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Wikiliteracy - Ball & White


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Presented at LILAC 2019

Published in: Education
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Wikiliteracy - Ball & White

  1. 1. Sensitivity: Internal Wikiliteracy Caroline Ball, Academic Librarian Jonathan White, Academic Librarian
  2. 2. Sensitivity: Internal Background • #1lib1ref • Women in Red project • International Women’s Day editathon • University Learning and Teaching Conference
  3. 3. Sensitivity: Internal Information Literacy Framework
  4. 4. Sensitivity: Internal Academic perspectives on Wikipedia: from this… “I think it is like anything in that it has to be viewed critically and people have to understand how it is sourced, created and funded.” “I just see it as something that is not necessarily reliable.” “It has no value whatsoever.” “Wikipedia is replete with factual errors, tendentious statements and is underpinned by poor and thin research.”
  5. 5. Sensitivity: Internal …to this “It’s something interesting to potentially do with students.” “You’ve made me reconsider what Wikipedia is and what it’s for.”
  6. 6. Sensitivity: Internal Module planning • New Content Development module in planning stages • Planned module timeline • Created custom marking rubric • Planned individual and group assignments • Created programme on Wikipedia dashboard Timeline: Week 1: Course introduction Week 2: Editing essentials Week 3: Evaluating articles and sources Week 4: Research and citations Week 5: Plagiarism and copyright Week 6: Using images and media files Week 7: London Book Fair Week 8: Cyber-safety, online communities and dealing with harassment Week 9: Feedback and peer reviewing Week 10: Criticisms of Wikipedia Week 11: Portfolio work Week 12: Recap, tutorials and feedback
  7. 7. Sensitivity: Internal Custom marking rubric
  8. 8. Sensitivity: Internal Assignments Assignment A - individual Substantially edit 1 article of your choice Additional content must be roughly 1500 words Additional content can include references, info box, new sections Also submit 500 word report detailing decisions made, approach used. Assignment B - group Create a portfolio of mixed edits Could be: • 2 brand new articles • Adding 30 missing references • Translating existing articles • Combination of above Weekly blog detailing experiences, decisions made, difficulties etc.
  9. 9. Sensitivity: Internal Wikipedia educational dashboard
  10. 10. Sensitivity: Internal Tracking articles edited
  11. 11. Sensitivity: Internal Tracking user activity
  12. 12. Sensitivity: Internal Wikipedia training modules
  13. 13. Sensitivity: Internal Delivery Activities included: • photography masterclass • speed-dating peer review • Citation Hunt competition • ‘Google Yourself’ digital footprint activity • copyright card game Sessions designed to be very interactive: • 1st hour – lecture- style presentation • 2nd hour – activities • 3rd and 4th hour – Wikipedia editing
  14. 14. Sensitivity: Internal Student feedback Feedback collected weekly: • 1 thing you liked • 1 thing you didn’t like • 1 thing you learned “I enjoyed how hands-on this lecture was.” “I liked gaining a little more confidence.” “I liked how hands-on we are with Wikipedia.” “Application of critical thinking within Wikipedia.” “Felt like editing an article wasn’t as daunting as I once thought.” “There wasn’t really anything about it that I didn’t like.” “Nothing to really dislike.” “I learnt to keep trying!” “I learned how to find good sources of information.” “Found it interesting to research different topics.” “The very practical lessons – Kahoot, card game and photography: fun!” “I liked spending time looking at articles and finding references.”
  15. 15. Sensitivity: Internal The future… Currently in talks with History department to do a similar module focusing around local history Looking to create a generic module that can run in place of existing skills modules Planning to use Wikipedia as part of library skills sessions and workshops to teach concepts of research, referencing etc.
  16. 16. Sensitivity: Internal Questions?
  17. 17. Sensitivity: Internal Caroline Ball Academic Librarian University of Derby Email: Telephone: 01332 591760 Twitter: @heroicendeavour Jonathan White Academic Librarian University of Derby Email: Telephone: 0161 987 284 Twitter: @jonwhite82