Portrait of the nation an integrated campaign - catrin tilley - national galleries of scotland


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Portrait of the nation an integrated campaign - catrin tilley - national galleries of scotland

  1. 1. Portrait of the Nation An integrated campaign Catrin Tilley More PartnershipDirector of External Affairs, National Galleries of Scotland September 2012
  2. 2. Portrait of the Nation a unifying themePortrait of the NationA capital Campaign – £17.6 million to refurbish and re-invent the Scottish National Portrait GalleryScottish National Portrait GalleryPortrait of the Nation – telling the stories of Scotlandthrough the visual arts
  3. 3. The results• £19 million raised• 200,000 visitors in 5 months – annual target 300,000• International press coverage – USA, Australia, Far East• Museum of the Year Finalist• Most Innovative Fundraising campaign shortlist• RIBA and RIAS awards for architecture
  4. 4. The Case StatementWe will redefine the Scottish National Portrait Gallery for the 21 st century. The reinvented gallery will bea true Portrait of the Nation – a unique, responsive and essential portrayal of Scotland which willfascinate, stimulate and engage.Objectives1. Unleash the potential of the collections, with a new focus on photography and on Scottish art2. Position our visitors’ enjoyment, inspiration and education at the heart of all we do3. Recover the vibrant character of our magnificent Arts and Crafts building4. Exploit the dynamic interplay between our building and our displays5. Create a unique forum for Scottish cultural debate and engagementThese aims are inherently interconnected: each, taken singly, has a direct and positive impact on theothers. Achieving all five objectives will produce a dynamic and creative fusion, with a powerful identitywithin and beyond the NGS, and a reach and relevance throughout Scotland. This will be our Portrait ofthe Nation.
  5. 5. Goals for Campaign• Keep existing visitors engaged with project• Create buzz and excitement to appeal to new visitors• Create interest and credibility for fundraising• Attract donors to give to project
  6. 6. Tools for the Campaign• Research• Workshops• Focus Groups• Internal communications• Events• Online presence• Materials• Branding
  7. 7. 4 Components to Campaign• Fundraising• Press and PR• Digital• Opening Campaign
  8. 8. FundraisingStatutory Funds HLF and Scottish Govt. £12MMajor Donors £6MPublic Fundraising £1M•Frieze Campaign•Stars Campaign•Put Yourself in Picture
  9. 9. Press and PR• Interviews and stories at key moments Farewell Festival• Graffiti Exhibition in empty building• Portrait of Nation exhibition• Return of Building, refurbished but empty• Rebranding of Portrait Gallery and NGS
  10. 10. Rebranding NGS
  11. 11. Digital• In Gallery digital – Faces and Places• Blog from project team• Fundraising Online – Stars and PYIP• E Newsletter• Rebrand website• Digital donor recognition in gallery and online• Social media – portrait pup
  12. 12. Opening Campaign – the final push6 week campaign – starting two weeks before opening•Press previews, journalist tours, PR agency•Marketing campaign, posters, ads, bus and taxis•Donor recognition/last push for donors•Donor, Friends, Stakeholder Tours – 2 weeks of previews•Opening ceremony•Donor opening events•Month of special events, education, friends and events
  13. 13. KPIs and Evaluation• Visitor Numbers – in galleries and online• Visitor Profile – evaluation• Visitor Comments• Funds raised by initiative/cost• Donor feedback• Press coverage, amount and type• Formal evaluation process for whole project, with focus groups, workshops, data collections and business review
  14. 14. Management Structure for Portrait of the Nation Steering Group Chair: Director-General Project Group Chair: Director of Portrait GalleryAudience Development & External AffairsSupporters Communications Heads of DepartmentChair: Director of External Affairs MeetingsFundraising Operations GroupChair: Director of External Affairs Volunteer Fundraising Committee Chair: Senior Volunteer
  15. 15. Key messagesThe Scottish National Portrait Gallery re-opens on the 30 th November,St Andrew’ Day, 2011The new Scottish National Portrait Gallery is about•Scotland – it tells the stories of Scotland and its people•Rediscovering outstanding national collection built up over 100 years•A majestic building – the first purpose-built portrait gallery in theworld, now beautifully restored•Free entry for an amazing experience for all visitors