Inuse Project Presentation - 20 April 2012


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Inuse Project Presentation - 20 April 2012

  1. 1. INUSE – User and Innovation Research Cross-Aalto University research group Role of users in socio-technical change Case Studies  Lead-users, user-centred design, co-design  User and designer practices, user innovation communities, and pathways of user innovativeness. Projects 2011-2014  User innovation pathways to utility (Academy)  User Innovation Communities (Eemil Aaltonen)  Local adaptation and innovation-in-practice in energy efficiency and carbon neutrality (Academy)  User Innovation Digest (Tekes)  Solar breakthrough in making (HIST)
  2. 2. Pathways of User ContributionsHow to research What strategies do developersdesign and use deploy?across time ? Johnson M, Hyysalo S, Tamminen SHyysalo, S (2010). 2010. The Virtuality of VirtualHealth Technology Worlds, or What We Can Learn fromDevelopment and Playacting Horse Girls and MarginalizedUse: From Practice Developers. Symbolic Interaction 33 (4)Bound Imagination Evolving Impacts.London: Routledge. What roles do intermediaries and Scale of practice: Evolvement of safety alarm and monitoring systems (for elders) living lab environments play? Scale of a development project: Vivago-Wristcare 1992-2009--Johnson, M (2012) Hakkarainen, L. Care technology fromHow Does Social Scale of particular design projects: months and years Living Lab collaboration. Work inMedia Change User Design & redesign Design of 2nd Design of 3rd Progress.Centred Design. of 1st version version versionAcad dissertation. Inreview. Stewart, J., & Hyysalo, S. (2008). Research Follow Follow Intermediaries, Users and Social 1999-2003 up 1 up 2 Learning in Technological Innovation. International Journal of Innovation Management, 12(3), 295–325. 1 version in use 2 version in use 3 version in use Scale of ICT appropriation projects: Months and years What strategies do users seek? Scale of a new type of organization: ”Palvelutalo” for elders 1995- The business of being user. Pollock & Scale of practice: Evolvement of elderly care and living Hyysalo. In Review.Research on Innovation Processes Innovation StudiesScience and Technology Studies User Innovation Research Participatory Design
  3. 3. User Innovation CommunitiesCommunities in Product / Service How do people construct userDevelopment innovation communities?Producer centred user ecologies Motivations for ParticipationHeiskanen, E., Hyysalo, S., Kotro, T., & Freeman, S. Motivational Patterns ofRepo, P. (2010). Constructing innovative Tangible Do-It Yourself. Work in Progressusers and user-inclusive innovation What do users and non-userscommunities. Technology Analysis & consist of?Strategic Management 22 (4) 495 — 511. Sebastian Greger. 2011. The absent-- peer. Non-users of social technologies.Johnson, M (2012) How Does Social Work in progress.Media Change User Centred DesignAcad dissertation. In review. How can internet-mediated communities be characterised?User groups, living labs, local Freeman, S 2011. Constructing aadaption Community: Myths and Realities of OpenHakkarainen, L. Care technology from Development model. Acad.Living Lab collaboration. Work in Progress. Dissertation, Univ. Helsinki.Strategic Construction Of Users and Open Source CommunitiesCommunities Stephanie Freeman, (2012) "UserAuthoring community: The Strategic freedom or user control?: The discursiveConstruction of Open.Office.Org. Freeman: struggle in choosing among Free/LibreWork in Progress. Open Source tools in the Finnish public sector", Information Technology &-- People, Vol. 25 Iss: 1, pp.103 – 128Community Management and CommunityJournalism. Johnson: Work in Progress. Community-Centred Design Science and Technology Studies Communities in Innovation Internet-Mediated Communities
  4. 4. Strategic Choice and Development of Collaborative Methods Choice and strategic use of Envisioning new products and methods services with users Johnson M 2010. User Aging together: steps towards Involvement, Social Media, and evolutionary co-design in everyday Service Evolution: The Case of practices. Botero & Hyysalo. In Habbo. 43rd Hawaii International review. Conference on System Sciences. Hannukainen (Helminen) P. and Hyysalo, S (2009) Käyttäjä Hölttä-Otto K. (2006) Identifying tuotekehityksessä— Customer Needs – Disabled Persons Tieto, tutkimus, menetelmät. as Lead Users. ASME IDETC/CIE Helsinki: Taideteollinen 2006. Best paper award. korkeakoulu. (User in product development— Knowledge, research, methods). Modelling intangible services Developer-user relations Elaborating Stakeholder Perception Hyysalo, S. (2009). Persistence and of Intangible Services: Participatory effects of structural tensions in 3D Modeling. Mäkinen-Hyysalo- designer-user relations. In A. Helminen. In Review PDC 2012. Voss, et al (Eds.), Configuring Designer-User relations: Finding lead users? interdisciplinary perspectives. Mountaineering – An integrative London: Springer. approach into finding rare research subjects. Mäkinen-Helminen- Hyysalo-Freeman-Juntunen- Johnson. In preparation.User Centred Design Co-DesignSocial Study of Design Participatory design
  5. 5. User Inventiveness & Domestication Sustainable Energy in HomesWhat domestication processes Where do users invent?are involved? • From resistant couch potatoes to• Domestication of small scale innovation drivers. Hyysalo-Juntunen- renewable energy systems – A Freeman. In review. Case study of air heat How are inventive users supported? pumps, residential micro wind • On innovation democracy: How user stations and solar thermal forums support user innovation in collectors in Finland. sustainable energy Hyysalo-Freeman- Juntunen. In preparation Juntunen. In review.• How Does Consumer What are the innovation pathways? Behaviour Change? Heiskanen • The role of users in heating systems E, Johnson M, Saastamoinen transitions - the case of heat pumps M, Vadovics E 2009. Heiskanen-Hyysalo-Jalas-Juntunen-• Learning about Users and lovio.Forthcoming Developing Co-Design How to find lead users? Capabilities for Energy Saving • Mountaineering – An integrative on the Local Level. Heiskanen approach into finding rare research E, Feenstra CFJ, Johnson subjects. Mäkinen-Helminen-Hyysalo- M, Vadovics E. 2010. Freeman-Juntunen-Johnson. In preparation.Domestication and consumption studies Lead user and user innovation researchScience and Technology Studies Innovation in sustainable energy