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Penetration Testing

security (penetration) testing

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Penetration Testing

  1. 1. ConsultingServicesApplicationDevelopmentTechnologyIntegrationDiana CalinRobert Cotos
  2. 2.  Security (Penetration) testing is used to test theintegrity of a web-site against common attacksthat come from “outside” in a matter of security2
  3. 3.  The role of this testing method is to identify andfix potential holes in order to stop or preventattacks that can be harmful to the web site.3
  4. 4.  By understanding and simulating real attacks theIT team can prevent later attacks on a largerscale.4
  5. 5.  No configuration is necessary for this presentation We will present a tool that does several checks onlog in page, Netsparker, that can be found here.5
  6. 6.  Among points we intend to touch: Authentication Redirect Hidden code, tags, titles, links iFrame Cookies6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8.  For additional information:Diana Calin – diana.calin@osf-global.comRobert Cotos – robert.cotos@osf-global.com8