WHI Elevator Video Production Pitch


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Pitch by creative content communications company Inner Ear for production of elevator

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  • WHI Elevator Video Production Pitch

    1. 1. Elevator PitchVideo Productionfor Wellness and Health Innovation Client Companies by Inner Ear
    2. 2. Elevator Pitch Videos• Raise client company profile• Showcase their work• Tell the story of how Wellness and Health Innovation help clients’ businesses develop• Inner Ear will: ‣ Train client companies how to present themselves ‣ Create the videos ‣ Advise on communication of the videos
    3. 3. Content• Each video will be two minutes long: ‣ 90 seconds about the client company ‣ 30 seconds on how WHI has helped them• We’ll provide the WHI sections as stand alone videos• And then create a summary showreel video for WHI
    4. 4. Content• We’ve worked with Wellness and Health Innovation for years• We know many of the client companies and understand their needs and challenges• We’ll work with the WHI team, and client companies to devise pitches and product demos that suit the nature of each business• Some specific examples are provided in our full proposal
    5. 5. Creation• Once content is captured, we’ll edit it in our studio• Drafts will be send for feedback, and two rounds of amendments made as required• We’ll incorporate logos and visual branding as specified• Additionally, we can compose music and audio branding
    6. 6. Accessibility• Making digital content accessible is vital• We understand accessibility requirements, including those for blind and deaf people• We will transcribe all videos and provide subtitles using YouTube’s closed captions feature• Uploading videos to YouTube makes them mobile compatible
    7. 7. Communication• All of the videos can be used to: ‣ Provide content for WHI and client websites ‣ Engage users in social media channels ‣ Act as inbound marketing tools• We will prepare a strategic content communication plan ‣ The plan will include scheduling and SEO for video tactics
    8. 8. Company Experience• Inner Ear was established in 2000 and launched our first project, Radio Magnetic in March 2001• Since then we’ve provided production, promotion, training and consultancy for a wide variety of clients• All of our content is, and has always been, broadcast quality• See our full proposal for more information and references
    9. 9. Contact• To find out more about Inner Ear, please visit our website, read our blog and browse our social media channels: ‣ http://www.innerear.co.uk ‣ http://innerear.posterous.com• More details, including costs, can be found in our full proposal with our video pitch and this presentation at: ‣ http://www.innerear.co.uk/drafts/whi-elevator-pitches• Or contact Dougal Perman (dougal@innerear.co.uk) on 0141 226 8808