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Encanvas Dashboards


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This brochure describes the role and capabilities of Encanvas for dashboards and business intelligence.

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Encanvas Dashboards

  1. 1. Other products in the Encanvas software range What you need to know about Encanvas Dashboards  Create new apps using point-and-click applications and ready-made building blocks  Re-use mashup applications and web services  Powerful data visualization and mapping tools  Use data mashups to acquire data from across the enterprise and from the Web  Patent-pending Version-Rollback™ technology means release versioning isn’t necessary  Embed business intelligence into business social networks and secure spaces Encanvas Dashboards See more. Know why. Encanvas Dashboard features  Dashboards with conditional rules  Data visualizations, charts and graphs  Maps  Drill-through to data  Reports and printing  Show data tables  Downloadable formats including formatted RTF, RTF and .CSV ©Encanvas Inc. 2017. Encanvas is a registered trademark. All other trademarks and trade names used in this document are acknowledged as belonging to their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice. About Encanvas—the Company Encanvas is an Information Management company specializing in adaptive software tooling for business. Our application fabric software adapts as needs change. It means that organizations can produce as many apps as they need and change them as often as they like. Solutions authored and deployed using Encanvas benefit from adherence to Microsoft Web Platform standards and offer the security, scalability and performance that businesses expect of their applications.
  2. 2. IN BRIEF Enterprise Business Intelligence software is costly to adapt, often concentrates on answering questions already known, and only supports a fraction of the user base. In contrast, Encanvas embeds functions like dashboards, charts, data visualization, alert notifications and reports into collaborative web spaces deployed on a Microsoft™ Web Platform cloud or to on-premises Web server platforms. Its adaptive architecture means applications grow to meet emerging demands for insights. Integral data mashup capabilities provide federated views of data from anywhere giving decision makers new perspectives on performance and activities. An effective business intelligence strategy serves the majority of decision makers at all levels of the enterprise for operational and situational needs. Encanvas integrates with Microsoft SQL Server™ 2008; a business intelligence platform that cascades reporting and performance monitoring across the enterprise. Solutions help decision makers make sense of what they don’t already know. What’s more, it’s cross-browser compatible and built on Microsoft® ASP.NET for peace of mind. Dashboards that change as fast as your business environment Business intelligence mashups federate disparate data from across the enterprise and beyond Online access to business activity analytics from anywhere and enjoy mobile alerts Collaborative business intelligence can be integrated into your office workspace Executive alerts and scorecard dashboards Extend with Encanvas geospatial intelligence applications