communication effective communication controlling moa aoa unpaid seller right of unpaid seller sale and agreement to sale sale agreement to sell better title transfer of property doctrine of caveat emptor risk prima facie warranties conditions and warranties sale of good conditions guarantee surety indemnity holder indemnity lost foods bailor pledge types of bailment bailee pledger right of finder bailment modes of creation of agency agency agency creation create agency executory valid voidable express contract executed implied contract void types of contract features of a contract valid contract essential elements objectives of economic planning 2012- 2017 5 year plan twelfth five year plan five year plan new industrial policy l pg liberalization liberalisation lpg privatisation globalisation process of communication decoding encoding process communication types of mutual funds investment accounting concepts accounting conventions accounting mutual funds tvm ebit eps relationship ebit eps capital stucture structure equity debenture shares capital structure control inflow cash control outflow cash baumol model cash manage cash management management of cash wacc cost of equity cost of capital cost of debentures cost of equity shares cost of preference shares discounting techniques present value factor compounding techniques pvf fayol fayol principles taylor scientific techniques principles of management taylor techniques techniques capital budgeting irr npv capital budgeting pay back period time value of money function management difference between economic growth development economic development economy development economic growth economy growth level management effective control system techniques control features developing economy characterstics indian economy features indian economy 7 c's guidelines communication guideline communication principles communication process of control control incentives motivation decentralisation delegation staffing organising directing planning management
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