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Inuse seminar, Oct 17 2013, Holopainen


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Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Inuse seminar, Oct 17 2013, Holopainen

  1. 1. Narrative approach to innovation INUSE seminar October 17, 2013 Open Innovation House, Aalto University Mari Holopainen Aalto University School of Science 15.11.2012
  2. 2. INNOPEX – Service innovation from the provider perspective and as a customer experience • Realized in 2010-2012 in • Innovation traditionally collaboration with Aalto defined as a process or an University, Hanken School of output from the provider Economics and University of perspective. Helsinki. • An integrative approach to • Staff: Dr. Minna Autio, Dr. Anu Helkkula, PhD candidate Mari service innovation research. Holopainen, PhD candidate • Exploration of employees’ Kaisa Huttunen and customers’ experiences • Master’s thesis by Pirkka and narratives of new Kaijanen services.
  3. 3. The scope • Research questions – How do customers’ experiences of a new service differ from the ’official’ view of a company and from employees’ experiences? – What are the benefits/challenges of the new service exprerienced by customers and employees? • Methods – 65 employee and customer interviews – Thematic interviews and combining narratives with critical events and metaphors to analyze service experiences (Helkkula and Pihlström, 2010).
  4. 4. Data • The new services we explored – Electronic billing for small-sized enterprises – Internet-based shopping service for metals and construction materials – Trade union services – Interior decorating electronic service – Online application and decision concerning indemnities
  5. 5. Theoretical lenses • Phenomenology: experiences as individually subjective and socially intersubjective (e.g. Husserl 1960). • S-D logic: value is experiential and co-created within social networks (Vargo and Lusch 2008). • Narrative: essential in perceiving the world and bringing different layers of meaning into dialogue (e.g. Abbot 2008: 3; Czarniawska 1998). • Cultural marketing and consumer research (e.g. Moisander & Valtonen 2006) – Marketers are regarded as designers of consumer tastes, wants and needs – Consumers as active players that shape and negotiate the meanings of products, services and brands – Culture always shapes peoples’ habitus or strategies for action and understanding (Bourdieu 1984[1977])
  6. 6. From disinterest to glorification – corporate, employee, and customer narratives on a new insurance e-service July 5, 2013, EGOS Montréal Sub-theme 35: Organizations and their Consumers: Bridging Production and Consumption Mari Holopainen Aalto University School of Science, @mariholopainen 15.11.2012
  7. 7. Holopainen (2013): ‘From disinterest to glorification – corporate, employee, and customer narratives on a new insurance e-service’ EGOS 2013, Montréal • Innovation is often understood in one specific way from a particular storyteller’s perspective. • An insurance e-services innovation as presented by the official corporate voice, employees and customers. • Interviews and the ‘official’ corporate narrative publicly presented in the texts of the company’s annual report and websites. • Identification of dominant narratives.