anyone can do what they are doing motivating their audience to get active along with the inclusion of inspirational slogans and mantras layered on top of the images to reinforce the message. • The campaign also defies the stereotypes of a woman in sport showing that women can play sports and play them well just as good as men when previously sport was a patriarchal stereotype of those who could afford to play them.
  24. 24. The most popular tv advertisement of all time This popular ad fired on all cylinders – it was intelligent, original, and above all, daring. Customers flooded electronics stores, going on to purchase $155 million worth of Macintosh computers three months after the ad debuted.- In this advertisement a woman is shown defeating a brain washing machine by throwing a hammer which is stereotypically a man's event at the olympics showing that women can do the same as men and succeed when everyone else is brainwashed into thinking a certain way this advertisement shows that women can challenge and break stereotypes that face them just like she broke the brainwashing machine that all the me conformed to.This advertisement reverses the role of character according to Vladmir Propps character theory and gender stereotypes making the women save the man when usually it is other way around empowering women of the age. The advertisement was directed by ridely scott known for gladiator and aliens with a scarcely dressed woman reinforcing Laura Mulvey male gaze theory. It also refers to George Orwell's 1984 therefore reinforcing the popularity of the advertisement as if audiences like the book or George Orwell then they may like the advertisement as it brings the theme of the book to like and almost changes the book into a visual representation making the advertisement almost into a short film. This may be a theme I could explore and develop for my own advertisement given the popularity of this advertisement with audiences. APPLE 1984
  25. 25. Current advertisements for the campaign
  26. 26. • Current products for the campaign are extremely colourful using bright blues, pinks, yellows and greens as their main colours drawing the eye of the audience to the advertisements . • For the most part the posters use real life people and examples showing them in the middle of their own journey or just starting out . • This can allow the audience to see themselves in the posters due to wide range of representation almost motivating them to give it a try as if someone who looks like them can why can't they. • However, for the quit smoking section of the campaign it uses flowers and living life to represent the lungs and what can happen to them in a less gruesome way than showing real lungs. • Eventhough real lungs are not used within the campaign it is still impactful enough to get the message of the campaign across with one side of the lungs being filled with colour beauty and life whilst the other side is barren bare and dead almost a reflection on a smoker's life such as if you stop smoking the flowers will grow back and your health will improve allowing you to live a happy long life however if you start to smoke or continue to smoke your lungs and health will deteriorate like dying flowers eventually making your life barren bare and unhappy. Analysis of current campaign products

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