classical vision swot matrix environment operant emotional intelligence mbo &mbe partner sole span centralization modern behavioral fayol & weber taylor scientific & administrative social process group activity universal etc. goal oriented conceptual. human technical middle & lower levels top concept definition meaning cost-benefit analysis hris internal & external factors demand for mp & supply of mp stages of career development rra mra hrp 9 cell bcg matrix control. strategy formulation global environment importance porter's five force corporate -business-functional skill inventory hierarchy / levels of strategy mission statement strategic management process external threats & opportunity plans goals mission organizatio group individual cognitive. johari window etc. theories opportunity etop sap strategy types characteristics terminal instrumental vicarious theories & attributions barrier factors participants ob is a field of study support custodial autocratic theories of motivation styles of leadership types & formation stages stress & burnout causes- solutions of confliict positive & negative attitude ob meaning & concept types & stages of group causes of stress & burnout inter-intra-group conflict ideology & + attitude belief
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