How to Master Twitter


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Whether you’re just getting acquainted with Twitter or you’re antsy about dipping your toes in the water, we have a Twitter-specific presentation to cover all of your questions regarding business usage of Twitter.

How can Twitter be used to generate leads for business? How can you use it to widen your business network? How do you tweet? What do you tweet about and how often should you do it? We cover the ins and outs:

- Setting up a profile
- Writing a tweet
- Signs and symbols, hashtags and more
- How to find people to tweet to
- How to grow your follower base
- How to find great content to share

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  • Hello! Welcome to our webinar. I’m Christine Luc and I’m the marketing lead for AdvisorDeck, and today we’ll talk about how to get started using and making the most out of Twitter, as well as current and upcoming Twitter features we’ll be incorporating into AdvisorDeck. I’ll leave some time for Q+A afterward. Please use the “questions” box in GoToWebinar to submit questions along the way, and I’ll walk through them at the end of the call.
  • For those of you that aren’t familiar with AdvisorDeck, AdvisorDeck is an online marketing suite for financial advisors that brings together various online marketing tools that are vital to the financial services space. We offer blogging and social media scheduling tools. We pair that with FINRA-approved content by leading resources in the AdvisorDeck Marketplace. All of that is supported by compliant archiving services as well as extensive resources for marketing best practices.
  • How to Master Twitter

    1. 1. HOW TO MASTERTWITTERChristine LucMarketing SpecialistAdvisorDeck, LLC
    2. 2. At AdvisorDeck, we merge Marketing tech Engaging content Compliance Expert guidance Ease of use
    4. 4. Your Profile Page• Profile photo can be headshot or company logo• Wallpaper should incorporate company colors• Header picture (the picture behind the profile picture) should not clash with photo • Avoid using too much text in this image• Have a professional page that conveys your brand.
    5. 5. Tweets• Tweets are short messages that are 140 characters max• Can include links• How short should a tweet be? • If you need ideas on how long to make your tweet, keep it around 100 characters so that people can retweet it. • For an idea of that length, type out the sentence above. Twitter and AdvisorDeck both include a character count!
    6. 6. What can you tweet about?• Share content• Share business updates, including photos• Connect with your clients by mentioning common interests• Business events you’re attending
    8. 8. Basic Signs• @ - This is a mention symbol. When you type out a username, that user will see that you mentioned them • If you start a tweet with this symbol, only that user will see your message. It will not show up on the Twitter feed• RT – This means retweet. RT is an indicator that someone shared someone else’s tweet.
    9. 9. Advanced Signs• MT – Modified tweet. To share a tweet that you edited for length, use MT• .@ - To start a tweet by mentioning a user while also making sure that everyone can see the tweet, put a period before @, otherwise starting a tweet with @ will only be visible to the user you mention
    10. 10. HASHTAGS
    11. 11. Beginner hashtag tips• # - This is a hashtag (known outside of Twitter as a pound sign)• Use this to tag your tweet with searchable topics• For hashtag recommendations, see here:• for-financial-professionals/• the-financial-industry/
    12. 12. Advanced hashtag tips• You can add 1-3 hashtags at the end of a short tweet or incorporate it into a message• AVOID: #tweets like this that #make every other #word into a #hashtag• Find hashtags affiliated with conferences that you attend and use them to network• Promote your event with a hashtag to get people talking about your event! • Keep the promotional hashtag short and easy to remember
    13. 13. HOW TO FIND PEOPLE
    14. 14. Where to search for people:• Look at your Twitter recommendations• Link Twitter to your email to find existing clients on Twitter• Klout and Twellow are great tools for finding industry influencers• Follow people who share your tweets and if they’re in your industry, keep in touch with them• Twitter advanced search
    16. 16. Resources• LinkedIn Today• Twitter’s Discover tab• Google Reader• Google News• Publications and TV channels you absorb on a regular basis
    18. 18. What should you do?• Schedule tweets on a regular basis so that your followers know when to expect updates• Make conversations with prospects and peers outside of your tweet schedule!• Understand that developing relationships is a long-term strategy in social media
    19. 19. QUESTIONS
    20. 20. Getting Started• Go to and create a new account• Follow the guided setup process• Support and best practices• Questions?