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Advertising Execution.


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Go Nissan

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Advertising Execution.

  1. 1. lpc[Pick the date]
  2. 2. Executive Summary 3-6 Objectives Page 7 Internal Analysis 8-11 External Analysis 9-14Positioning 15 Positioning 16-21 Ad, billboards, Posters 22-35 Storyboard 36-37Creative strategy 38 Generating buzz 39 -47
  3. 3. SummaryOur campaign focuses on the lifestyle of the consumer and communications that generate positive word of mouth among multiculturals and to engage them throughempowerment, motivation, and fantasy. The campaign integrates these qualities through persuasion appeals that inspire values that are consistent with the Nissan Brand andour target audience. Such qualities align the Nissan Power 88 Plan with our Marketing Campaign Innovation for all to invite our consumers to join the Movement by extendingour marketing efforts to our dealerships and focusing on reminding our consumers of Nissan Innovation while building a brand personality that positively correlates with thelifestyle of our consumers. From our Research our consumers are concerned about image and how they are evaluated by their peers which lead Opportunity in Green Marketingand Generation Marketing for target market.Target Market ProfileOur Target Market is either bicultural or mono-cultural and a majority of the population is located in urban areas, Metropolitan statistical locations, where self-expression groupsand Achievement groups are evident in their lifestyle. Our Target Market Profile based on Age, Education, Income, Household, employment and Martial Status follows:Our Campaign extended the age for the campaign due to automobiles recycled from parents to children and many parents may be involve in the purchasing decision or maypursue a self-purchase, therefore, we invite Generation Y’s our largest generation and influence in the current job market, to Join the Movement today. A decision to expand theage is an opportunity to strengthen our personal selling efforts.
  4. 4. Our Advertising and Creative campaignWhat are important to our consumers? What things generate fantasy, thought, and engages the consumer through lifestyle choices? How can we generate positive word of mouthand expressions from our target audience? These are three questions that are a focus in our advertising campaign and creative strategy. To accomplish these we providedexecutions that increase the customer interaction with the product and the product interaction with the lifestyle of the consumers. A campaign that is aimed to reach young andsingle, young with children, and young and married consumers by positioning the Nissan Brand as a choice for youthfulness, uniqueness, creativeness, and expressive . Byintegrating generation and Green marketing, our campaign spans across the entire generation, geographic, and demographics of our consumers. Our core essentials are:  Baby  Groups and Activities  Arts  Science  Urban LivingMagazines: For print ads are target are African American-Hispanic Magazines. Our aim is to position the Nissan Product on top rated covers that feature idolize figures in thehip hop and Raggaeton movements.Internet: Generating traffic from competitions Nationwide bringing a diverse audience to the designated websites and providing marketing information.Sales Promotions: Are aimed at our networking groups and generating website and online traffic.Publicity: Building brand image in the community and generating buzzOur goal is to link all communications to the internet to generate traffic for our website through promotions, contest, and events aimed at social networking groups.
  5. 5. Media StrategyOur Media Strategy is focused on generation movements that are the voices of our consumers and an influence in their purchasing decision. Our goal is to target our consumersthrough a persuasive appeal, emotional appeal, and information appeal that connects their lifestyle with heterogeneous and homogenous groups. Such executions use tacticsthat are green and powerful toward influence, fantasy, and individualism while using a collective approach to also, persuade and convey the blended family lifestyle of ourconsumers.  For individuals that classify cultures focus on targeted media.  Identify popular programming with low costs Opportunities Competitors are targeting our Multicultural generation aggressively: Our Campaign Benchmark flawless executions and create a differentiation between the Nissan Brand and our competitors. Income and Employment: These economic factors can have adverse effect on purchasing and gaining commitment in our dealerships. Our campaign: Understands consumer confidence is low and would like to provide the late majority to engage in positive word of mouth and offering the innovators to early majority incentives and an experience to purchase the product. Tv. Media: Football generates many viewers but in a global environment where everyone is considered a competitor it is important not to advertise the brand during broadcasts that distract the consumer from filtering the Nissan Brand from competitors. Our campaign focuses on differentiation of the brand and the experience and aimed at targeted mediums. Medium age of Status Items: The medium age of the Altima and luxury brands is higher than our target market. Our campaign seeks to use these brands that are the greatest influence on the roads, connect these brands with their lifestyle, and motivate them to visit the dealership. Join the movement campaign finds that Nissan holds a strong position which minimizes our weaknesses. Our campaign intends to use effective communication efforts to fill in the gaps.
  6. 6. “ Innovation has been the heart and soul of the Nissan brand for nearly 100 years,” said Jon Brancheau, vice president, Marketing, NNA. “„Innovation for All‟ isn‟t simply a new marketing idea. It‟s the very foundation of Nissan worldwide. This campaign captures Nissan‟s spirit and continued drive towards innovation – not just for the elite, but for everyone.”
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  9. 9. 1 .
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  11. 11. 5. US consensus projected 2011 Results6. Facts finder, U.S. Consensus
  12. 12. A guy is showing out at the basketball court as a small audience watch. As he dunks the ball, A UFO zooms into the court. Theguy or girl drops the ball and the alien grabs it, as the player is startled and moving away from the hoop. The Alien charges himto a game of one on one and takes a shot without looking at the goal. The guy is surprise and says “the ball is your hand, this isyour court” and runs toward the Nissan to get away. As he hop into the car, the Alien appears beside him, “roll out dog”
  13. 13. Green guy pulls up to the club, styling and profiling with front row parking. The crowd looks over idolizing his image and expression. He gets into the club andattracts gorgeous ladies and male attention.Guy: How do you do it?Green Guy: Its Electric, Boggie, Woogie, woogie. (dancing)Flexibility: Ad can be targeted towards hip hop or raggaeton.
  14. 14. 5. US consensus projected 2011 Results6. Facts finder, U.S. Consensus
  15. 15. Broadcaster 1: Broadcaster 4: We have a song request from Nissan: RemixNissan innovation is remarkable, I watch this drag race on You Snoop dog: “Rolling down the street”tube featuring a Lexus LFA verse a Nissan GT-R which had 6,816, 908 views. (Or create one that would appeal to the “Ghost ride the whip”audience) PitBull, ect.For a good price, Nissan provides you with quality products. Or have the broadcaster play a song and implement the Nissan brand into it, using humor, engaging competition. Take advantage of the Strength of the DJ. EX. 107.5 did a tim tebow song that they playBroadcaster 2: That no surprise, Have you seen the consumerreports ratings for Nissan, they are hot.I love the Altima and Maxima, that’s my type of car.And guys who are not driving their best friend car. Reminds meof that song scrubs by TLC Goals  Engage in a conversation  Bring consumers online to view videos and generate word of mouth.  Communicating that nearly anyone can get approveBroadcaster 3: I love speed and the big body too. Nissan got cars  Naming some popular brandsfor everyone. Any of our listeners, visit the Nissan dealership if  And relating to the lifestyle by sending a popular songyou are looking for a ride for you, nearly anyone can get request.approve, and you would definitely fin d a ride of your choice.We have no scrubs in our city.
  16. 16. High Schools Colleges High School Sporting Events: Recruitment Homecoming, we want the Nissan car escorting the seniors to Recruiting in multicultural colleges can have a large impact on field or outside the gate for maxima exposure. world of mouth.Engineering and Science Competitions: CompetitionNational high school competition for a school donation andstudent prize for the high school that excels at design or A competition on the college level: challenging colleges in thetechnology In their science department. southern and Western States. Going to College Promotion Sales Promotion Kids who are accepted to a college with approve credit gets a Nissan of their choice at a discount. Your college transcript or GPA can earn you Nissan Points for special promotions or upgrades. Good grades, Save Money.
  17. 17. Professional Servicers Labor Jobs FirmsPrice Reductions: Linked Sweepstakes: Enter to win, Bonus Packs, Limitedto an company intranet and gain key consumer Edition Customizationwebsite Partners insight on family and car choiceSales Competition and Nissan: Hot bachelor or Ride for a day.Promotions: Chance to win hot dad publicity for local Nissan Materials in Firms,a Nissan, by leading in areas. for Clientssales, or drive a Nissan of Pick a guy and pick a caryour choice for a day Provide awards to firms for that fits him accomplishments
  18. 18. Little League Sports Entire On the Road EventsSponsor Little League Nissan Digital Sales team driving City Fair grounds, JustSports Team Animation competition marketing vehicles at park it in the Parking worldwide least 3, top speed 35, Lot or a Place to gain driving together maxima exposure Publicity Vehicle to My Nissan Dad Publicity: Free rides to provide free drinks Nomination work for a day Air Balloon: During US from Nissan cups tour Host a Skate Park My Nissan Dad 2 on 2 basketball competition, or Nomination competition: Chance to sponsor a skate team in win Madness tickets the community
  19. 19. Father’s Day/Mother day Promotions/Birth day specials: Direct Key Chains and small car calendars direct mail attach toMail advertisement for weight Family funny Video Competition Pets and Nissan Video Submission
  20. 20. DestructionConsumers are attractive toautomobile destruction. Animation- Got great praised. Animating Media would generate a lot of Buzz and connect with our male audience Racing- Refer to Radio clip: Nissan has a top rated viral video that is another viral avenue that generated a lot of buzz and attention to Nissan Innovation.attracts our consumers. Consider commercials digitally animated with cop chases to promote the Consumer Responses  woW dio QQ  THIS GUY IS TIESTO WHEN IT COMES TO ANIMATION !!!  Unbelievable!! this is soo sick man! ..keep it coming! =) o Adelgary777 1 day ago
  21. 21. Mobile App:  Allows easy downloadable content  Allows users to interact with the Nissan Brand  GPS –Contest Seek out Nissan Ultimate Customer:  Downloadable Mobile posters and Screen Savers  Valuable informationSocial Networking Sites  Manage Traffic  Create a Public Site, Viral Site for special promotions and Traffic, No advertisement, strictly Buzz Generated  You tube to upload videos collected during competition  Animation is the keyPublicityCar trends: Specials on Nissan Performance and InnovationGenerate word of mouth
  22. 22. Consumer- Consumer Videos Community Videos Estimate Trade-InRegister Nissan Power 88 Club App Download
  23. 23. Adjustable Budget 100,000,000 Hot tips Television Media 30,000,000 Cable Tv 0.5 15000000  Selective Programming International Tv: Intenational prices 0.2 6000000 o Cultural oriented Internet TV 0.1 3000000 o Popular shows Sports Packages 0.2 6000000 Magazine 2,000,000 Sports 0.2 400000 Living 0.2 400000 Baby/family 0.3 600000 Magazine issues: Only months where idolized individuals are on Arts/Science 0.3 600000 the cover page. High sales generation, or top stories Cultural Internet 100,000 33000 Contest 0.33 33000 Promotions 0.33 33000 Sponsorships 0.33 33000 Internet Schools 100,000 Viral, Manage by our marketing Professionals Nation wide Recruitment 0.1 10000 Contest 0.6 60000 Promotions 0.3 30000 Community 1,000,000 Promotions 0.3 300000 Publicity 0.6 600000 Mailings 0.4 400000 Total 33532000An Adjustable budget to respond to economic conditions, and changes medium and effectiveness. For Example, if community efforts generate sales high sales in metropolitanareas we can continue it in other areas. If no success, than we can adjust the budget toward more effective communications or focus on what works.