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4thto5th parent powerpoint 2014


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Presentation shared with incoming 5th grade families on 4th to 5th information night.

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4thto5th parent powerpoint 2014

  1. 1. TimberviewMiddle School4thto 5thGradeParent Information
  2. 2. TMS Administration• Carrie Jackson, Principal• Ashlee Ely, Assistant Principal (A-K)• David Wright, Assistant Principal (L-Z)• Kristin Lorton, 5th/7thCounselor• Madeleine Clement, 6th/ 8th
  3. 3. TMS TIMES:
  4. 4. TMS 5thgradeTeams• 5thgraders will be placed onteams of 2 teachers.• Teachers will rotate ½ waythrough the day with theirstudents.
  5. 5. 5thGrade School SupplyList
  6. 6. Ed Zone Lunch
  7. 7. Current Lunch Price:$2.35 for 5thGradeTo receive aComplete lunch forthat price, you mustpurchase:1 EntréeAdditional snacks/drinks are an extracharge
  8. 8. Lockers
  9. 9. Attendance• There is an attendance change in5thgrade from elementary school!• Attendance is taken every period(8x throughout the day)• If your student leaves early/arrives late, he/she will becounted absent for those periods.
  10. 10. 5thElectives• 5thgraders do not select their electives (thishappens in 6th). They will rotate throughvaried elective choices.• Sample elective schedule:Even Days: PEOdd Days: (1-2) 6 weeks: Art(2-3) 6 weeks: Music(4-5) 6 weeks: Drama/Tech(TBD)
  11. 11. TMS Website
  12. 12. ResidencyVerificationAugust 6th: 7am-1pmAugust 7th: 1pm-7pmPlan to bring:•Driver’s License•Current Utility Bill (water, gas, or electric billof last 30 days OR•Lease Agreement or Purchase ContractIf student is BRAND NEW to KISD,additional information is alsorequired.
  13. 13. Incoming 5thgrade HawkCamp• August 7, 2013 9:00-12:00• Learn about all things TMS!• Campus expectations/ School tours• Team building• Technology usage: Apple technology,saving documents, proper internet use• More information to come.
  14. 14. 5thGrade Schedules
  15. 15. Tonight…What’s next?• Tour TMS: Please note your startingpoint by last name.• One of your stops will be the 5thGradeHallway where you will have anopportunity to view student worksamples and meet some of our 5thgradeteachers.• Pre-order Student Agendas and TMS T-shirts at a table in the hallway behindthe cafeteria. Orders will be ready to
  16. 16. THANK YOU forcoming tonight!