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Parent introduction 2013


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Published in: Education
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Parent introduction 2013

  1. 1. Home Group Riccardo Rosadoni Prince 2
  2. 2. Welcome • Welcome to new students and parents • Head of House » Amy Trewartha • P2 Home Group Captain » Charlie Bampton
  3. 3. Our Roles Home Group Captain • Organise House activities • Encourage involvement in House activities • Assist with various other House activities such as fund raising • Has a leading role on House days like the Swimming Carnival Home Group Teacher • School ‘parent’ for a group of students through the middle years • Help with issues and problems • Assist with organisation and adherence to school rules • Assists with goal setting and achievement • Monitor involvement with school activities and school life • First point of contact for parents Head of House • Ongoing or serious issues • Provides structure for House activities • Behaviour support and serious welfare issues
  4. 4. House Competitions House Activities Shield • Friday Lunchtime Activities » Sport (Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Indoor Hockey, Table Tennis, Softball, Cricket, Netball, Handball) » Chess » Music » Debating » Drama » Quizes • Swimming Carnival (Friday wk4) • Athletics Day (Tuesday wk8) House Academic Shield • School reports WOW (Wipe Out Waste) Competition
  5. 5. House Notice Board • House Program • House Activities Nominations • Daily Bulletin • Homework Schedule • Other Information (eg. Overdue books)
  6. 6. Diaries • Issue Diaries • Information in the diary. • Do not cover diary, place stickers on or in it, or graffiti it in any way. • Parent Signature every week, checked each Thursday (for the previous week). • Students & Parents to read front of diary. • Homework Schedule written in. Daily Planner (p37) for organising time outside of school hours. • Movement Page (133/134), Personal Resume, Music Tuition Timetable, Lesson Times, Timetable (plastic sleeve)
  7. 7. Timetables • Issue Timetables • Codes? • Any blanks? (Yr 7’s have 3 blank due to LOTE) • Any questions? • Timetables placed into diary sleeve
  8. 8. Absence • If a student is late due to planned events (like a dental appointment) or family reasons (like bad traffic), they need to sign in to school at the Middle School office and present a dated and signed diary note from parents to class teachers and Home Group teacher. • If a student needs to leave school early they need to present the Home Group teacher with a dated diary note outlining why they need to leave early. When they are due to leave they will need to present the note to their teacher and then sign out through the Middle School office. • If a student is absent due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness please call the school prior to 8.35am (8278 0214). A diary note should also be written and presented to the Home Group teacher. This will also help make teachers aware of absences and reasons and help minimise negative impact on school work. • For planned absences such as family holidays please let the school know by phone and diary note well in advance of the absence. Sending me an email will help to ensure that disruption to class work is minimised. Continuous absences of one week or more require an ‘Extended leave of absence’ form to be completed and provided to the principal (government regulations) and can be downloaded from our website.
  9. 9. Punctuality • Home Group starts at 8.30am • Second bell at 8.35am • After 8.35am student is recorded as late • More information in the diary
  10. 10. Buddy System • Introduce Buddy to new students • Get to know buddy • Help • Teach School Expectations • House Procedures • Organise meeting times especially in breaks
  11. 11. Buddies • Joshua Carey – Eamon Lambert • Max Fisher – Charlie Parton • Liam Wrzeszczynski – Lachlan Matthews • Kara Ballard – Alice Matters • Millie Hopton – Jess Bell • Bethany Laycock – Hallie Stewardson • Jack Morton – Dale Riedel • Rita Jeong – Hallie Stewardson • Natalie Whyatt – Catherine Matters • Matt Milham – Leighton Elliot
  12. 12. Locker numbers and locks • Issue locks, check all students have a lock. • Students are responsible for the security of their personal belongings. • Locker is school property and must be properly cared for. Locker checks will occur throughout the year. • If student lock gets lost they will need to purchase a new one for $17. Second hand locks may be available for $5 from the Middle School Office. • Students are NOT permitted to access their lockers during lesson time, or between lessons.
  13. 13. More Information • New students and parents Welcome Drinks (letter) • Boys – no ties for Term 1 • Term One Important Dates • Yr 7 & 9 Camps (Term 1 – Week 6) • Yr 8 Camp (Term 2 – Week 4)
  14. 14. More Information 2 • Sports information booklet (oldest in family) • Eagle out soon • Instrumental lessons, locations, storage • No sport practices in Week 1. Trainings start Week2
  15. 15. Next Wednesday • 8:35 - 9:00 : Home Group • 9:00 - 9:25 : Prince MS House Meeting • 9:30: Assembly • 10:15: Lesson 3 (as normal)
  16. 16. Next Thursday • House Lunch to get to know each other
  17. 17. Term 1 Wednesdays • Finish at 3:25pm • Timetable runs on same times as Monday • Term 2 -4 will finish at 2.55pm due to afternoon sports
  18. 18. School News • The school website is regularly updated with new Newsletters, information on school events and the like. • • Students can also access school files and email from home through Scholaris, via the school Intranet. • Weekly email (tweeter)
  19. 19. Fill & Lock Lockers • Text Books from Library (take timetable) • Fill Locker with Text Books • Lock Locker