The Business of Twitter


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The Business of Twitter

  1. 1. The #Business of #Twitter How Tweeting is an Effective Marketing Tool for Businesses Megan Bolda
  2. 2. I. Starting your Twitter Account II.Why Twitter is Beneficial to your Business III.Twitter Etiquette for your Business IV.How to Effectively Use Twitter for your Business Account
  3. 3. Download Twitter on your Device
  4. 4. Sign Up
  5. 5. Set Profile
  6. 6. Start Following
  7. 7. Why is having a Twitter Account for you Business Beneficial?
  8. 8. It is a great way to connect with existing customers and potential customers • There are over 500 million Twitter users-that is a lot of potential users that could see what your business has to offer • Twitter for business is great for problem resolution • Connecting on a social media outlet such as Twitter, increases the chance of your business being talked about and noticed.
  9. 9. Branding • Using Twitter for business gives you a chance to get your brand out there • You don’t have to be a large company to get your brand noticed • Let people know what purpose your business serves and do it in a unique way
  10. 10. Customer Feedback • Using Twitter allows you to connect with those in the Twitter world including users that have used your products or services • What is the word on your business? Were people satisfied/dissatisfied? • Who is saying what? • Twitter allows you to know what people are saying about your company and gives you a chance to make it what you want
  11. 11. Marketing • Twitter is a great way to take advantage of FREE marketing • It lets users know about new and existing products and services
  12. 12. News • Use Twitter to keep your users up to date with news in your company • What are the latest updates? • How will these updates reach and effect the customers? • Keep your customers close and informed with news Tweets
  13. 13. Promotions • Twitter is a great way to Tweet coupon codes and promotions for your customers/users • People love great deals so why not give them a reason to direct traffic to your page and also bring in money
  14. 14. Competition • By using Twitter, you can follow your competition • What are they Tweeting about and how can you use their Tweets as an advantage? • Twitter allows constant access to your competitors which you wouldn’t ordinarily get without social media • Follow your competition and get a leg up
  15. 15. Increases Sales • Having a Twitter account is just another opportunity to get advertised what you have to offer, thus bringing in more sales • The more people you have access to, the more potential buyers you could have • Promotions via Tweets are always good for a boost in sales
  16. 16. Twitter Etiquette for your Business
  17. 17. Follow Others with Shared Interests • You want to follow other businesses and users that are somehow related to your business • Follow users that have like topics pertaining to your business • Follow your competitors • Follow suppliers, producers, like organizations,etc.
  18. 18. Follow the Right Way • If someone starts following you, follow them back • Try to have an even balance of followers and users that you follow • Twitter will deactivate accounts if they think a user is being suspicious (example: starting to follow a large amount of users in a short period of time) so be careful! • Understand who your followers are and how to reach them proactively
  19. 19. Worthy Tweets • Post Tweets in the 140 characters that are useful to your followers • Use shortened URLs for Tweet links • Decide on the right frequency of Tweets but Tweet frequently enough to stay noticed and informative • Be professional
  20. 20. How to Use Twitter Effectively for your Business Account
  21. 21. Present Your Brand • Twitter allows you to tell your story in a short, unique way to many users • Choose an easy username but remember that it should be informative and reflect your business • Choose a smart profile picture that captures your business in a single image (your image will be next to every Tweet you post) • Customize or choose a header image that tells the brands story
  22. 22. Build a Strong Foundation • Give enough information about your business so that people can easily find you • Use your bio to talk about the benefits that your company offers • Throw in some personality • Share your web address and access to other outlets to promote your business
  23. 23. Start Following • Be very selective about who you follow • Build relationships via Twitter with industry leaders • Some good ideas for who to follow include: – – – – – – Customers Business partners Suppliers Competitors Organizations closely related to your companies purpose Other Businesses in the neighborhood
  24. 24. Talk • Be smart about what you Tweet • Don’t be offensive, be informative • Know what your followers and customers WANT to hear • Focus on the benefits for your followers • Take advantage of promoting your business
  25. 25. Drive Traffic Tweet links Reply to your messages Comment Start conversations to attract other users and customers • Give people reasons why they should visit your Twitter • “Re-Tweet” • • • •
  26. 26. Share and Add • Share photos relevant to your business • Add videos • This is a fun way other than words to get what you are doing out to your users
  27. 27. #Hashtags • Hashtags mark specific topics that people are Tweeting about • Using hashtags can connect you with other people interested in those specific topics • Search your products and services to see who is Tweeting about them and what they are saying
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