How to effectively use twitter for lead generation


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  • How to effectively use twitter for lead generation

    1. 1. How to Effectively Use Twitter for Lead Generation
    2. 2. Overview•Even though social media was originally created to help peoplestay in touch with family and friends, it has become the perfectmarketplace for companies to talk to each other and theircustomers to better grow their businesses.•Because of the fast pace Twitter employs, it can be the perfectoption to stay on top of communicating quality content aboutyour business.•When you make use of Twitter, you will be able to quicklycompose messages that will be better able to reach your intendedaudience, helping you with lead generation that is essential togrowing your business.
    3. 3. Benefits•Because of the fast pace Twitter employs, itcan be the perfect option to stay on top ofcommunicating quality content about yourbusiness.•When you make use of Twitter, you will beable to quickly compose messages that will bebetter able to reach your intended audience,helping you with lead generation that isessential to growing your business.
    4. 4. Tweets for Searches•A great method for using Twitteras lead generation tool is bycreating promoted tweets that willshow up in the searches.•Creating a promotion or two thatis detailed in two to three tweetswill allow you to reach a greatnumber of users. Make sure youuse several keywords for thesecampaigns to help people moreeasily find you when they search.•It is also important to make surethe tweets you create is relevantand timely.
    5. 5. Tweets for Searches•When you choose to run promoted tweets insearches for this social media network, it isimportant to pay attention to major events inyour industry.•When major events occur, Twitter will beoverrun with people looking for information.Take advantage of this increased traffic.•Make use of event-specific hashtags and jointhe conversation to help build your leadgeneration efforts.
    6. 6. Tweets for Timelines•Another way to utilize Twitter for leadgeneration is ensuring that yourbusiness makes use of promoted tweetsin timelines.•By doing so, you are targeting thepeople who are following you, as well asother users who have similar interests toyour followers.
    7. 7. Tweets for Timelines•To have the biggest impact with timelinefocused tweets, you need to make sure thecontent is timely and something that willengage your readers to interact with you.•All you need to do is set up a series of tweetsthat will be rotated through the timeline for aset period of time before you set up a newsocial media campaign.
    8. 8. Messages•Engage in other conversations tobecome an active participant and earnyourself more followers and leads.•Don’t be afraid to join in on fun postsand other conversations, especiallythose that are started by yourfollowers. They will appreciate thatyou are paying attention to what theyhave to say, even when it doesn’trelate to your business.
    9. 9. Messages•Your goal in using any social media for leadgeneration is to contribute usefulinformation.•This includes retweeting posts you findthat are relevant to your business anduseful to your followers.•However, it is still important to make sureyou also write your own content.
    10. 10. Messages•Only promote your business about 20percent of the time. The other 80 percentshould be fun, engaging posts.•For every nine tweets that are related toyour industry in general or your topics ofinterest, post one about your businessspecifically.
    11. 11. Managing Results and Tracking•Being able to track your results is animportant aspect of using Twitter for leadgeneration.•One of the best ways to track your progress isto review the feeds of anyone who startsfollowing you so you can learn how to betterengage them.•Another important thing to do is to track yourlead conversion rate, keeping close track ofhow many Twitter leads convert to sales.
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