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Duquesne university


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Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit is a private Catholic university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.
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Duquesne university

  1. 1.  Rankings & Reviews: It’s useful for you to know the academic ability of Duquesne students What makes DU Unique? If you know the Unique selling points, you can identify whether a student is the “Right Fit” or not. It is not about selling Duquesne to all students – it’s about finding the “Right Fit” students. What is a Liberal Arts Education? Undergraduate Programs: - The Application Process - The Holistic Aspect - SAT/TOEFL - Costs & Scholarships Graduate Programs Popular ones listed with pertinent info
  2. 2.  Ranked 120 out of 1400 – US News & World Report Among the top 12 Catholic Schools in the US Duquesne University is one of the US’s best universities for Undergraduate education – Princeton Review 2011 “An A+ school for B grade students” (US News & World Report, 2011) Duquesne’s students graduate with anaverage GPA of 3.6 (grade A/A-)
  3. 3. What makes Duquesne University unique? Unique, picturesque, safe, comfortable, city campus Pittsburgh is a Global yet Local city (see WOW Video) Diversity and student population-over 10,000 students, 500 international Focused on the Individual: 1. You’re not just a number: small classes facilitating interaction, attention and discussion 2. Holistic: A Liberal Arts Education…
  4. 4. Liberal Arts Education - What does this mean? - You need 120 credits to graduate - 33 of these credits are Core Courses:- 21 Credit hours of Discipline Specific courses (Sciences, Maths, English…)- 12 Credit hours of Thematic Based courses (Creative Arts, Faith & Reason, Global Diversity, Social Justice)
  5. 5. (most popular with International students) Business – AACSB accredited since 1962 Natural Sciences ◦ Ranked # 16 among small research Universities (Chronicle of Higher Ed) ◦ Binary Engineering: full credits transfer to Case Western or University of Pittsburgh after initial 3 years of study Pharmacy ◦ Most respected school of pharmacy in the US ◦ 100% job/grad program placement ◦ Starting salaries range from $75K to $100K Liberal Arts ◦ International Relations, Communications, Political Science…
  6. 6. ...Programs Nursing ◦ Named “Center of Excellence” (US National League of Nursing) ◦ Full accreditation by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing Health Sciences: Physical Therapy, Occupational TherapyRequirements of Undergraduate programs Grade B/ GPA 3.0 or equivalent Pharmacy program requires a Grade A
  7. 7.  Application online or paper: admissions/undergrad-apply.cfm Transcripts from the last 3 – 4 years Personal Essay SAT’s if students have them 1-2 Recommendation letters Application fee of $50 For Pharm D and Athletic Training the deadline is December. For all other undergraduate applications, we work on a rolling admission. However, sooner is better!
  8. 8.  For all applications, we look at the grades first: Is the student strong enough academically? (equivalent to a grade B or above) However, we place great importance on the kind of student who is applying: Have they done community work? Do they have other interests? Will they take a lead role at Duquesne? Since we’re a holistic university, we look for students with this perspective too This is especially important when reviewing for scholarships
  9. 9.  At Duquesne, we are more interested in how a student has done in their own educational system than how well they do in the SAT’s. However, if a student has taken the SAT, we would like to see it The TOEFL is not required. All international students take an english test on their first day to determine how much english they need, if any.
  10. 10. Cost of complete program Costs of a Business/Sciences major =$40,378 Includes - ◦ Tuition: $ 27,502 ◦ Room & Board: $9,476 ◦ Expenses & Health Insurance: $3,400Tuition Scholarships Libermann Scholarship: ranges from $4,000 to $14,000
  11. 11.  10 different schools for Graduate study Most popular programs among International students ◦ Business ◦ Natural Sciences ◦ Pharmacy ◦ Liberal Arts Requirements ◦ TOEFL of no less than 90IBT and IELTS of 7.0 is required for all graduate programs
  12. 12. AACSB Accredited – top business schoolPrograms: MBA MS-ISM MBA-MS SMBARequirements: 550 GMAT, work experience preferred, grade B or above students 15 years of study acceptable for top grade studentsMain point: TA/GA/RA available (tuition wavier)
  13. 13. AACSB Accredited – top business schoolSMBA program (Sustainability MBA) 1 yr intense programRequirements: 550 GMAT, work experience preferred, grade B or above students 15 years of study acceptable for top grade studentsMain points Live consulting projects All applications having a GMAT score of 600 are reviewed for Scholarships
  14. 14. Programs PhD Biology PhD Chemistry MS Biotech MS ESM Joint MBA/MS ESMRequirements GRE: Quantitative 700 preferredMain points PhD students: Research immediately Scholarships & TA/RA positions available
  15. 15. Program Medicinal Chemistry  Pharmaceutics Pharmacy Administration  PharmacologyRequirements UG degree in Sciences  TOEFL=100 GRE=1000 (4.0 analytical  IBT/IELTS=7.0 writing)Main Points Top pharmacy school in the US Competitive, but if admitted, TA/RA positions available Future: PhD or Research/Teaching positions in industry/academia
  16. 16.  Top Tier, Private, Catholic, holistic university, ranked120/1400 Grade A+ School for B students UG popular programs for International students: ◦ Business, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Liberal Arts GR popular programs for Indian students: ◦ Business, Natural Sciences, Pharmacy, Liberal Arts Find students that are the Right Fit