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Unexpected Answers On Tech-Job Interview Riddles

Unexpected Answers On Tech-Job Interview Riddles features the best challenging logic and math puzzles that job seekers can encounter in interviews at high-tech companies. Innovative companies such as LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Microsoft use these types of questions to identify the most intelligent candidates: product managers, marketing specialists, software engineers, and new MBA graduates. This presentation includes the best riddles from the book "Job Interview Logic Puzzles" that is a collection of logic riddles, brainteasers, and spatial thinking questions, training people to confront unexpected questions, to think outside the box, and to elaborate upon non-standard solutions. The book chapters Numbers, Brain Teasers, Guesstimation, Thinking Outside The Box, Spatial Thinking, and Probability include 170 logic puzzles and answers.

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Unexpected Answers On Tech-Job Interview Riddles

  2. How to find a car on a street if you don’t remmember the place? Gountilltheendandgoback ifyouarenotlucky. 1 © Igor Kokcharov
  3. How many times heavier than a baby is an adult? 20times2 © Igor Kokcharov
  4. What is the probability that at least two Londeners have the same number of hairs? Theprobabilityis1.3 © Igor Kokcharov
  5. How much does 100 cost if 1 costs $10 and 20 costs $20? $304 © Igor Kokcharov
  6. What is the most important math sign? 5 Allofthem. © Igor Kokcharov
  7. How many seconds are there in a year? 126 © Igor Kokcharov
  8. Estimate the number of cubes in a pyramid with a height of 300 cubes? 9,000,0007 © Igor Kokcharov
  9. Benny Bunny starts jumping from a hole. Every leap is twice as long as the previous one. Does Benny have a chance to come back to the hole? No8 © Igor Kokcharov
  10. How many tennis balls can fit in a school bus? 200,0009 © Igor Kokcharov
  11. A $40,000 car loses 50% per year. When does the value of the car become less than $5? After13years10 © Igor Kokcharov
  12. The answers on the challenging questions in the book © Igor Kokcharov Click to look inside
  13. Weturnabouttheverticalaxistolookback.11 © Igor Kokcharov Why do mirrors reverse right and left instead of up and down?
  14. How to make it correct? Putawaytheredtack.12 © Igor Kokcharov
  15. 12 © Igor Kokcharov
  16. If 2 salesmen can sell three luxury cars in 4 days, how many cars can 5 salesmen sell to six clients in 7 days? Six13 © Igor Kokcharov
  17. ACCORD14 © Igor Kokcharov ACCESS ACCEPT ACCORD ACCENT Find the odd one out.
  18. 100000000000000000000000000000000 15 © Igor Kokcharov What is 2 to the power of 32?
  19. Two16 © Igor Kokcharov How many coins must you move to make two lines with five coins each?
  20. If you are redhead you have more than the average number of hair. This is . . Verylikely.17 © Igor Kokcharov
  21. Four cowboys have a meeting. Each cowboy has 1 bullet. Each cowboy randomly chooses and successfully shoots another cowboy. What is the probability that all of them are shot?1/918 © Igor Kokcharov
  22. How many integer numbers are there that are twice the sum of its digits? 119 © Igor Kokcharov
  23. We want to merge 4 companies into one big company. How many ways are there to merge? You may merge only 2 companies at once. 1820 © Igor Kokcharov The answers on the challenging questions in the book © Igor Kokcharov Click to look inside
  24. What is the screen width of a 15'' laptop with the ratio of the screen height to the width 4 : 3 ? 12’’21 © Igor Kokcharov
  25. I am playing Russian roulette. I randomly spun the chamber and fired but nothing was fired. Would I rather fire the gun again or respin the chamber and then fire? Respin22 © Igor Kokcharov
  26. What is the average of the largest of 9 random numbers from 0 to 1? 0.923 © Igor Kokcharov
  27. What is the largest time that is the same upside down? 22:2224 © Igor Kokcharov
  28. What is the smallest number divisible by 225 that consists of 1’s and 0? 11100001025 © Igor Kokcharov
  29. Babylonians used a base 60 number system. What shape inspired them to decide that a circle has 360 degrees? hexagon26 © Igor Kokcharov
  30. Which direction is the London school bus going? Right27 © Igor Kokcharov
  31. Divide the circles into two groups so that the sums of the numbers of each group are equal. What is the sum? 21or2428 © Igor Kokcharov
  32. How many letters are there in the word which is always spelled wrong? 529 © Igor Kokcharov
  33. Place the cards into two boxes so that the probability of random drawing of the card with letter B is at maximum. What is the probability? 0.7530 © Igor Kokcharov O B B Y B
  34. The answers on the challenging questions in the book © Igor Kokcharov Click to look inside