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Nicole Williams Paralegal Resume No Header Gray Rust Nov16 COPY

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Nicole Williams Paralegal Resume No Header Gray Rust Nov16 COPY

  1. 1. 1 Nicole Williams 43 Doranne Ct., Smyrna, Georgia 30080 Phone: (678) 923-9638 | e-mail: SUMMARY A certified paralegal with 8 years of corporate and paralegal experience and high levels of administrative competence, and proficiency in legal terminology, seeking opportunities to apply skills in intellectual property and civillitigation. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Gray, Rust, St. Amand, Moffett& Brieske,LLP November 2016-Present Legal Assistant/Paralegal Responsibilities:  Draft new filememorandums  E-filepleadings through Odyssey, PeachCourt and U.S. DistrictCourt ECF systems  Proofreadmotions, answers and other pleadings  DocketState Court, Superior Court and District Court case deadlines  Correspond with clerks of court  Locate relevant statutes  Draft correspondence  Schedule mediations Achievements: Streamline the flow of cases and assist in expediting settlement. DownsLaw, LLC March 2016-November 2016 Paralegal Responsibilities:  Firm’s point of contactfor new clients  Assisted in obtaining over $1,200,000 in judgments  Review contracts and draft complaints accordingly  Draft pleadings and documents and file in court/arrange forfiling in several counties  Prepare and file garnishments in court  Prepare discovery  Research the most efficientmethods forService of Process  Draft correspondence to clients, courts and judges  Call judges’ chambers to set hearing dates  Call court;ascertain procedure for domesticating a foreign judgment, prepare forms and file at court  Monitor litigation  Calculate tenant holdovers  Odyssey e-filing Achievements: Land new clients, achieving Firm growthand client satisfaction. TravelersIndemnityInsurance Corporation November 2015-December 2015 Dodson&Associates
  2. 2. 2 Contract Legal Assistant Responsibilities: Handled new cases by:  Prepare Non-Party Requests forProductionof Documents and Serve in Liability and Worker’s Compensation cases  Obtain Health Care Providerand Worker’s Compensation Records  Docketcourt deadlines and calendar follow-upon discovery requests  Utilize Subpoenas for Federal Court  Creating Case Information Sheets and New Matter Intake  Prepare Mail Merges using MicrosoftAccess  Liaison forAttorneys  Paperless Office Achievements: Facilitated the flow of cases. SynergyAmerica,Inc. Atlanta, GA March 2015-May 2015 Freelance Paralegal Responsibilities: Discoverthe best strategy forthe client.  Performlegal research answering questions regarding: PTAB, contracts and data security  Locate case law, relevant federal code and articles; identify and retrieve information necessary to support legal decision-making. Create Table of Authorities in report  Review articles and case law to concludethe strength or weakness in legal arguments Achievements: Define parameters forthe most effectiveuse of contractsand alert client to areas of law that are new, evolving,and remain undecided, providing less risk forthe client. HeningerGarrisonDavis,LLC Atlanta, GA January 2013-July 2014 Paralegal/Legal Assistant Supported intellectual strategy and litigation practice in a technology driven marketplace. Responsibilities:  Monitored over 70 patent infringement litigation cases and supported 8 attorneys in 21 jurisdictions including attorney admissions, Pro Hac Vice,mediations and settlements  Drafted discovery responses, filed motions, notices of appearance in 21 jurisdictions. Filed complaints in the United States District Court Northern District of Georgia  Prepared and filed notices using the Electronic Case Filing System, organized and tracked case information using excel-spreadsheets, WestLaw and maintained databases  Compiled and updated monthly patent group data report for partner Achievements: Improved operational efficiency of patent practice through effectively handling competing priorities. Contributed to recovery of millions of dollars in settlements and judgments on behalf of patent holders. MorrisonLawOffices,P.C. Atlanta, GA September 2012-December 2012 Freelance Paralegal Morrison Law Offices,a boutique firm, practices Domestic and International Trademark Law for franchises. Workedon contractdevelopment and trademark infringement regulations. Responsibilities:
  3. 3. 3  Monitored trademark applications and oppositions and studied intellectual property receivership  Studied trademark assignment procedure and performed legal research using Westlaw  Docketedtrademark deadlines and monitored status of pending trademark applications and oppositions. Assembled and responded to discovery requests from opposing counsel  Researched filing foreign trademark applications to determine which type of filing is most optimal forthe client  Filed trademark applications and communicated with USPTOand courts to obtain ownership of registered trademarks through default judgment and Writ of Fieri Facias Achievements: Created judgments that were pre-approved by judge. Filed and executed judgments and requests for Writof Fieri Facias. Results from legal research assisted in legal proceedings against domain name infringers. Solved domain name dispute for client. WilliamsonIntellectual PropertyLaw,LLC Atlanta, GA June 2009-July 2012 Paralegal/Legal Secretary Williamson IP specialized in the prosecution of patents, trademarks and copyrights needed to develop processes and resource capabilities to support growth. Responsibilities:  Monitored and tracked approximately 200 trademark applications using USPTO’sTESS database  Docketedintellectual property deadlines, patent surcharge schedules, PCT deadlines, trademark renewal and officeactiondeadlines  Updated new USPTOfees in correspondence form letters to clients, created patent and trademark OfficeActionresponse letters for clients  Worked on trademark opposition and infringement litigation. Worked on foreign and domestic patent/trademark prosecution with international counsel in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, China and Canada  Acted as firm’s liaison with clients. Facilitated depositions with interpreters and court reporters  Prepared patent forms including power of attorney, declarations and information disclosure statements, downloaded image file wrappers from PAIR Achievements: Contributed to optimal growth of the firm withan approximate 80 percent increase in client base. Exceptionalservice levels resulted a client awarding over$100,000 worthof patent applications. Glock,Inc. Atlanta, GA May 2006-Jan. 2008 Corporate Paralegal GlockInc, a global manufacturer of fire arms supplying to military and law enforcement agencies world-wideneeded corporate level legal support fortrademarks in the North American division. Responsibilities:  Handled Glocktrademark and section 8 & 15 renewals with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Handled trademark infringement using various websites and kept records of infringers  Filed and kept current all Glock,Inc. business licenses and annual reports in all fifty states totaling approximately 90 annual renewals  Processed export licenses for the U.S. State Department. Renewed BATF, FDAand Federal license renewals and kept company in compliance
  4. 4. 4  Acted as a liaison between Glock’s general and local counsel. Created case status reports from Glock’sgeneral counsel and monitored litigation.  Handled all docketing matters in AMICUS attorney software. Maintained reports of blown pistols and drafted liability letters and other correspondence for warranty department  Kept all Glockpistol listings current under the California Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale  Kept all pistol dealers current with their annual Certificates of Insurance and Federal Firearms Licenses; performed legal research and due diligence in response to incoming correspondence Achievements: Meticulously ProtectedGlock’strademarks and trade dress and business licenses. Contributed to improved operational efficiency through organizing information on trademarks, business licenses and litigation matters. Law OfficesofJoshSacks Atlanta, GA Sept. 2005-February 2006 Paralegal Trial attorneys specializing in medical malpractice, tort and injury practice. Responsibilities:  Performed summations for medical malpractice cases  Ordered medical records and prepared all documents including HIPAA authorizations  Prepared trial notebooks, scheduled depositions and courtreporters  Reviewed discovery and assisted in answering discovery, proofread and filed pleadings  Corresponded with all counsel and clients, Performedcase management  Responsible forfirm calendar and docketing, created and maintained case files Achievements: Assisted in the recovery of large settlements for victimsof medical malpractice and personal injury. TopEchelonContracting Atlanta,GA June 2005-August 2005 Contract Paralegal TEC is a trusted and respected partner of the recruiting industry and a Member of the American Staffing Association (ASA). Responsibilities:  Performed administrative duties, formed corporations and paid annual fees and maintained corporate books  Organized, Reviewed and Prepared documents for commercial real estate closings. Drafted correspondence to clients and ordered translators Achievements: Clients’ corporations were formulated in abidance with applicable law and remained in compliance during operation. Quirk& Quirk, P.C. Atlanta, GA Sept. 2002-February 2005 Paralegal/Legal Secretary Quirk & Quirk, LLC is a general commercial litigation law firm specializing in banking, finance, commercial transactions, premises liability defense, domestic relations, bankruptcy, personal injury and criminal defense cases. Responsibilities:  Drafted pleadings, calculated default judgments, drafted correspondence and proofread, corresponded with judge’s chambers, clients, creditors and opposing counsel
  5. 5. 5  Proofread pleadings and corrected any errors occurring in litigation  Met with clients at office and in court. E-filed pleadings with court and filed pleadings  Docketed hearings and depositions, performed legal research, organized sheriff’s service upon defendants in and out of state, prepared wills and handled probate matters  Created and filed deeds and various real estate forms in court. Filled out UCC statements and drafted commercial real estate closing documents  Created corporations with the Secretary of State and maintained compliance Achievements: Effortsproved instrumental in the successful outcome of promissory note default judgments as well as civilactions. Education IP Paralegal Course: Emory University, GA Paralegal Certificate: Kennesaw State University,GA Under Graduate Program: College of Business Administration, Central Michigan University,MI Other Skills Draftnon-disclosureagreements forU.S.inventor tailoring agreements to companies located in Argentina, Israel and Canada. Research arbitration procedures to keep agreement in line with international law. Computer Skills & Software OfficeSoftware:AdobePro,OneDrive,Windows 2010, MicrosoftWord2010, WordPerfect, Excel, Basic Powerpoint,MicrosoftOutlook, IBMCognos Business intelligenceandperformance management,VehicleMasterInquiry (VMI) software, Uniflow,Adobe,MXIE phonesystem,digital and manualdictation,internet tools, typing81 WPM. Legal Software:MyCase,Odyssey,Linear,iManage,MicrosoftAccess,CounselLink,CT Advantage, SeibelCustomerRelationshipManagement(CRM) Application,Accuroute,ChromeRiver,FileSurf, eTime,LexisNexis,Westlaw,PAIR,TESS,PTO filinginterface, AMICUS software,Pacer,PC Law,Time Matters,TimeSlips,Tabs,LegalDataEntry,Tableof Contents,TableofAuthorities,MicrosoftAccess. NotaryPublic Member: Georgia Association of Paralegals Webinars: PeachCourt,Odyssey Guest Speaker: Emory University,Patent and Trademark Prosecution

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