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In search of the compelling and consistent message paul stein - world jewish relief


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Published in: Business, Spiritual
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In search of the compelling and consistent message paul stein - world jewish relief

  1. 1. “In search of the compelling and consistent message: How a medium sized faith based charity is building a fully integrated communications strategy”Paul Stein, Director of Fundraising & Marketing Communications, World Jewish Relief James Hilton, Joint CEO, Mobile Saatchi
  2. 2. Who are we? Paul Stein James Hilton
  3. 3. What is WJR?• WJR international development agency• Supporting vulnerable communities around the world• Responding to international disasters• Raise £4.2m annually
  4. 4.  WJR’s Performance 2007-2012 • Fundraising focus • Core voluntary income up by 14% • Awareness growing too.....  PR coverage up by 67%  Unique website visits up by 84%  Active database up by 42% • .....But still so poorly known
  5. 5. Paul Anticoni, CEO, WJR:“It remains surprising, that for acharity with an 80 year history, a£4.2million income and an immenselymarketable programmeportfolio.....WJR appears still to bepoorly known and little understoodwithin its own community.”
  6. 6. Communications Report, School Year 2011 / 2012Communications Report, School Year 2011 / 2012• Inconsistent messaging• Sterility• Need to be bolder• Failure to capitalise on USP
  7. 7.  ‘Complexity’ of WJR’s work • Meeting immediate needs • Sustainable community development • Emergency response • Variety of client groups
  8. 8.  Poor Techniques & Infrastructure• Outsourced PR agency & part time commsmanager• Poor social media management• Online income – barely 2%• Poor quality PR
  9. 9. Paul Anticoni, CEO, WJR:“We traditionally have only spoken topeople when we want their money orwhen they have just parted with it.Our newsletters are activity driven asare our press releases... ourmessaging has been weak, poorlyfocused and with little reference toreally what we do and what we standfor.”
  10. 10. Paul Anticoni, CEO, WJR:“We have to win over hearts andminds and not just exclusivelywallets. We must get members of ourcommunity to believe in what westand for and what we wish to achieve– as a proud Jewish organisation,underpinned by strong Jewish values,leading the fight against poverty andvulnerability amongst our owncommunity and beyond.”
  11. 11. We use creative thinking to solve business problems. We create ruthlessly simple ideas that transform brands.Our founding principle, Brutal Simplicity of Thought, underpins all that we do.
  13. 13. It is easier to complicate than to simplify.Simple messages enter thebrain quicker and stay there longer.Brutal Simplicity of Thought is therefore a painful necessity.
  14. 14. The selling EQUATION
  15. 15. At the heart of Brutal Simplicity of Thought is astrategic equation which provides the platform for communications: SURT BRAND TRUTH PROPOSITIO N Simple A defining truth Catalyst for universally + = about the brand belief & action relevant truth
  16. 16. All components of the communication mix are united by a single idea. Our central strategy unit brings together talent from the different disciplines.This delivers upstream channel agile thinking.
  17. 17. Brutal Simplicity of thought in action
  18. 18. SU R T B R A N D T R U TH PR O P O S ITIO N are a great focuses pure ly on + = Visit us lastway of researching offering the lowest price
  19. 19. The Task Position as the only place to go to get the best deal on electricals. The idea Our tech-savvy, male consumers use the services of retailers to educate themselves, but once they have decided what they want to buy, go online to hunt for the best price. We used this behaviour to our advantage, by actively and honestly embracing it and overtly positioning ourselves within that journey. “The last place you want to go” Results The campaign launch generated overnight PR and fame for the brand and was in every national newspaper, on the BBCand even a documentary about John Lewis. It went on to become the most awarded print campaign of 2010 worldwide (Global Gunn Report).
  20. 20. SURT BRAND TRUTH PROPOSITIONYoung people are Havana people live Nothing Compares too busy to + = life to the full to Havana enjoy life
  21. 21. The task Create strong emotional involvement and saliency amongst 25-35 year olds. Build brand equity that is also uniquely ownable by Havana Club. Drive global distribution and become one of the top three rum brands in the world. the idea Cuba has a unique heritage and a love of spontaneity and humanity. Our campaign celebrated this unique culture of Havana through an integrated global campaign ‘Nothing Compares to Havana’. RESULTS Sales increased from 2 million cases to 3.4 million cases since campaign generated an additional 20,000 visits a month with an average viewing time of 6 minutes (against an industry norm of 2 minutes). Havana Club is now the second largest international rum brand worldwide, sold in 34 markets across the world.
  22. 22. Havana Cultura website brought alive the spirit of Havana by promoting emerging Cuban artists – musicians, artists, dancers and film producers.
  23. 23. SURT BRAND TRUTH PROPOSITION Coke Zero & Wayne Coke sponsors Wayne Rooney search for Street football is Rooney, who learnt to England’s next greatwhere many kids play on the streets talent on the streetsacquire their skills + =
  24. 24. The Task Drive awareness and engagement amongst 16-24 year old men by leveraging the sponsorship of Wayne Rooney The idea The UK’s streets are full of undiscovered football talent so we created and executed Coke Zero’s ‘Street Striker’ campaignfeaturing Wayne Rooney. It was a nationwide search for the UK’s best street footballers culminating in a prime time TV show on Sky 1 who agreed to fund the TV show entirely in return for access to Rooney. The recruitment campaign and the show was supported by a full PR and marketing campaign led by M&C Saatchi. It was important to capture Coke Zero’s brand value and appeals to our specific target group. RESULTS A combined audience of 2.9m watched the episodes and the concept has been recognised as one of the year’s mostsuccessful pieces of sports marketing activity. Millward Brown tracking showed that awareness of Rooney’s association with Coke Zero shifted from 10% to 40% amongst the target audience of 16-24 year old males as a result of the show.
  25. 25.  Charity Simplicity “I wish more nonprofits would think about their fundraising the way Coca-Cola thinks about marketing. Because theyd raise a lot more money and do a lot more good. The best lesson you can draw from Coke’s marketing is this: talk to donors where they are, not where you want them to be. Something like, ‘Heres your opportunity to make meaningful progress in the fight against cancer.’ Simplicity is the new luxury. In a world where everyone’s busy and there’s a lot of uncertainty, you can’t put a price on that.”
  26. 26.  Charity Simplicity “So, if major brands are surrounding consumers with simplicity messages, might that have any spill over effect on fundraising? Think about the success of charities like Charity:Water or Operation Smile. Is ‘simplicity’ of solution part of their success? And more generically, my mind goes to things like simple sentences, simple offers, simple navigation. Donors are trained as consumers first, donors second. Maybe it’s easier to answer the simplicity question if we re-phrase it as: What’s the advantage of selling complex?!” .”
  27. 27.  Charity Simplicity
  28. 28.  Charity Simplicity
  29. 29.  Lessons for WJR Key messaging • Jewish values • Aspiration • Sell the clean not the soap
  30. 30.  Lessons for WJR Consistency • Imagery • Font • Logo use
  31. 31.  Lessons for WJR Segmentation • Database analysis by RFV • Focus on key segments • Right messaging, right time, right targets
  32. 32.  Lessons for WJR Structure • Integration • Passion • Multi-channel
  33. 33. Thank You &Questions