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Creative Entrepreneur


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Creative Entrepreneur

  1. 1. CreativeEntrepreneurBusiness Growth Consultant
  2. 2. For those people who are in the entrepreneurship field want to be a successful entrepreneur. But you cannot simply jump into this and expect to startraking in loads of cash. You need patience, hard work and dedication especially if youare a beginner in a entrepreneurship field.And if you are a beginner, be creative. Get the best entrepreneur idea to get you started.
  3. 3. To be a creativeentrepreneur here are some of the creative ideas:
  4. 4. Be UnlimitedThere are lots of people thinking that theycould impossible find a solution to some oftheir problems. These people aresometimes what we called a limitedthinkers. If the newspaper reportssomething then it must be right. If Joe nextdoor says that something is impossible thenhe must be right.
  5. 5. As a small business owner, you cannotafford to be a ‘limited thinker’. You have tobe an ‘unlimited thinker’. Get into the habitof seeing no boundaries; decide that thereare no taboos. Have the belief that with abit of focus you can find a creative solutionto all of your problems. This is thefoundation for a creative thought process.
  6. 6. Be Future-FocusedCreative ideas invariably come when you‘look’ into the future. The feeling ofpropelling yourself forward and seeing theproblem solved is a great motivator. Do youthink you could achieve the same result ifyou were backward focused? I don’t thinkso! Train yourself to be future-focused,always looking ahead and not a traditionalthinker who tries to find answers in today’sworld.
  7. 7. Be a WriterOnce you open your mind to the joys ofcreativity the ideas will quickly startflowing, as if someone has opened the floodgates! Just like flood water, unless youcatch it the ideas are lost forever. Captureall your ideas by carrying a small pocketnotebook with you.
  8. 8. As soon as an idea pops into your mind,write it down. It doesn’t matter howoutlandish it is, you can look at it in the coldlight of day later on. The fact you areresponding to the ideas by noting them willfurther encourage you to be even morecreative – good deeds encourage more gooddeeds!
  9. 9. Be Clutter-FreeIf you are naturally an untidy person, thenget out of the habit! A cluttered office willlead to a cluttered mind. You cannotexpect your brain to work efficiently whenall it’s doing is constantly reminding youhow untidy your office is. To be creativeremove all the clutter from your life andfree your mind.
  10. 10. Be Action-OrientedAll of these points are great, but if you don’ttake any action with your ideas, then youmay as well not have bothered. An idea isnothing but a thought unless you take aspecific action to help bring it to life.Periodically review your notebook and see ifthere are any hidden gems, or ideas whichcan be quickly action. A lot of your ideasmay not suit at all but in there somewhereis probably an idea, which if acted upon,could change you or your business.
  11. 11. It is not that easy to become a successfulentrepreneur especially if you are just newin a business world. But with the whole lotof other qualities like being a hard working, patience, dedication, diligence and haveFaith and Trust in the LORD there is nothing impossible.
  12. 12. You could possibly become a successful entrepreneur. As a creative entrepreneurthe creative ideas mentioned above is such a big help. Business Growth Consultant