Draft essay on domestic violence


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Draft essay on domestic violence

  1. 1. Domestic Violence 2012 Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a serious problem, which occurs in many countries. In recentyears, domestic violence or family violence has been recognized as a serious problemglobally and one which not only has many harmful effects on family members but is also"expensive for women, the community and the nation". The only real common denominatoris that the vast majority of its victims are women because of few causes. Cambodia has beendominated by war for more than two decades, and its regimes have changed many times. Thishas resulted in an unstable social structure, economic slowdown and shortcomings in the fieldof education. These are factors adversely causing domestic violence. In Cambodia, people arenot really interested in this problem because they always think that “plates in a basket willrattle”, meaning domestic conflicts happen inevitably. Many Cambodians think that domesticviolence is normal. As a result, domestic violence or family violence is a serious problem thateffects on family, community, and nation by many causes such as, the low education,poverty, unemployment, drink, gambling, cinema, mass media, and sex. First of all, domestic violence is caused by the low education. Domestic Violencehappens almost in every family especially in the area where people are low educated and noaccess to information. Domestic Violence is one of Violence against Women forms. Thereare many cases of domestic violence publishing on newspapers everyday and mostly womenare victims. There are many reasons behind domestic violence such as drunk and bad temperof husband and so on. There are some researches mentioned that domestic violence sufferedfrom gender-base violence which was implemented during Khmer Rouge regime. DomesticViolence was and probably still considered as family affairs which has nothing to do with lawand rights. People mostly not had a willingness to report to local authority or provideconsultant since they think it is their family problem. In fact, domestic violence is a crime 1
  2. 2. Domestic Violence 2012regarding to Domestic Violence law. Because of code of conduct for women and Cambodiantradition and culture, domestic violence become a silent crime and causes a deeply sufferingin most of Cambodian women’s heart. Without access to education, information and helpservice, women keep silent and think that it is their sin and there is no way besides accept it.Domestic violence not only destroys the family harmony but also the children’s future.Children see their father use violence as a normal behavior and usable to their futurewife/husband and children. Moreover, domestic violence might even because the children todrop out from school since their mother couldn’t afford the family income alone. Second, poverty effects on domestic violence. Poverty is a big factor in many cases ofdomestic violence. The pressure of a job loss; no jobs available and perhaps losing a personshome or bills piling in is a great deal of pressure. People that are rich poor; different races canhave domestic violence in their home. The person who is the abuser is generally a product oftheir environment. Third, unemployment effects on domestic violence in Cambodia. An extensive 2004report by the National Institute of Justice found that the rate of violence against womenincreases as male unemployment increases. When a womans male partner is employed, therate of violence is 4.7 percent. Its 7.5 percent when the male experiences one period ofunemployment. Its 12.3 percent when the male experiences two or more periods ofunemployment. Fourth, Domestic violence or family violence is a serious problem that effects onfamily, community, and nation by cause drink alcohol or drug, The relationship betweenalcohol or other substance abuse and domestic violence is complicated. A prevailing mythabout domestic violence is that alcohol and drugs are the major causes of domestic abuse. Inreality, some abusers rely on substance use (and abuse) as an excuse for becoming violent. 2
  3. 3. Domestic Violence 2012Alcohol allows the abuser to justify his abusive behavior as a result of the alcohol. While anabuser’s use of alcohol may have an effect on the severity of the abuse or the ease with whichthe abuser can justify his actions, an abuser does not become violent “because” drinkingcauses him to lose control of his temper. As described more fully in the section on theories ofviolence, domestic violence is used to exert power and control over another; it does notrepresent a loss of control. Alcohol does affect the user’s ability to perceive, integrate andprocess information. This distortion in the user’s thinking does not cause violence, but mayincrease the risk that the user will misinterpret his partner or another’s behavior. Fifth, the gambling also effects on domestic violence in Cambodia. The gamblingoften leads to domestic violence because when they play gambling, they need more money,so they must pay money to play it. However, they have enough money to play, so they doviolent against their wife in order to take money to play gambling. Sixth, cinema and mass media are also affected on domestic violence because ViolentMovie, Play boy or Ma fear Movie. Can make some people feel to do like. I always saw someplay boy or men (husbands) that lived in Phnom Penh and also rural were talking aboutViolent Movie such as Play boy or Ma fear Movie in China or USA movie. After, theywatched these movies already; they always practiced to fight wife or children. The last cause, it is sex. Why do I think like that? Because sex is the kind of violenceincluding domestic or publish violence, it mean that when men or husbands want to sex withtheir partners or wives, they must force in order to rap also. Conclusion, Domestic violence is a serious problem in Cambodia, either in urbanareas or in rural areas. The domestic violence occurred between two parties (husband andwife) or three parties (husband, first wife, and step-wife) and between other members in thefamily and self-violence (suicide). The cases that occurred most often in the data are abuses 3
  4. 4. Domestic Violence 2012between husband and wife. In my opinion, I think that we must stop domestic violence orfamily violence because it effects to develop community or country.Reference: 1. Nakagawa Kasumi (2006) “More than white cloth”. 2. Dr.Hean Sokhom (April1999) “The Portrayal of Domestic violence in Cambodian Newspapers”. 3. http://sokhayouk.wordpress.com/2009/06/21/domestic_violence/ 4. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_does_poverty_cause_domestic_violence_Or_does_d omestic_violence_cause_poverty#ixzz3sW2wEzRe 5. http://www.examiner.com/unemployment-in-rochester/unemployment-s-relationship- to-domestic-violence-and-alternatives-for-battered-women-rochester#ixzz3sW1KFE4 4