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Amrop Low Cost High Stakes Motivational Strategies 140116

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Amrop Low Cost High Stakes Motivational Strategies 140116

  1. 1. Amrop Talent Strategy Series Low Cost, High Stakes Motivational Strategies for Hiring and Onboarding By Milena PERVANJE Steffi GANDE
  2. 2. Context Matters: 2 Introduction Low cost, high stakes Motivational strategies for hiring and onboarding The war for leadership talent, combined with pressure on executive compensation packages, is a challenging mix for hiring organizations. Meanwhile, cases of reckless risk-taking driven by dysfunctional motivation have badly damaged the reputation of many top managers and with them, the organizations with whose leadership they were entrusted. This kind of risk-taking is considered by many to be a root cause of the economic crisis – one that has led to a re-thinking of senior executive compensation. Contents
  3. 3. Executive Summary Promote autonomy: Keep it individual: Create strategic space: Use imagination: Exercise tolerance: Give fresh hope: Performance Management: Feedback Organizational Strategy: Passing it On: Sovereign or Servant?
  4. 4. Context Matters: 4 Low cost, high stakes Motivational strategies for hiring and onboarding An established but struggling telecoms player is under pressure. The position of Global Vice President of Marketing must be filled in weeks. Two final candidates have been shortlisted. Yet the financial compensation package – already a stretch for the organization - is uncompetitive.
  5. 5. Context Matters: 5 Building a Motivational Platform – The Research Context
  6. 6. Context Matters: 6 “To be self- determined is to endorse one’s actions at the highest level of reflection. When self- determined, people experience a sense of freedom to do what is interesting, personally important, and vitalizing.” Group one Group two Intrinsic Motivation – Fertile Ground
  7. 7. Context Matters: 7 Early beginnings
  8. 8. Context Matters: 8 Of Orange Juice and Race Tracks I just got in, hear me out
  9. 9. Context Matters: 9 Down to Business 6 Keys to Intrinsic Motivation 1 Promote autonomy. 2 Keep it individual. 3 Create strategic space. 4 Use imagination. 5 Exercise tolerance. 6 Give fresh hope.
  10. 10. Context Matters: 10 7 Performance Management Key question 5 Further Levers for Recruitment and Onboarding Performance Management Practices – Greener Grass?
  11. 11. Context Matters: 11 8 Feedback Key questions Feedback – Rising Importance
  12. 12. Context Matters: 12 9 Organizational Strategy Key Questions Organizational Strategy – When Words Are Not Enough
  13. 13. Context Matters: 13 10 Motivating Others Key Question Passing It On – Motivating Others
  14. 14. Context Matters: 14 11 Sovereign or Servant? Key questions Sovereign or Servant? The Ultimate Checkpoint Sovereign style: Servant style:
  15. 15. Context Matters: 15 Conclusion Sources
  16. 16. Context Matters: 16 About Amrop

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