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Communication skills for teachers of english


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A brief presentation of the communicative skills an English Teacher should have.

Published in: Education
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Communication skills for teachers of english

  1. 1. Communication skills for Teachers of English
  2. 2. What are some communicative skills ? O Using target language effectively O Addressing to someone else correctly O Body language, facial expression O Pitch tone of voice O Intrapersonal skills
  3. 3. The Experience of a succesful Englsih Teacher O “With teachers like these, you can do wonders and produce students who can become powerful communicators” O Teachers are expected to posses excellent communication skills. It is not just important to give a quality lecture but it is more important for the presentation of a lesson or lecture in class.
  4. 4. O Friendly approach to stablish rapport O Motivate and make them speak without fear and shyness O Enthusiasm form the students
  5. 5. Findings O Communication skills are often neglected in schools and colleges O The students have never had an opportunity to take part in group discussions, oral presentations, mock interviews, etc. O Some teachers are no prolific in English O Those teachers who are keen on teaching communication skills have not been trained in the field O Teachers have not heard the term “communicative approach” and are not aware thet they can teach communication skills through literature
  6. 6. Communicative skills Englsih teachers must have O Proficiency in English O Positive motivation O Effective body language O Sense of humor O Interpersonal skills