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Writing is one of the important skills to be learnt like reading

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Writing is one of the important skills to be learnt like reading

  1. 1. Writing is one of the important skills to be learnt like reading, listening and speaking to have good command over language. It helps the learners much to progress during and after the completion of college and university. This skill is a must to become a successful writer in future in academic as well as creative writing. One starts learning these skills from the early years of one’s education. School is a place where a student learns these language skills. Without language, it is very difficult and almost impossible to understand this complicated world where we live. It is considered that rest three skills are easier to learn than writing. It needs regular practice and revision to get command over writing. Grammar of a particular language, sentence structures, ability to think creatively and critically, knowledge of lexical words and their proper use (diction) play important role to make a good writing. Along with these, persuasive power of the writer with purpose and logic matter most to write a good writing. As one starts learning language formally from school, the role of a language teacher cannot be avoided. The teacher should use four skills of language in a balanced way in a class room. To make the class more interesting, the teacher’s role is to create good learning environment in the class room where students can get enough time to practice all the four skills in the presence of a language teacher who observes the activities of a student without interfering them. Language teacher, being very open, frank and friendly guides the student in homely environment. This gives support to the students to have discussion in a group among them and ask the teacher if they have any confusion during learning language. The class room teaching is not yet student friendly in many parts of the country in Nepal. The image of a language teacher (especially English language teacher) is like an angry bull walking on an open street. Though many teachers have already been trained in Nepal, the teachers teach in the class room ignoring the time consumed by the students. The one-sided lecture is still common in many schools. It does not mean that the teachers are ignorant of the teaching methodologies but they seem careless regarding this. Writing is the skill which is least practiced in class room. The teachers give them homework but the students do not try by themselves rather they copy their homework from one of the friends who is smart and good at language. This, in a long run, makes students unable to write on any topics with full confident. They find uncomfortable in writing as they are not sure of structures, grammar and lexicons. Equally important are the reading, listening and speaking too. If a teacher provides enough time to use language skills while learning language, the students can handle any subjects properly and compete with their colleagues in college, university and work place. In college, most of the students come without text books, hate to listen the lectures but love to write short notes provided by their lecturers. They love to read guides and guess papers from the markets. Finally, they find difficult to write in the exam and blessed with poor results. This
  2. 2. problem can be clearly noticed in Humanities and Education faculties. If language teacher at school had provided sufficient time to students, it would not have been such. Inability to use language skills, preferably writing, hampers student after their higher secondary education. Most of them find it difficult to sit in English language tests like IELTS and TOEFL. They miss the chance they are supposed to get to study abroad, cannot solve essay type questions and some of them cannot write application and free writings to find a good job. They cannot attend job interviews well as they are not good at four language skills. They know it later that a person with good speaking skills has a good market value. Only good readers and listeners are good at writing and speaking skills. In university, students write thesis for successful completion of Masters Degree. Most of the students suffer much to complete their thesis and they are compelled to follow some other easy ways to complete their Masters. Lack of writing skill makes students paralyzed totally. They think wonderful ideas in their mind but cannot present in black and white forms. Many potential emerging writers, poets, novelists and dramatists cannot come on the foreground. They hesitate to write their beautiful ideas and the rest loose the time to read them. If language teachers in schools are honest and teach four skills of language with equal focus, the coming generation will, no doubt, come with their creative writings and help to give nation a new identity.