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  • Slide 2 – What is our Mid Market Portfolio Vision (NEEDS REWORK)Slide 2 – What is our Mid Market Portfolio Vision Let’s take a look at Sage’s mid market portfolio vision. As you have seen the mid market is not new to us – we have hundreds of thousands of customers that we have been serving across the globe for several years.Our mid market vision has withstood the test of time and changing economic climates … simply put, it has been around providing a superior customer experience and solving our customers’ complex business processes at an affordable total cost of ownership.We have successfully served a market that has consisted of midsized companies to divisions of large multi-national enterprises.What differentiates us is that our solutions are highly specialized. For example - In the US we are a market leader in the construction and real estate market. We run a healthcare vertical. And products like X3 are targeting sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, life sciences, and food and beverages. MAS 90 and Accpac have a leadership position within sectors such as wholesales distribution and discrete manufacturing. Additionally, we rely on a team of hundreds of business partners (EMPHASIZE) and 3rd party developers who customize our mid market applications for the SME sector.We are taking these years of experiences from serving thousands of mid market companies into account as we have developed our Global SME strategy
  • Slide 5- What makes us different? As I present positioning to analysts and media across North America, I often get asked the question “What makes Sage different”. Here is my response.It starts with our customers – all 6 million of them. Sage prides itself in its ability to connect with its customers. In some ways we have learned the lessons the hard way by making a single focused commitment to serving these customers. What they tell us gets reflected in our road maps and future commitmentsNext is our heritage as an application provider committed to the SMB market. Business management software is all we do and that’s why we do it right. Despite all the global expansion that Sage has enjoyed, we have stayed true to our commitment of being the leading business application provider for the SMB market. (Our heritage serves as a platform from where we need to go……..) Equally important is providing customer a choice with their business management applications. We understand no two customers are the same. Markets are not the same and industries are not the same. And that’s why we provide choice and fit in our portfolio. Unlike our competition, we don’t take a single solution and stretch it across markets and the globe and industries and claim to be global and vertical. That would be too simple but not credible. Instead we provide the right fit for the right marketAnd we realize that we cannot do this alone. We need the help of our business partners, third party developers, and some cases strategic alliances to honestly fulfill this commitment. Our vibrant eco-system consisting of thousands of connected entities is yet another differentiators. Later today you will hear from Christophe and team, how Sage ERP X3 has leveraged similar strategic alliances to add more value to the product.And last but not the least; we back this up with World Class Services. (USE HELP INSTEAD OF MANAGE) We take pride in each of the 35,000 plus customer calls that we receive every day. It takes just one customer escalation to get our management teams involved – because despite having millions of customers .. each one matters to us.
  • Hi, I am MS Spokesperson, Title at Microsoft Corporation, I’d personally thank Sage for its choice of the Microsoft platform as a great achievement of our partnership. Question : What does user experience mean to Microsoft ? <Focus on the first quadrant> Microsoft offers a seamless user experience across the PC, the phone and the browser. By offering a Microsoft Office Business applications native compatibility it enables the user to work the way you do We are excited about Windows 7, as it reflects the progress we’ve made by working with companies like Sage, which are taking advantage of the tools and resources to deliver their solutions on the operating systemQuestion : How customers should consider to run their business applications ? <Second quadrant > We believe that customers should the power of choice by running their business applications on line or on premise with the same proven, scalable and cost effective technologiesQuestion : What are the benefits of the MS platform for our mutual customers ? <Last quadrant> Sage ERP X3 v6 takes full advantage of Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V, SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Office by simplifying IT resource provisioning, further improving cost effectiveness and business efficiency. The Sage and Microsoft Alliance is committed to deliver innovative business applications to our mutual customers across the globe. Thank you for choosing the Microsoft platform to run your solutionsNotesOffice : Most widelydeployed business productivity suiteWindows server : Most widely deployed server operating system in the worldSQL server : Most widely shipped database in the world (Source: IDC Worldwide DBMS Share (2009)- Microsoft in Leaders Quadrant for BI Platform and DW DatabaseVirtualization : 23% of virtualized hosts (Source: IDC Server Virtualization Tracker (2008) - 1 million+ Hyper-V downloadsWindows 7 : brand new user experience and Windows Client is the widelyshipped operating system
  • Présentation Sage Erp X3

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Paul Walker<br />Chief Executive<br />The Sage Group plc<br />
    3. 3. Key facts about Sage<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    4. 4. Market leading, trusted brands<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    5. 5. Customers we serve<br />Enterprise<br />3%of Sage’s customer base<br />Upper mid-market<br />Approx 184,000 customers<br />0 25 100 500 5,000 Employees<br />10%of Sage’s customer base<br />Lower mid-market<br />Approx 614,000 customers<br />87%of Sage’s customer base<br />Small business and entry-Level<br />Approx 5.3 million customers<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    6. 6. International team<br />Local expertise<br />Collaborative<br />Relevant to customers<br />Global resources<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    7. 7. Summary<br />Customers’ evolving needs<br />Trusted and credible<br />New approach<br />Structural changes<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    8. 8.
    9. 9. HimanshuPalsule<br />Exec. Vice President <br />North America<br />
    10. 10. Global ERP Positioning<br />
    11. 11. Increasing need for globalisation<br />Cost reduction and market expansion<br />Gaining access to material and labour<br />Need for vendor expertise<br />Increased complexity and compliance<br />
    12. 12. Our Mid Market Portfolio Vision<br />Superior customer experience<br />Affordable cost of ownership<br />Flexibility and choice<br />Highly specialised solutions<br />Leveraging our eco-system<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    13. 13. How our global portfolio fits together<br />Sage<br />CRM<br />Products<br />Sage ERP X3<br /><ul><li> Mid to large-sized business
    14. 14. Business productivity; HQ consolidations
    15. 15. Global organisations; operational process
    16. 16. End to end suite of applications</li></ul>Sage ERP X3<br /> Sage Accpac<br /><ul><li> Small to mid-sized businesses
    17. 17. Domestic and international operations
    18. 18. Administrative insight; domestic compliance
    19. 19. Multi-country operations; local processes</li></ul>Sage Accpac<br />Sage Accpac<br />Increasing need for global approach<br />Country Specific ERP Products<br /><ul><li> Rich functionality at an affordable price
    20. 20. Adapting to customer’s business processes
    21. 21. Highly localised with a deep industry focus
    22. 22. Large satisfied customer base</li></ul>Country Specific ERP Products<br />Country Specific ERP Products<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />Increasing scale and complexity<br />
    23. 23. Sage ERP X3<br />Sage ERP X3<br />V6<br />2010<br />Sage ERP X3<br />V5<br />Major UI RevampStandard Edition<br />Available in 35 countries<br />2007<br />v.140<br />2004<br />Streamline operations<br />Increase Business Insight<br />Grow !<br />Reduce Costs<br />Reduce risks<br />User Portal<br />Available in 18 countries<br />v.130<br />2002<br />Ful web-native version for WindowsWindows, Unix andLinux<br />v.120<br />2000<br />Production management – ERP<br />Available in 5 countries<br />v.110<br />1999<br />Finance & Distribution<br />Simple to use, rapid to deploy and cost effective ERP<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    24. 24. What makes us different<br />Our customer experience<br />Our rich heritage <br />A choice and fit<br />Our vibrant eco-system<br />World class services<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    25. 25. In Summary<br />Impact of globalisation<br />Mid Market vision<br />Global ERP portfolio<br />Success through differentiation<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    26. 26.
    27. 27. Christophe LETELLIER<br />Sage ERP X3 Worldwide<br />General Manager<br />
    28. 28. Mid-market businessesOur view of the world<br />Large Accounts<br />Complexity<br />Limited resources, similar needs<br />International<br />Mid-market is dual<br />UPPER MIDMARKET<br />IT muscle<br />LOWER MidMarket<br />Small Businesses & SOHO<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    29. 29. Sage ERP X3Global OrganisationWhat sets us apart?<br />Customer Value<br />Simplicity<br />Pragmatism<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    30. 30. Sage ERP X3 worldwide presence<br />EUROPE<br /><ul><li>France
    31. 31. Germany
    32. 32. Poland
    33. 33. Portugal
    34. 34. Spain
    35. 35. Switzerland
    36. 36. UK & Ireland
    37. 37. Belgium
    38. 38. Italy
    39. 39. Netherlands
    40. 40. Russia</li></ul>50 Countries<br />2,700 Customers <br />1,500 Sage Professionals<br />150 Partners<br />NORTH AMERICA<br /><ul><li>United States
    41. 41. Canada</li></ul>New Global Organization<br />ASIA<br /><ul><li>China
    42. 42. Singapore
    43. 43. Thailand
    44. 44. Indonesia
    45. 45. Malaysia</li></ul>AFRICA<br /><ul><li>Morocco
    46. 46. South Africa
    47. 47. Algeria
    48. 48. Cameroon
    49. 49. Congo
    50. 50. Democratic</li></ul> Republic<br /> Of the Congo<br /><ul><li>Egypt</li></ul>MIDDLE EAST<br /><ul><li>United Arab Emirates
    51. 51. Saudi Arabia
    52. 52. Iran
    53. 53. Jordan
    54. 54. Kuwait
    55. 55. Lebanon
    56. 56. Oman
    57. 57. Qatar
    58. 58. Gabon
    59. 59. Ghana
    60. 60. Ivory Coast
    61. 61. Kenya
    62. 62. Lesotho
    63. 63. Madagascar
    64. 64. Malawi
    65. 65. Mauritius
    66. 66. Namibia
    67. 67. Nigeria
    68. 68. Senegal
    69. 69. Swaziland
    70. 70. Tanzania
    71. 71. Tunisia
    72. 72. Zambia
    73. 73. Zimbabwe</li></ul>SOUTH AMERICA<br /><ul><li>Argentina</li></ul>© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />AUSTRALIA<br /><ul><li>Australia
    74. 74. Pacific islands
    75. 75. New Zealand</li></li></ul><li>Today’s News<br />Innovative Collaborative Governance Board<br />Global Marketing & Communication<br />Global Product Management and R&D<br />Global Sage ERP X3 Practice<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    76. 76.
    77. 77. François SANCHOGeneral Manager Logica France<br />
    78. 78. New global partnershipfor Sage ERP X3<br />Sage Midmarket Leadership<br />Support global deployments<br />Business Management & IT Consulting<br />“We combine intelligence with technology to spark new possibilities for the future.”<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    79. 79. Success stories<br />Revocoat<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    80. 80. Sage ERP X3 V6 is available!<br />General Availability<br />Ramp-up<br />Process<br />2010<br />2009<br />April Dec.<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    81. 81.
    82. 82. Emmanuel OBADIA<br />Senior Vice President, Sage ERP X3 & FRP<br />
    83. 83. Next Generation ERP:User-centric<br />Simple to use<br />Fast to implement<br />Cost effective<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    84. 84. ERP evolutionLower transaction costs, expand #users<br />ERP<br />Transaction Cost<br />SCM, PLM<br />CRM, Web<br />SOA, SaaS<br />Web 2.0, BPM, CPM<br />C-commerce<br />ERP<br />User centric<br />ERP<br />1980 – 1995<br />1995 – 2005<br />“An ERP strategy must be more end-user centric than before to maximize the benefits achieved from investments in ERP” Key Issues for ERP, 2009 Gartner<br />Today<br />% ERP users inthe extended enterprise<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />* Source Gartner<br />
    85. 85. Top drivers for ERP in midmarket 2009<br />Reduce Time & Cost<br />Streamline & accelerate business processes<br />Optimize the use of current capacity<br />Interoperate across locations<br />Standardize business processes<br />Provide visibility across functions & departments<br />Cope with increasing complexity<br />Improve Customer Experience<br />Link global operations for better collaboration<br />Increase agility & responsiveness<br />360° visibility<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />Source Aberdeen, August 2009<br />
    86. 86. Sage ERP X3 V6A global and operational ERP<br />Simple to use<br />Fast to implement<br />Cost-effective<br />User & Web Centric<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    87. 87. Sage Visual Processes TMFrom User Menu to Business Designer<br />NEW<br />Multi-language<br />Interactive<br />External links<br />Role Oriented and personalized<br />Standard Templates to accelerate user adoption<br />Model-driven Business Process Applications<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    88. 88. Familiar Usability In Context <br />NEW<br />Microsoft Office documentsdirectly created or modified in context<br />Securely savedin the ERP DB<br />Information & Datatogether<br /> 2007<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    89. 89.
    90. 90. Paula Paravecchio<br />EMEA Managing Director,<br />Distribution & Services Industry<br />
    91. 91. The Business Productivity Vision <br />USER EXPERIENCE<br />IT CHOICE & VALUE<br />Work together...<br />INDUSTRY LEADING SOFTWARE<br />On-Premises<br />...across thePC, phone, and browser...<br />Online<br /> bring ideas to life.<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    92. 92. Sage ERP X3 V6A global and operational ERP<br />Simple to use<br />Fast to implement<br />Cost-effective<br />User & Web Centric<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    93. 93. From ready-to-use to tailored madefully integrated ERP solution<br />NEW<br />Improved Admin<br />Embedded Analytics +<br />Ready-to-use templates<br />Role based<br />Transactions processes<br />Tens of inquiry dashboards<br />Fully Integrated Solution<br />Embedded Analytics<br />Ready-to-use templates<br />Rapid Development<br />Central deployment<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    94. 94. Sage ERP X3 V6A global and operational ERP<br />Simple to use<br />Fast to implement<br />Cost-effective<br />User & Web Centric<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    95. 95. Sage Application Framework for the Enterprise (SAFE X3)A platform driven strategy<br />SageERP X3<br />Customers <br />& <br />Partners<br />Solutions<br />WMS<br />HR<br />FixedAssets<br />SAFE X3<br />Windows client<br />Thin Web Client<br />Office Integration<br />User portal &visual processes<br />User portal &visual processes<br />CLIENT<br />Administration tools<br />X3 engine<br />Workflow engine<br />Import / Export<br />Meta Data<br />Batch<br />BI / Reporting<br />LDAP / Authentication<br />IDE – 4GL<br />Web Application server<br />IDE – 4GL<br />Web Application server<br />LDAP / Authentication<br />DB Query Interface<br />SERVER<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    96. 96.
    97. 97. Pascal Dumontet<br />General Manager Oracle France<br />
    98. 98. Sage ERP X3 V6uses latest Oracle technology<br />Consolidate, Compress, Control.<br />10+ years partnership<br />Performance, Scalability<br /> Cost effectiveness<br />Extreme Performance<br />Real Application Cluster 11g<br />Performance, Scalability, Cost Effectiveness.<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />Extreme Performance<br />
    99. 99. One Global View of your businessBusiness without boundaries<br />Multi Countries<br />Multi Ledgers<br />Multi Chart of Accounts<br />Multi Companies<br />Multi Entities<br />Multi Sites<br />Headquarters<br />€<br />IT<br />FR<br />UK<br />ES<br />US<br />PT<br />€<br />$<br />€<br />€<br />£<br />€<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    100. 100. One Global View of your businessBusiness without boundaries<br />New<br />Unified in 1 Folder<br />Easyreporting<br />360° Visibility & Control<br />NEW<br />Headquarters<br />Unified in 1 Folder<br />Easy reporting<br />Fast Close<br />360° Visibility & Control Real-Time<br />UK<br />SPA<br />US<br />FRA<br />ITA<br />POR<br />€<br />IT<br />FR<br />UK<br />ES<br />US<br />PT<br />€<br />$<br />€<br />€<br />£<br />€<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    101. 101. Sage ERP X3 V6A global and operational ERP<br />Simple to use<br />Fast to implement<br />Cost-effective<br />User & Web Centric<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    102. 102. A new technology step<br />NEW<br />NEW<br />SAFE X3 Web Application Server<br />REST Web-services<br />Eclipse Integration<br />LDAP directory<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    103. 103. Introducing Sage Enterprise WebtopTM<br />RSS Feeds<br />Widgets<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />Data & Process<br />RSS Feed<br />URL<br />
    104. 104.
    105. 105. Freddy MINI<br />Netvibes Chief Executive Officer<br />
    106. 106. A New Strategic AlliancePersonal Dashboard Publishing<br />Dashboards: The next evolution<br />Linear<br />Traditional media<br />Known<br />Complex<br />User generated content<br />Perceive and adapt<br />Complicated<br />Purposed sites<br />Knowable<br />Searching<br />Browsing<br />Monitoring<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    107. 107. Sage Enterprise WebtopTMPersonal Dashboard Publishing Now, everyone is an expert<br />Embed it<br /><ul><li>Seamless Site Integration
    108. 108. Push Publishing
    109. 109. Sage ERP X3 enterprise widgets Included (Standard & Specific)
    110. 110. On the cloud or on premise</li></ul>Access it anywhere, anytime, on any device<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />
    111. 111. Sage ERP X3 addressesyour top drivers<br />Sales<br />Purchases<br />Workflow<br />Sub cont.<br />e-Commerce<br /><br />Stock<br />Portal<br />V5<br />V6<br />Reduce Time & Cost<br />Financial Span & Cost Control<br />Process optimization, Agility<br />APAR acc.<br />Tech. Data<br /><br />+ 583<br />New Features<br />Configurator<br />Finance<br />Interoperate across locations<br />International Development<br />Coordination & Collaboration<br />WO<br />BI<br /><br />Improve Customer Experience<br />UI & Technology& responsiveness<br />Extended Enterprise<br />WO tracking<br />After Sales Serv.<br />MRP<br />Scheduling<br />© 2010 Sage - All rights reserved <br />Ship. prep.<br />Quality<br />RF<br />Traceability<br />
    112. 112. Thank you<br />