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What is a good presentation


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Published in: Education
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What is a good presentation

  1. 1. What is a Good Presentation?Or how to get your message over
  2. 2. Content and StructureA good presentation will have;A Beginning a Middle And an EndAn Introduction Main Content A ConclusionThis will be an overview Each slide will have a main The conclusion willor brief explanation of the title stating what the topic is be an overview ofmain headings and about, for example; Location what thecontent of the and a brief explanation of presentation waspresentation. what this means. about together with a “flourish”, i.e. The presenter will deliver a why Channel 4 more complex explanation should commission of the slide content using your documentary. pre-prepared notes in the What you hope to “notes” pane. achieve.
  3. 3. How a Good Presentation should “Look”A good presentation will : Be well laid out and easy to read, i.e. the text will be big enough to be read easily at the back of the room. Stand out from the background in an easy to read type face or font style (this font style is Eras Medium ITC). Not contain large amount of information in very small type sizes Have the same type size for ALL “body text” on a slide. This is 20pt text. Contain section headings that are in a larger text size and might be a different font style. The heading on this slide is 32pt Broadway. Contain some effects/transitions but will not be overly complicated. So as not to distract the audience from the message. Good; headings that appear at a click of the mouse as the topic is being explained. Bad; paragraphs of text or letters that appear that “assemble” one letter or word at a time (extremely irritating and distracting; typewriter affect). Understand that the message is more important than the background; the background design will not overwhelm the message Use illustrations that are relevant to the message.
  4. 4. A good presenter will Always be smartly dressed. Always have rehearsed the content and timing of their presentation. Will have “Q” cards to remind them of what they should be saying OR will have memorised the script. Not read from a script (nothing is more distracting than a presenter who keeps their eyes firmly on and reads directly from a script without looking at their audience. Always look at and keep eye contact with their audience. It keeps the audience’s attention focussed on the presenter. Remember you are selling something and need to keep their attention. But will “glance” at the screen occasionally to make sure what they are saying relates to what is being displayed. The is nothing more confusing for the audience than for you to be talking about hiring equipment and the slide showing “talent”. Try not to speak in a “monotone”. Have a copy of the presentation with notes/script for distribution to the audience (you will not need to do this, just have one set to hand in to the tutor). Finish on time; this is one reason why you should rehearse.