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Demo of security tool nessus - Network vulnerablity scanner


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Demo of Security Tool - Nessus - Network Vulnerability Scanner.


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Demo of security tool nessus - Network vulnerablity scanner

  1. 1. NESSUS Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 1
  2. 2. Index Topic Reference Slide Introduction to Nessus 3 History 4 Architecture 5 Operation 6 NASL 9 Features 10 Nessus UI 13 References 14 Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 2 Offshore software development company India
  3. 3. Nessus: A security vulnerability scanning tool • Remote security scanning tool • Raises an alert if it discovers any vulnerabilities that malicious hackers could exploit • Runs over 1200 checks to test if any of the attacks could be used to break in • Used by network administrators Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 3 Offshore software development company India
  4. 4. History • Started by Renaud Deraison in 1998 • The motive was to provide to the Internet community a free remote security scanner • On October 5, 2005, Tenable Network Security changed Nessus 3 to a proprietary (closed source) license • In July 2008, Tenable Network Security sent out a revision of the feed license that allowed home users full access to plugin feeds Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 4 Offshore software development company India
  5. 5. The Nessus Architecture • Nessus is based upon a client-server model • The Nessus server: nessusd • Responsible for performing the actual vulnerability tests • Listening to incoming connections from Nessus clients that end users use to configure and launch specific scans • Nessus clients must authenticate to the server before they are allowed to launch scans • This architecture makes it easier to administer the Nessus installations Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 5 Offshore software development company India
  6. 6. Operation • Nessus allows scans for : • Vulnerabilities that allow a remote hacker to control or access sensitive data • Misconfiguration : open mail relay, missing patches • Denial of service against the TCP/IP stack by using mangled packets • Preparation for PCI DSS audits Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 6 Offshore software development company India
  7. 7. Operation • Steps Involved : • Nessus starts with a port scan, with one of its internal port scanners • To determine which ports are open on the target • Trying various exploits on the open ports • Vulnerability tests • Written in NASL (Nessus Attack Scripting Language) • Results of the scan can be reported in various formats, such as plain text, XML, HTML and LaTeX • The results can also be saved in a knowledge base for debugging Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 7 Offshore software development company India
  8. 8. Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 8 Offshore software development company India
  9. 9. NASL : Nessus Attack Scripting Language • Scripting Language used by Nessus to form Attacks to detect vulnerability • Guarantees : • Will not send packets to any other hosts than target • Will execute commands on only local systems • Optimized built-in functions to perform Network related tasks like : • Socket operations • Open connection if port is open • Forge IP/TCP/ICMP packets Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 9 Offshore software development company India
  10. 10. Features • Provides remote and local (authenticated) security checks • A client/server architecture with a web-based interface • Server: Performs Attacks • Client: Front-end • Both can be located at different machines • Security Tests are, as external Plugins, easy to add / modify / test without reading source code of Nessus Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 10 Offshore software development company India
  11. 11. Features • Audits anti-virus configurations • Performs sensitive data searches to look for credit card, social security number and many other types of corporate data • Nessus can call Hydra (an external tool) to launch a dictionary attack • Tenable Network Security produces several dozen new vulnerability checks (called plugins) each week, usually on a daily basis • These checks are available for free to the general public • Commercial customers are not allowed to use this home feed any more Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 11 Offshore software development company India
  12. 12. Features • The Professional feed (which is not free) also gives access to support and add additional scripts (audit and compliance tests) • Can Test unlimited amount of hosts in each scan • Depending on the power of Server, scan can be performed on any range of hosts • Smart Service Recognition • Doesn't believe on fixed port for a particular service • Checks all ports for specific vulnerability Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 12 Offshore software development company India
  13. 13. Nessus UI • The Nessus User Interface (UI) is a web-based interface to the Nessus scanner • Nessus Scanner is comprised of a simple HTTP server and web client, and requires no software installation apart from the Nessus server • The UI displays scan results in real-time • User does not have to wait for a scan to complete to view results Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 13 Offshore software development company India
  14. 14. References 1. 2. 3. 4. Network Security Assessment: Know Your Network By Chris McNab (chapter 15) 5. 6. Symbiosis students. • Aswathi Jayaram • Priti Patil • Shivendra Rawat • Sudeeksha Verma Nessus- Network Vulnerablity Scanner 14 Offshore software development company India