Welcome to Open Apereo 2013


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Welcome to Open Apereo 2013

  1. 1. Monday, 3 June 13
  2. 2. Ian Dolphin, Apereo Executive Directorian.dolphin@apereo.orgMonday, 3 June 13Introduction.Here to to do some housekeeping.To provide you with a snapshot overview of where we are in this formative stage of our existence.And to ask some questions you might like to consider and discuss during the week.
  3. 3. Monday, 3 June 13Thanks all our sponsors, and our Gold Sponsors, Asahi Net and Longsight.These events would be a lot more expensive for participants without their helpShow of appreciation...
  4. 4. HousekeepingMee#ng  Space  Wifi  –  SSID:  Wes#n  ConferencePassword:  ape717693Wes#n  Guest  Room  Wifi  –  Accept  “charges”  in  order  to  connect,  and  they  will  be  removed  from  your  final  bill.Mee#ngs  Room  are  NOT  secured!  Please  do  not  leave  your  items  unaRended.Monday, 3 June 13Thanks to planning committee, program committee, social events committee.And thanks to those who organise Apereo events elsewhere - the Apereo, Sakai and ESUP events in Japan, Europe, South Africaand Mexico which have already taken place this year and drawn around 340 attendees
  5. 5. ... and welcome ApereoA new non profit organisationregistered in New Jersey ...... here’s a word from a New Jerseyresident on the merger of Jasig and SakaiMonday, 3 June 13I’m here to welcome you, but we’re all here to welcome Apereo.
  6. 6. Mission“... collaborate to foster, develop, andsustain open technologies andinnovation to support learning,teaching, and research."Monday, 3 June 13to assist and facilitate educational organizations which ... [mission]Focus on academic mission delivery NOT on administration.Combine Jasig - application and infrastructure and Sakai’s teaching learning and research focus
  7. 7. 72Monday, 3 June 13“State of the Foundation” NotesStill two-thirds US based - but growing internationallyMove from being a US organisation with groups elsewhere to beingAn international organization with a strong US presenceOpportunities: India and Latin America
  8. 8. ESUP -TextText73 French Universities80% FrenchHigher EducationMonday, 3 June 13Adapt, localize, create open source software - Contribute to i8n efforts - Participate in incubationprocess - contribute code (uMobile) - contribute to adoption (Sakai CLE as MOOC for FrenchHigher Ed, sponsored by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  9. 9. New BoardMonday, 3 June 13Most global board - Japan, France, Australia, United Kingdom, United StatesSpread of institutions - research intensives and othersMix of CIO’s and Senior Managers, software developersIn many ways, the most diverse board I’ve worked with -- and Theresa’s keynote subject is about one of the obvious gaps in that diversity ...
  10. 10. Foundation Priorities1 Focus onprojects &communitiesMonday, 3 June 13the first priority runs through *all* our work ...
  11. 11. Current Foundation Priorities6Complete legal workRedevelop websiteRationalise infrastructureIncubation reviewAdvisory CouncilStrategic planningMonday, 3 June 13So I’m going to spend 10 minutes talking about legal intricacies.just checking you were awake ...Some of this stuff will be invisible - it’s background, bread and butter work ...
  12. 12. Monday, 3 June 13Some is much more visibleNew web site will be built in stages - next stage involves re-presentation of project materialand a focal point for many of our regional groupsFuture work includes matchmaking support. We want this site to become a community hub.
  13. 13. Advisory CouncilMichaelFeldsteinMonday, 3 June 13Advisory Council of senior figures from institutions inside and outside the Apereo Community.Michael Feldstein taking point on putting that togetherAnnouncement on web site this week
  14. 14. Advisory CouncilMonday, 3 June 13Now when I googled for an image of Michael for that slide, I go an interesting resultCasey Green, and some of the other connections I got, but what’s [click] that about?Anything we should know?
  15. 15. Board Strategic PlanningMonday, 3 June 13Statement this week -Role of the BoardHow Apereo fits the Higher Education landscapeApereo Project PortfolioIncubation & Software LifecyclePriorities for immediate actionMore on this on Thursday in my closing comments
  16. 16. Incubationhttp://www.apereo.org/incubationMonday, 3 June 13Identified incubation as an essential piece of how we support the software lifecycle.How innovation becomes sustainable.Reviewing former Jasig process. Part of that review is an extensive survey of community opinion.More in a session this week, but the online survey is open until the end of the conference.Even if you skip some questions, please contribute to the survey results.
  17. 17. Software Communitiesand ProjectsMonday, 3 June 1320,000 feet view of SOME of our projects - not time for even a basic scorecard on all of themPlenty of opportunities to catch up this week
  18. 18. Project Health - uPortalMonday, 3 June 13UPortal Steering Group, committers, portlet contributors - anyone associated with uPortal -Calendar, Notification portlets, Event tracking an analytics toolsseven patch releases,
  19. 19. Project(s) Health - Mobile• uMobile - leverages uPortal for mobile• Oakland deploys IOS app as MySail• UPMC Sorbonne, Normandie, La Rochelledeploy browser based version• Keitai - enriched services for CLE• Leverage between initiatives exploredMonday, 3 June 13New Keitai initiative work in Sakai CLE going very well -ESUP code contributions to uMobile
  20. 20. Project Health - Bedework• Bedework 3.9 Released January 2013• Event registration module added• Solr indexing• New adopters -■ New Haven Public Library■ San Diego Public Library• Scheduling assistant incorporatedMonday, 3 June 13New release, new adoptions.Major calendaring event coinciding with ours (hmm .. need a better calendaring solution), but session where you can find outmore this week.
  21. 21. Project Health - Sakai CLE• 2.9 - a major release• Performance improvements• Look and feel improvements• Lessons now part of core• Improved GradeBook, Tests & Quizzes,forums, messages ... and moreMonday, 3 June 13Great work that Rutgers did with Lessons is now in core. 2.92 release the other day. Significant improvements in perfromancescaleability and tools.Sakai CLE pushing into new, if related areas - HEC Montreal, Amsterdam, French HE MOOCs - using CLE at scale.New adoptions. NYU completed transition from Blackboard.
  22. 22. Project Health - CAS• CAS 3.5.2 latest general release• Continued improvements• Widely adopted in higher ed (& outside!)• Ecosystem of open source extensions• New committersMonday, 3 June 13Remember where CAS, our widely used single sign on solution came from - Yale CAS - Yale moved CAS to Jasig almost ten yearsago
  23. 23. Project Health - Apereo OAEMonday, 3 June 13[Note: Spend no more than 3 minutes...]Project partner departures last June-August - Meeting the challenge of scaleability - new technology stackVery significant progress - testament to teamNew investor - Marist. Project capitalised for next year. Incubation when new process initiatedQuestions about how our community organises projects -Very large investments make projects brittle - and a smaller project here seems to be achieving more.Not the only question posed there -Something to reflect on during the course of the week. Return to that on Thursday.
  24. 24. Monday, 3 June 13This week is about Apereo, which means it’s about you, and about those who cant be here, but who participate in ourcommunity. Without active participants, our community is nothing.We talk a lot about code contributions, and they’re important. But active participation can take a variety of forms -it can besimply through the contribution of your time, and your own specific expertise.We really are about valuing diversity, and about building a culture of contribution. I believe this week marks a vital stage in that.Welcome again, and have a great week!
  25. 25. Challenges, Encouragement, and Women inIT - Does it Matter?Theresa Rowe, Chief Information Officer,Oakland UniversityMonday, 3 June 13