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Live wireframe data mashups overview brochure


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This brochure explains how Encanvas supports data mashups applications using a Live Wireframe approach.

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Live wireframe data mashups overview brochure

  1. 1. Other products in the Encanvas software range What you need to know about Encanvas Mashups  Use code-less design to create application prototypes on-budget, on-time—with live data  Unique built-in integrations architecture facilitates data acquisition from multiple sources  Integrate new portal solutions easily with existing data sources and applications  Combine services with connectors that include JSON, ODBC, REST, RSS, directory services, CRM, data views, list services and integrate with enterprise portals and SharePoint™  Publish to Microsoft® Excel™  Patent-pending Version-Rollback™ technology means release versioning isn’t necessary  Respect integration and security protocols (WS-SEC, Mutual SSL, PKI, LDAP etc.)  Encanvas permits the massive scaling of your portal architecture – and it’s very secure! Encanvas Live WireFrame Bring data together into something new. ©Encanvas Inc. 2017. Encanvas is a registered trademark. All other trademarks and trade names used in this document are acknowledged as belonging to their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice. About Encanvas—the Company Encanvas is an Information Management company specializing in adaptive software tooling for business. Our application fabric software adapts as needs change. It means that organizations can produce as many apps as they need and change them as often as they like. Solutions authored and deployed using Encanvas benefit from adherence to Microsoft Web Platform standards and offer the security, scalability and performance that businesses expect of their applications.
  2. 2. IN BRIEF Create applications that harvest data from across and beyond the enterprise without deep technical skills and upload them for instant deployment. Address the long-tail of demand for business apps by providing point-and-click authoring of secure portal workspaces and mobile applications that enable customers, partners and colleagues to con- sume information services in new ways to work together, capture data and share insights. Encanvas is designed specifically for business users who expect the highest standards of security, scalability and operational continuity. Encanvas enables IT teams to massively scale their portal archi- tectures while offering the lowest operational support overhead of any enterprise solution. Forms based data capture CRM mashups Composite views Business apps store Mobile apps & mashups Call centre scripting Project portals Self-service e-Learning Inter-agency cooperation Competitive Communications and PR Emergency planning Map and locations So what will you build?