Commbank CAN Campaign 2012 - Case Study


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2012 Latest M&C Saatchi's Campaign, Help Commonwealth bank to re-position their brand, two stages, involve lots digital marketing in this campaign & stunting art promotion.

Commbank CAN Campaign 2012 - Case Study

  1. 1. Commonwealth Bank “CAN Campaign”
  2. 2. Determine to be different
  3. 3. Creative
  4. 4. Agency• Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi• Office: Sydney• Started: May 2012
  5. 5. PhilosophyA belief in our ability to change the world.A flat refusal to accept the status quo.A conviction that an individual can make thehighly improbable, possible.
  6. 6. ProblemBased on the unique mix of superior service andcutting edge technology, Commbank has developeda new positioning: Enabling Forward Progress.Recent history shows that Commonwealth Bank hashad several positioning lines. Most are forgotten. Orworse attributed to other banks. Therefore, thechallenge of developing a line that not onlyembodied forward progress but also stood the test oftime.
  7. 7. InsightsConsumersNegative Think Stifles ProgressBrandDeploy technology , advice and expertise to removethe barriers that prevent people and commercemoving forward
  8. 8. Solutions CommBank CAN CampaignCan underline Commbanks belief in banking withpurpose. It espouses a belief that banking can be apositive force for good. Something that plays a vital rolein commerce and fulfilling human potential.It supplies encouragement, conviction and inspiration.Most importantly, it signals positivity. A characteristicmuch needed in todays uncertain times.CAN earns Commonbank the characteristics of a truevisionary, not just a leader.
  9. 9. ConceptIdea!An Ode To Can
  10. 10. PlanThe Launch Stage: was seen last week withthe unveiling of the "CANT“ posters.http://www.whatiscant.comThe Reveal Stage: Beginning Sunday was thesecond stage, in which the bank literallychanged the word "CANT" to "CAN“.
  11. 11. Tactics1) Outdoors - numerous teaser posters, billboard werehung in a variety of locations, sparking interest due totheir simple message, yet lack of brand association.2) Digital - underneath the word "CANT" on thebillboards, was a link to a website, Over50,000 users visited the website, where upon each visitthe site displayed a new message, such as "CANT win".Now the website links visitors to the CBA website.
  12. 12. ShowcasesStage 1: Launch Stage Stage 2: Reveal Stage
  13. 13. ShowcasesStage 1: Launch Stage Stage 2: Reveal Stage
  14. 14. Showcases
  15. 15. Tactics3) Stunts - art installations, such as the word "CANT" onthe back of a truck driving near the Sydney HarbourBridge, were used to catch the eye of passersbythroughout the first stage of this marketing campaign.4) TV ad - actree Toni Collette has lent her name andclout to the latest CBA ads. Speaking directly to thecamera, the idea was to "bring to life" the CAN campaign.
  16. 16. Tactics5) App - the CBA introduced an "Augmented RealityApp" in collaboration with News Limited. Users readingtheir Sunday newspapers were able to download an appthat, by simply holding their phone over the CBA logo,allowed them to view the new launch ad.
  17. 17. Digital Marketing
  18. 18. DigitalCampaign Landing Page Brand Channel Page!/netbankBlog
  19. 19. Campaign Website
  20. 20. Youtube Channel
  21. 21. Facebook Page
  22. 22. Google+ Page
  23. 23. Twitter Page
  24. 24. Blog Page
  25. 25. Apple Store
  26. 26. Banner
  27. 27. Flash
  28. 28. Competitor
  29. 29. Hi-JackSince the CAN campaign launched, the competitor hadhi-jacking this campaign.1) Heritage bank were the first to hi-jack the campaign,buying Google keyword CANT2) Greenpeace followed suit - also buying key words andre-skinning its Facebook and WebsiteThe hi-jackers added "fuel to the fire" around thecampaign.