Organizational structures


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Continue Unit Two Business Management

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  • Understanding business organization and management is key to knowing how a company is run
  • Any business that employs more than one person needs a managerial plan
  • Most manager begin their career as a company employee and are promoted after they have gained experience and have shown certain qualities
  • Organizational structures

    1. 1. Organizational Structures Business Management Mrs. Walton
    2. 2. Student will be able to: O Explain how businesses organize for management O List three levels of management and compare their responsibilities O Name the four functions of management O Analyze if a managerial position is for you.
    3. 3. Key Terms O Management plan O Organizational chart O Line authority O Centralized organization O Decentralized organization O Departmentalization O Top-level manager O Middle manager O Operational manager
    4. 4. Managerial Structures O Managerial plan divides a company into different departments run by different managers O Organizational chart shows how the business is structured and who is in charge of whom
    5. 5. Authority Line authority – the managers at the top of the line are in charge of those beneath them Centralized organization puts authority on one place, with top management Decentralized organization gives authority to a number of different managers to run their own departments
    6. 6. Structure Departmentalization divides responsibility among specific units or departments
    7. 7. Levels of Management O Top-level managers are responsible for setting goals and planning for the future O Middle manager carry out the decisions of top management O Plant manager O Regional managers O Department heads O Operational managers are responsible for the daily operation of the business
    8. 8. Managerial Functions O Planning and Staffing O Organizing O Leading O Controlling
    9. 9. Manager Qualities O Ability to perform varied activities O Ability to work under pressure O Effective communication O Interpersonal skills O Ability to gather and use information
    10. 10. If you are offered the position there are things to be considered Advantages Disadvantages O Earn more money O Position carries more respect and prestige O Have more authority O Have greater control over your time and how to spend it O Get the blame when things go wrong O Become target for criticism O Pressure to do it right the first time O Relationship with your peer change