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InKnowVision November 2012 Special HNW Marketing Webinar - Tom Kasza


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Our guest speaker Tom Kasza of Hillard Heintze will educate us on why HNW clients need a security strategy today. By designing and implementing security strategies your HNW client can be prepared for managing unforeseen personal security risks.

You will learn:
How to introduce this service to your HNW clients
How it will elevate you in your HNW market place
How to identify potential risks to your HNW clients

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InKnowVision November 2012 Special HNW Marketing Webinar - Tom Kasza

  1. 1. The Strategic Value of Assurance Enhancing the Safety, Security and Privacy of Your Families OVERVIEW OF THE HILLARD HEINTZE FAMILY OFFICE PRACTICE Discussion for InKnowVision — November 1, 2012
  2. 2. Introduction Thomas N. Kasza •  Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Strategic Relationships, Hillard Heintze •  Former CSO, Financial Services Firm with $15B AUM •  Trusted Advisor to Family Offices •  Retired senior executive, Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Secret Service© 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ |
  3. 3. A Strong Foundation Formed in 2004 by Arnette Heintze and Terry Hillard Arnette Heintze served as the U.S. Secret Service Special Agent-in-Charge in Chicago. In this capacity he planned, designed and implemented security strategies for U.S. presidents, world leaders and high-profile national events as well as protected the integrity of Americas financial infrastructure. Terry Hillard served as Chicago Police Superintendent until 2003. At the helm of the CPD, he led 13,500 officers in protecting one of the countrys largest metropolitan centers and created one of the most collaborative cultures in the history of law enforcement.© 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ | 3
  4. 4. Leaders We SupportWe provide counsel and support to a broad array of seniorexecutive leaders. These include:•  Senior Government Leaders and Business Executives•  Boards of Directors and Security Committees•  CEOs, Presidents and Business Unit Leaders•  Security Leaders: CIOs, CISOs and CSOs•  Finance and Operations Leaders: COOs and CFOs•  General Counsel and Risk and Compliance Professionals•  Security Professionals and Colleagues•  High Net Worth Individuals and Family Office Directors•  Inspectors General© 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ | 4
  5. 5. A Differentiated Platform of Excellence Five elements, taken together, differentiate our firm from others © 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ | 5
  6. 6. How We Support Our Clients Strategic Security Services Investigative Services •  Risk, Threat and •  Background Investigations Vulnerability Assessment •  Financial Crimes •  Security Program Development •  Threat Investigation and and Management Behavioral Assessment •  High Net Worth and •  Business Intelligence and Family Office Services Research •  Emergency Preparedness •  Corporate Due Diligence and Crisis Management •  Litigation Support •  Security Training and Education •  Mortgage Investigations •  Workplace Violence Prevention and Verifications •  Executive Protection and •  Ethics, Integrity and Independent Special Event Security Oversight Services © 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ | 6
  7. 7. Family Office Priorities: What We EncounterThe first four are common. The fifth is a challenge for most.© 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ | 7
  8. 8. The Value of AssuranceThree foundational tenets While much of the attention drawn to wealth is overt and benign, the covert attention is frequently the most dangerous. It’s impossible to enjoy the benefits of wealth without safety and security. You must have a baseline capability – at some level. When addressed well - which is rare – it results in a state of confidence. Peace of mind. An overwhelming sense of well being. At Hillard Heintze, we understand security. But what we deliver is assurance. © 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ | 8
  9. 9. Our Philosophy: We Take a Strategic Approach A strategic approach to security for wealthy individuals and their families is absolutely vital to managing risks and gaining assurance. What exactly is a strategic approach? •  Based fundamentally on prevention – not merely response and crisis management. •  Brings excellence to bear – across multiple domains (strategy, methodology, people, process and technology). •  Enhances lifestyle, privacy and convenience – rather than being obvious, intrusive and restrictive. Also requires trade-offs between these. •  Adapts continuously – as the risk environment evolves and the family’s needs change. •  Results most importantly – because security is essentially about “preventing future events” – in a robust level of assurance. © 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ | 9
  10. 10. The Primary Risks, Threats and Vulnerabilities Risks Threats Vulnerabilities •  Targeted violence •  Family use of social •  Travel and •  Stalking/kidnapping media transportation •  Fraud •  Insiders •  Physical and technical •  Extortion •  Emotionally security •  Reputation challenged •  Screening practices •  Physical violence •  Terminated •  Information security •  Natural and man- employees •  Denial and lack of made disasters •  Organized criminals awareness •  Identity theft and •  Cyber sleuths •  Reactive approach data loss •  Identity thieves to crises •  Loss of privacy •  Corporate espionage •  Lack of family •  Disgruntled investors emergency plan •  Troubled family •  No trusted security members advisor © 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ | 10
  11. 11. Our Support to Family Offices•  Countering the insider threat•  Protecting primary residences•  Developing a Family Emergency Plan•  Safeguarding the wellbeing of adolescents and young adults•  Taking precautions during travel•  Investigating suspicious behavior or threats to family members•  Monitoring open-source information and social media platforms•  Conducting due diligence on new vendors and suppliers•  Undertaking technical surveillance countermeasures•  Communicating with media and law enforcement© 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ | 11
  12. 12. CFR Title 26 and FAA Requirements There are some very important IRS and FAA guidelines for security- •  You can no longer simply write off the related transportation issues Gulfstream G650. •  But you can expense certain employer- provided transportation costs associated with an executive protection program. (Title 26, CFR 1.132-5) •  Also important? Addressing the FAA’s requirement that a “Certified Security Concern” be in evidence in order for the agency to block the disclosure of your aircraft tail number from public distribution. (BARR List) © 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ | 12
  13. 13. Final Considerations Don’t think “if.” Plan and practice for “when.” Appoint a trusted advisor – before an incident occurs. Helps ensure the advisor has an in-depth understanding of the preferences and circumstances of key individuals and the family. Prepares the advisor – when incidents do occur – to act as a representative of the family with the media and with law enforcement authorities. Ensures a holistic, prevention-oriented approach. And allows integration across multiple domains of expertise. Builds stable, long-term assurance – and family confidence – that the right people, processes, capabilities and technologies are in place to keep the individual or family safe and secure. © 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ | 13
  14. 14. Thank you Visit to access our extensive library of relevant thought leadership. Hillard Heintze Case Studies •  Assessing a Former Employee’s Potential for Violence – #116 •  Advancing a Short List of World-Class CSO Candidates – #117 •  Evaluating the Risks and Threats Confronting a U.S. Senator – #129 •  Conducting an Independent Security Assessment of the Residences of a CEO and His Team - #141 Hillard Heintze Strategic Security Services Brochure For additional information, contact: Hillard Heintze 360 Insight Executive BriefingsThomas Kasza, SVP, Managing Director, •  “Corporate Jets – The Security Rationale”Strategic Relationships, Hillard Heintze •  “Fraud and Embezzlement – The Insider Risk” •  “Protecting High Net Worth Individuals and Families”30 South Wacker Drive, Suite 1730 Chicago, Illinois 60606 Hillard Heintze Service Snapshots Office: (312) 229-9804 •  High Net Worth Security Advisory Services •  High Net Worth 24-Hour Crisis ResponseMobile: (312) 404-7660Email:© 2012 Hillard Heintze | Protecting What Matters ℠ | 14