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Creating that human connection – across all your audiences | Content strategy conference | 22 February 2018


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Lisa Shattock, head of marketing, SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity

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Creating that human connection – across all your audiences | Content strategy conference | 22 February 2018

  1. 1. Lisa Shattock Head of Marketing SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity Creating that human connection – across all your audiences
  2. 2. What is content & what is the ‘right’ amount ? • Great marketing and targeted communications are supported by simple, concise innovative content • Content that cuts through noisy media is not an accident. • It takes time to plan, innovate & craft your content …. to create that human connection – you need nuggets!
  3. 3. What is a ‘nugget’? Moment of truth Sweet spot Tipping point Double-take Heart-stringer puller OMG moment Money shot Killer stat Tear-jerker Golden giving moment Rage donation etc ………. • Called by a variety of names, it is something that taps into the heart & minds of your target audiences, creating a connection with them & provoking a response. • It can be a single statistic, a photo, a video, a social media message, a speech etc - But it becomes a invaluable asset for communicating a key insight about your organisation. • Use different nuggets for different audiences…… • Simplicity is best, as each nugget can evolve into key messaging & content. This in turn needs to be nurtured, loved & dispersed across as many communication platforms/media channels as possible to drive that all-importance human connection What are your nuggets? How do they make your audiences feel & react to your organisation?
  4. 4. SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity – who are we?? • Established in 1885, we are the oldest tri-service military charity, supporting currently serving, veterans and their families – through independence and dignity • We’re supported by over 6,000 volunteers across the UK & on all military bases in the UK & overseas • We offer personalised, tailored support through our volunteer caseworker network, as well as many other services • Last year, SSAFA helped over 67,000 people. This includes Forceline, our free, confidential helpline - our team talked, emailed, wrote to over 25,000 who contacted us for support. • We partner with other military charities and specialist organisations to ensure that those who turn to us for help get the help they need • Through contracts with the NHS & Ministry of Defence, we give direct support to serving personnel and their families in the UK & overseas. SSAFA’s doctors, nurses, midwives and social workers deliver health and community care for British Forces worldwide. • SSAFA also provides Personal Support and Social Work Services at RAF bases throughout the UK, as well as social work support across the world.
  5. 5. Content & the Power of W Why What Who Where When So What? the Power of W
  6. 6. The Power of W (or planning 101) Why? • Why are you developing this content? The objectives? • What are the outcomes that you want to deliver- they are measurable, aren't they? What? • What are you going to deliver & how does it fit with your existing marketing/PR/ fundraising plan? • What ‘nuggets’ or story are you going to use to drive that human connection? • Always have a Plan B/ back-up …… just in case …. Who? • Who is your target audience(s)? Do you have different content for different segments, can you repurpose/ reuse same content to tell a slightly different version of the story to a different audience?. • Who are you using to ‘tell’ the story, that human connection … beneficiary, employee, volunteer, celebrity Where? • What platforms or channels are you using, as many touchpoints as possible – on & offline. Think regional, not just national focus • Don’t be afraid to repeat & repurpose content to same & different audiences, remember your employee & volunteer networks are valuable channels too When? • Timing can be everything, think about key media timings & what you could bump up against • Sometimes even the best planning goes awry; right message, right audience, right time – until David Beckham happens! So What? • What do you want your target audience to do once they have seen & interacted with your content? • Don’t assume it is obvious – Tell them, guide them, nurture their journey – make it REALLY simple to do Example – Championing military adoption -
  7. 7. Our approach: ➢ Use research as proof point to highlight issue, across all channels & all activity ➢ Tap into current focus & debate around on mental health & resilience, especially in younger male population ➢ Reach out to different audiences, create something that lets them ‘experience’ what veterans feel & face on a daily basis. Challenge audiences to interact with what they hear & see, - how would they cope? ➢ Use personal stories to highlight the issues we’ve uncovered & the difference that SSAFA has made. Personal stories needed to demonstrate that there is ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel, encourage individuals to come forward, not to suffer in silence - as there is support available The Invisible Enemy – our nuggets of content Campaign objectives: 1. Raise awareness of loneliness and isolation experienced by veterans, as well as vital work carried out by SSAFA to support them. 2. Target new donors to support SSAFA, either through volunteering or through donations 3. Encourage veterans to come forward if they are feeling isolated after leaving the Armed Forces
  8. 8. PR activity ➢ News survey - Research commissioned to evidence issue of isolation in working age veterans ➢ Radio day - with Julie McCarthy and Craig, our case study ➢ Letter to Editor – from SSAFA Ambassador Antony Cotton in regional press ➢ Case studies - veterans experiencing loneliness & isolation ➢ Virtual Reality – innovative/immersive roadshows experience in Lakeside & Manchester Radio ads – one to promote VR roadshow, two ‘Donate’ ads. VR roadshow & Donate ads on Manchester stations (Radio X, Capital Manchester, Key 103). Donate in London; LBC & Absolute Press ads – 1st to promote VR roadshows, 2nd - ‘Donate’ ad Manchester Metro & Manchester Evening News. Online: - ➢ Dedicated campaign page and donate portal – built and optimised throughout campaign, included VR experience, survey results and case studies ➢ Organic social media campaign – two week campaign using the VR experience, survey results, letter to editors and case studies, all with a donate CTA. Also live-tweeted the VR roadshow and featured as an Instagram story. ➢ Digital advertising – including social media, display, PPC and retargeting campaigns, all with a donate CTA ➢ Email campaign – email sent to monthly newsletter subscribers featuring link to campaign page, case studies, survey results and donate CTA. All activity driving to single landing page - Loneliness & Isolation campaign activity
  9. 9. Loneliness & Isolation – examples of campaign activity
  10. 10. Campaign results Against our agreed campaign aims / objectives: ▪ Targeting new donors and to drive traffic to chosen fundraising mechanism o 72% of all hits to campaign page from social media activity o 92% of PR coverage hits, included the campaign URL ▪ Raising raise awareness of SSAFA to wider public and potential beneficiaries o Overall reach of PR activity totalled > 100.6m o Total reach of paid for media > 2.6m o Overall reach of Digital activity totalled > 8,2m ▪ To encourage working age veterans to come forward o Uplift in calls to Forcesline for w/c 23rd October, +40%, callers said they’re calling as a direct result of the campaign. o Forcesline online enquiries up by 44% o Lakeside & Manchester VR roadshows attracted potential beneficiaries, now in touch with their local SSAFA branch, many having heard the radio ad campaign Learnings: • Didn’t start planning early enough, should have targeted earlier launch date in October. Underestimated how long it would take to create VR, not able to repurpose assets across all creative as much as we’d have liked • Letter to Editor from Anthony Cotton was well-received & content reused for several weeks after the initial campaign finished - right subject, right audience, right time • Good for brand awareness & establishing SSAFA as expert commentator, difficult to translate into direct donation ask – what am I paying for? Needed a shopping list!
  11. 11. Top 5 Tips 1. Remember the Power of W – plan ahead, be clear about your objectives & measure your outcomes 2. Define your organisation’s own content nuggets, which must be rooted in your organisation’s purpose. How can you bring these nuggets to life to drive a reaction & connection with those you need to influence? 3. Know your audiences & their preferred channels; listen to them & react to what they are telling you about the content you create & share 4. Be bold & innovative where possible to create cut-through & stand-out; whether its new photography, video, music, delivery mechanics .. test & learn a much as possible 5. People ‘buy’ from people. Find those people who are making a difference in your cause; employees, fundraisers, volunteers, beneficiaries – celebrate them to amplify that human connection. We’ve more than 6,000 SSAFA volunteers across the UK & worldwide. They are the heart & soul of our organisation, helping us offer practical, financial & emotional support to more than 67,000 people last year. Many of our volunteers are also fundraisers as well – here’s Kathy’s story
  12. 12. Creating a human interaction Thank you for listening Lisa Shattock Head of Marketing SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity
  13. 13. Content strategy: planning and delivering standout content 22 February 2018 London #CharityContent
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