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Ing goals 2012


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Ing goals 2012

  2. 2. Political Environment of American Muslims Talk of recession, gridlock in D.C. Year-long presidential campaign; President Obama misperceived to be a Muslim by many Americans; wedge issue in the campaign Public sentiments of American Muslims based on polls (slide #3) Increasing hate crimes and bullying of Muslim students (slide #4) “Sharia creep” campaign Anti-mosque campaigns and protests Peter King hearings on alleged radicalization of American Muslims – narrowly focused Arab Spring & Pal-Israeli conflict Media coverage of the above
  3. 3. Public Sentiments of American Muslims According to a January 2010 Gallup Poll:  53% of Americans have unfavorable view of Islam  43% admit to feeling prejudice toward Muslims  66% disagree that Muslims accept other religions  68% disagree that Christian and Muslim religious beliefs are basically the same  81% disagree that most Muslims believe women and men should have equal rights
  4. 4. Bullying of Students Today Bullying of American Muslim Students  2010 survey of teenage youth found that 80% had experienced harassment  50% reported being called names in front of teachers or administrators  SF Chronicle reported that 80% of boys had been called terrorist Bullying in Schools in General  Over 40% of school staff in a recent NEA poll indicated that bullying is a prominent problem in their school  41% of staff witnessed at least one bullying incident per week  35% indicated that at least one student reported bullying to them in the past month.  16% indicated that a parent had reported a bullying incident to them  Although willing to intervene in bullying situations, over 50% of staff indicated there were few formal bullying prevention activities in their schools  60% report that their schools do not have a formal anti-bullying program in place
  5. 5. Possible Impact of Political Environment on American Muslims “We hope for the best…” Increased hate incidences and crimes Increased vandalism of property Increased harassment and bullying of children in schools Increased discrimination in housing and employment Increased stresses on mental and physical health Increased demands on ING and its Affiliates Added scrutiny of Muslim leaders and Muslim founded organizations
  6. 6. ING Goals 2012 Mission: Counter prejudice and discrimination against American Muslims by teaching about their traditions and contributions in the context of America’s history and cultural diversity, while building relations between American Muslims and other groups. Continue to broaden reach and have greater impact while keeping costs down. Strategies are in this order of priority 1. Disseminate online content & create new content 2. Increase numbers of cultural diversity seminars 3. Support existing Affiliates and further expand working with MSA’s 4. Expand bullying prevention program